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  The TRUTH about the gor worlds in the ActiveWorlds universe, showing the worst of online slavery with tie-ins to real world examples of modern day slavery!


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  FYI:  This is not a 'hate' page.  Its primary purpose is to inform people of what the gor worlds in the ActiveWorlds universe (a 3D chat program) are really like, and to show people that slavery is still out there in the real world and that they advertise their 'lifestyle' online.  The gor worlds have slavery, which is why a lot of us don't like them.  If it is a crime to be 'anti-slavery', or to hate it, then why are there laws against slavery?  I consider those who are into slavery like the gors to be committing illegal acts, and anti-American!

  It is also not an attempt to harass gors.  It is reporting the facts (and in some cases, stating my opinion) and I've even provided links and pictures in some cases so you can verify things for yourself and I believe everything I put on this page to be true!  If it's true that reporting the facts about what people have done and what their philosophy is as well as expressing their opinions on people that've done bad things is harassment, then using the same logic, aren't news reporters harassing bin Laden?  If someone gives you a hassle about giving out this url in a chat, ask them if their boyfriend's name is bin Laden!

  The easiest way of all to spot a gor AKA gorean is to give out the URL AKA location of the truth about gor page in an open chat in an area like the GZ of one of the main worlds, and see if somebody says it's a 'hate' page (is it really a 'hate' page when what you're hating is something illegal like slavery??) or says it's "full of lies" or something else in order for you not to take it seriously.  LOL  There's two groups of people who will denounce it.  The first group is obviously the gors, because they don't want the truth exposed, and try to denounce it in the hopes that people won't take it seriously.  Okay, so this is likely to be kind of insulting to most people when the realization dawns on them that the gors would believe them to be that gullible as the page should be taken seriously because it warns about things like Internet serial killers such as the slavemaster.  But, maybe there's a reason the gors don't want you to be warned?  The second group is composed of the small group of people who have proven themselves to be gullible enough to have been conned into thinking that this page shouldn't be taken seriously.  It's probably only a matter of time before somebody in the latter group ends up a victim of an Internet serial killer.

  A quick note on word usage:  While the gors usually call themselves goreans, I've been in the habit of calling them gors for years, but I don't think it really matters.

  Important note:  The last I checked, AW has decided that tourists should be restricted to only a few worlds, so many things on this page and others may not apply to them.  I'm not going to change the wording because I'm not sure if ActiveWorlds is going to keep restricting the tourists to only a few worlds or will eventually change their minds and allow tourists to roam freely again.

  And finally:  I do not want to be contacted by any more people from the gor worlds, via telegrams or any other medium, nor do I want any of them in my world.  In fact, the PKs (Peacekeepers) in the ActiveWorlds program as well as AWLD (the company that owns ActiveWorlds) has declared that they are not allowed to contact me.  They've had years to reply to my telegrams that I sent in an effort to resolve things in a peaceful manner.  Sending me rude, insulting, and threatening telegrams isn't going to work.  Besides, it is bad enough people insist on being nasty, but I haven't fully stopped laughing over the fact that many of those who sent me the aforementioned telegrams can't even seem to spell swear words correctly!  LOL


  Links to the main areas on this page:



  Links to other people's pages.

  The starting point of where you can read my observations, experiences, and opinions on gor.

  Don't trust the goreans / gors.

  Going to the gor worlds may get you placed on a list of unwanted people.

  The gors being kind until they brainwash and condition you.

  All gor is gor.

  One example of gorean mental conditioning and gorean brainwashing to make you a better slave.

  Why you shouldn't trust the goreans / gors, or give them any personal information.

  The goreans love inflicting pain.

  Big brother The goreans are watching and stalking you!

  Tell your friends the truth about gor before they succumb to it!  Give them the URL to this page for starters.

  The goreans try to discredit people (myself included) so others won't take them seriously.

  The gors grabbing power over all of ActiveWorlds.

  Report the goreans to the FBI so they'll do something about them and help fight slavery!  Unless you want serial killers to be drawn into ActiveWorlds?

  How goreans can get real life slaves after finding them in ActiveWorlds.  This could lead to you or someone you know being kidnapped and killed!

  People didn't listen to me and the slavemaster finds victims, then hides their bodies in 55 gallon barrels.  :-(  How many more will have to be killed before people will do something??

  No, gor is not role-play.  Quite a few of them will even tell you that openly, telling you that they despise role-players.

  Log your chats!  Explains how to do it.

  There's gor for children.  :-(

  Will you help?  How many will die before somebody does something about this besides me?  Or will you only get involved when your own child, relative or friend is killed?


  Okay, since these other pages are more well written than my own, you may wish to start with them, then return to read the rest of this one if you so desire.  In this section, you will find additional links to try out in case someone needs further convincing that what I'm saying on this page is the truth.

  In most Web browsers, you can create a bookmark just by hitting the Ctrl + D keys on your keyboard, just in case you get lost, or you don't want more than one browser window or tab open at the same time.

