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Dreamland Park Review

3D Chat Name:  Dreamland Park

Time of visit:

  Between 5:00 - 7:00 a.m. (central time zone in the US) Sunday, July 21st, 2002.

Do you recommend this program to people?


Do they have voice chat?


Can the program be used for free?

  Yes, you can use Dreamland Park as a tourist.  Didn't notice any restrictions on which public worlds you could go to, but there's probably a few in there, somewhere.

Cost per year for a full user if they sign up now:

  $39.95 per year.

How many people in the program at the time of the visit?


Cost of a world:

  P-20: 15 Simultaneous users will cost $140 a year, plus a (one time fee) of a basic world license of $69.95 for a total start up cost of $209.95.

How many worlds are there or were seen in the world list at the time of the visit?

  74.  Of them, only 49 were public, and of them, only 3 had people in them.

Is there gor (people who are into slavery) stuff there?

  Didn't see any gor worlds in the list, but that's no proof that they're not there.

If you create your own avatar, can you use it in all the worlds?


Can you customize the avatars they provide to you for free and use them in all the worlds?


What about privacy?

  The same as any other program that uses the ActiveWorlds engine.  :-(

Can I get a tour of the program?

  Haven't heard of one in Dreamland Park, yet.

Are they fair to everyone, or do they have double standards?

  Not sure, but most of the people seem nice there.  Was told it was like graduate school for ActiveWorlds.  ;-)

Did you make a Web page for more information on the program?


What are the people like in this program?

  Some seem fairly nice.  No obvious jerks, although I didn't spend much time in here.  The few people I've ran into seem brighter than the norm.

Where's their official Web site?  This one's kind of cool, but the Flash version takes a while to download.

  Note, however, that parts of it don't like the Mozilla Web browser.

Are there any specific places you would recommend people visit in this program?

  Haven't found a favorite world in DLP, yet.

Screenshots of the 3D chat program.  Click on the pictures to see them full-sized.

  Haven't taken any screenshots in DLP, yet.

Entertainment in this 3D chat program:

  On their contests page there was mention of bingo, chess, checkers, DJ contest, trivia, parchesi, lazertag, paintball, tic tac toe, race track, and yahtzee.  Most of the list may require bots to play them, and the page hinted that they may not be running at all times.

Additional comments, if any:

  Despite the fact that this 3D chat program has few people in it during the very late night or early mornings, I still think it's worth checking out, if for no other reason than to see what they've done with the look of the main worlds.  They keep changing the things on me.  One time I popped in there, it looked like the US' desert SouthWest with a lot of NativeAmerican stuff in it.

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