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  You've found the real Cyberwolfman and yes, that's my real name.  The other Cyberwolfmen you may have seen on the Internet are fakes.  More detail about that and other information about this Web site can be found upon the FAQ page.

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  Do you play trivia games on your mobile device?  The two following trivia games come on at different times, so there is no time conflict.  You can supposedly also win cash prizes, but, being a total nerd, I suck at things like sports trivia.  My Achilles heel, if you will.  LOL

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Quick Intro

  If this is your first visit to my Web site, welcome!  Some of the latest things that I have been up to or comment about can be found on my latest blog pages.  You can also find me on Facebook.

  I try to do the right thing, in both the real world and on-line, by helping people when I can, wherever I can.  And, with this Web site, I have made help pages and give information.  I try to live by the golden rule, when very few others seem to care about anyone but themselves.  Even on the Help Cyberwolfman page, I try to help others by providing links to places they can help those in need without having to pay a single penny.  At least I can say I do my best to do what's right.  :-)

  No more ads!   My brief attempt to generate a few dollars to help pay for this Web site with a few ads here and there failed.  Not a single penny was earned, so . . .  No more ads!  Or at least, until I find something that actually works.

  Went back to the better front door look:   The minimalist look was cramping my style.  But, I took the flash movie off this page (it's now on the FAQ page) and am limiting the graphics to very small pictures.

*   If you live in America, and have a slow and expensive Internet service, please check out the The American Internet is Slow and Expensive because the Telecom Industry is treating Americans as a Captive Audience page.  Used to have it all here, but, putting it on its own page makes more sense.

  Coming soon:  More Web pages!  Just got done organizing the VidScans (honest movie reviews and honest TV show reviews) Web page, so, taking a break.  Hey, I got something done, at least!  ;-)

  The more immediate plans include a Web page with pictures of the south Florida tattoo expo (it was nice to have met all of you!), a couple of pages with reviews of some renaissance fairs (Camelot days and the Florida Renaissance Festival) complete with pictures and video, a visit to the Coral Castle, along with a few other surprises!

*   I'm hoping to catch up with some of the above after I find an optometrist who can make computer glasses with my prescription with a 35 inch focal length.  Unfortunately, the majority seem to believe that we should all have an 18 inch focal length, which, in the case of larger monitors, feels like screen-licking range.  LOL  If you have a computer desk with a pull-out keyboard tray, you'd likely want the monitor towards the back of it so you don't sacrifice most of the desk space by having it up at the edge closest to you.

  The latest event I went to was the Florida Renaissance Festival, on March 7th, 2015.  It was a little too warm and humid for my taste, so, I wasn't thinking too clearly for most of it, but, I tried to catch some of the acts while enjoying the sweet cider there, but, truth be told, I would have rather had the blueberry beer they served at the Camelot Days Medieval Festival at Topeekeegee Park (AKA TY Park) in Hollywood, Florida.

  The last time I went to the Florida Renaissance Festival was on February 8th, 2014, where I met people like Garrett, Steve, Wiz, and a barmaid with a name which starts with a B, among many others.  While there, I saw acts such as Craic, MooNIE the Magnificent, Celtic Mayhem, Broon, Limey Birds, the Duelists, Trash or Treasure, and Wolgemut.  Each of these acts are different, but, they are all entertaining.  Thankfully, I was a little sun-burned and people couldn't see me blushing when three lovely ladies on stage saw me in the audience and complimented me in a way that generally, only lovers do.  Next time, I'm using some good sunblock and wearing a large hat to tip down and hide behind.  LOL

  Some of the more frequently visited pages that people are looking for here are either listed in the upper left hand corner of this page, or in the featured pages on the right.  The rest are on the Site Map page where almost all of my Web pages are arranged in alphabetical order.

  You are very welcome.  :-)

Tell Others

  Please share this site with others.  It's mostly help pages, tips, pictures, reviews, and blogs.  The majority of the latter are based on facts which can be easily verified or from my own personal experiences.  So, please give out this Web site URL or link back to it, if you appreciate that sort of thing.  :-)

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Pictures pages:

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #1.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #2.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #3.  Pictures taken in the ActiveWorlds 3D chat program.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #4.  Back to the real world.  Includes Halloween pictures, party pictures, more pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois including events, people, and theaters.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #5.  Pictures of fountains, buildings, and people, including some radio D.J.s.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #6.  More pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois, including a multiple-car accident, skateboarders in a parking garage, pictures of the inside of the nearly totally abandoned College Hills Mall and a picture of the Miller Park lake showing it almost perfectly still and mirror-like.

  My next pictures page should include pictures taken in south Florida.

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  To search this Web site:  Most newer Web browsers such as Firefox come with a search engine box next to the address bar, or allow you to search from the address bar itself in Web browsers like Chromium (the open source Web browser that Google Chrome gets its source code from, but, un-like Google Chrome, it does not contain rlz tracking).  If you are looking for something on my Web site, simply type the word that you are trying to find, and, after a single space, add "" (without the quotes) at the end.  If you are looking for a phrase, put a quote mark (yes, now it's okay to use the quotes.  Hee hee hee) on each end of the phrase, first, then, a space, and type in and hit the Enter key.

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  Congratulations!  You have learned a couple of new tricks today (if you didn't know them, already), and you can now find what you want on the Web faster, which means you have more time to spend on other things, and you won't get frustrated by looking through countless Web pages for what you want, and, in a fit of rage, shove your keyboard through the monitor, or throw your mobile device in the lake and count how many times it skips.

  You are very welcome.  If you appreciate this kind of thing, please consider donating a single dollar to help keep this Web site running, and encourage me to do more by going to the Help Cyberwolfman page, where you can also learn how you can help people the world over for free!  :-)

  *VidScans™ Honest Movie Reviews™ Honest TV Show Reviews™ Copyright © Cyberwolfman™ AKA CyberWoLfman™ AKA Grok Wolf.  All Rights Reserved. ᛇ ᛃ

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