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  Don't we have enough problems without this type of human making things worse with their intentionally rude attitude?  Then people wonder why others feel that they want to engage in a little moving target practice...  This could explain why people go on killing sprees.  Sometimes I really don't blame them for wanting to kill all the snobs.  Maybe if they legalized it, people would be nicer to each other.  Could be the only way to change society!

  I just got a big laugh the other day.  It seems that some snobs have a new thing.  When you say "Hi" to some of these snobs that you pass on the street, they just stare at you.  What's really hilarious about it is that when most people see someone do that, they consider them brain damaged or something.  Hey, if they wanna  look like idiots, I say let them!  I need a good laugh once in a while and when they do it to me now, I have to fight this urge to tell them that "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were too stupid to form words."  ;-)

  Snobs are stupid and not very nice people.  I base this on my observations of humans.  Those with a higher than average IQ and that have good hearts will talk to just about anyone (unless of course, they're being intentionally hurtful to them through their words or actions), but obviously snobs don't fit into this category.  Perhaps those with higher intelligence recognize that people are rather diverse, and expecting them to all be just like them is rather stupid.  Maybe they even enjoy speaking with people that're different, because they find 'normal' people painfully boring?  This could very well be, since a lot of those considered 'normal' that I've talked to seem to think and act alike, almost like they're all biological robots all running the same (or similar) programs.

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