  Links to more info on why gor is bad

  An article written up at about the gors / goreans and those who live this in real life, discussions of kidnapping, rape, and other sick stuff.  Ugh!  So, do you like having your children interact with people like this?  Btw, in case you missed it, some of the PKs (peacekeepers who are supposed to preserve order and watch over children using the program) are also from the gor worlds.  :-(

  gorean Nazism.  Shows how identical gors are to Nazis.  Quoting one of the gors:

"If a creature is naturally genetically superior to another, then it is considered fitting and proper that such a creature should dominate other, less developed creatures. In regards to human beings, it is understood that the stronger and/or more intelligent members of the race should be allowed to assume their rightful place in command of their inferiors. In regard to male/female sexual relations, it is therefore the right of the male, who is genetically predisposed for physical dominance, to control the physical aspects of his relationship to the female....

  The struggle for the daily livelihood leaves behind in the ruck everything that is weak or diseased or wavering; while the fight of the male to possess the female gives to the strongest the right, or at least, the possibility to propagate its kind. And this struggle is a means of furthering the health and powers of resistance in the species. Thus it is one of the causes underlying the process of development towards a higher quality of being....

  Subjugation of the Weak: This principle acts as the inverse to the tenet described above. In order that the race may grow stronger, it is necessary that the weaker and lesser adaptive elements of Gorean society be diminished and controlled.  Warfare and slavery are two methods by which this end is accomplished."

  I strongly disagree with the gors / goreans!  I do not think that women should be treated like slaves, and this talk of 'diminishing and controlling people that are weaker' crap sounds exactly like something the Nazis did in their death camps!!  :-(

  Just a few reports of how the Taliban treats women.  Yes, these stories seem to be very similar to what the gors say should be done to women when they quote from those gor books!  :-(  Kidnapping, rapes, public executions of women ... the list goes on.  Ugh!  I won't tell you some of the more disgusting things here because frankly, they turn my stomach, but to be honest, I have no doubts that gors are capable of some of this stuff, and would probably take pleasure in it!  In one story, a woman who was also a mother of seven children, was publicly executed.  In another, a pregnant mother who tried to stop her husband from beating a child was severely beaten by him.  Then, he poured gasoline over her, and set her on fire.  She died two days later.  :-(  Personally, I think the guy who did it should suffer the exact same fate!  But that's just my opinion, and I tend to get a little upset with such people.  Grrrrr...

  Here's a review on the gor books.  In it, they say that the books went bad after the third one.  I couldn't even get through a few chapters of the first book, but yet they say it got even worse?!  LOL




  This page has information on it that would never tell you, and in fact even now, some of the PKs (Peacekeepers.  They're supposed to settle disputes, but some of them seem to only want to start them.  One even led an attack on my world!  When I asked a member of the PK core how I can be sure a PK is impartial because there are quite a few gors in the PKs, I got threatened!) and the gors are using all the influence they have to cover it up.  Reading it will make you better informed and less likely to get suckered.  Be advised that by reading it, you will know far more than most of the people in ActiveWorlds about what really goes on behind the scenes.  If the URL or link for this page is posted anywhere, people will probably threaten you, bully you, and harass you into removing it because they don't want the truth exposed.  Share it with someone you love.  ;-)  Also feel free to pass the page's URL out to other users, especially in open chat in the GZs of the main worlds, like AlphaWorld (AW in the world list) and AWGate.


  gor gors and goreans

  (all the same thing)

  Quick intro:  There is a war going on within ActiveWorlds.  Those of gor are acting just like the terrorists who attacked the WTC and killed thousands of people.  They attacked my home (the world ThisIsIt when I had it in the ActiveWorlds universe) with no warning, and worse yet, led by a PK, just five days before the attack on the WTC in New York.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But it makes me wonder if their thinking is so alike those terrorists because they attacked a mere five days before the WTC was!  After some of the things I've learned about the gors, I'm led to believe it's true.  The PK also told them how to destroy my Web sites.  The gors, using censorship, the favorite weapon of dictators the world over and down through history, have had my Web sites deleted, fearing that the truth about them will be told.  After they finished with that, they attacked with a barrage of telegrams cussing, insulting and threatening me, even with death.  Assuming that the PKs would be fair and impartial, I appealed to their core, asking them if I could truly find a fair and impartial PK to deal with the gor attacks.  I was then threatened by them.  I will continue to fight against slavery (which is illegal in the United States) and those whose actions mirror the terrorists' who attacked the WTC, and who seem identical in beliefs to the Nazis.  They can try to gag me, they can threaten me with everything they want to, but I will continue the fight!  I know what is at risk.  The safety of children, their lives, and those of others who are conned into slavery by the gors.

  The following info about the gor worlds is provided as a public service and is backed up by facts and events that've taken place within the gor worlds and especially GorWorld itself.  If proof is needed, please feel free to ask, and I'll more than likely give you all of the details, including the names, events, where they happened, et cetera.  This should help at least a few people from being hurt or killed.  If you think that your life isn't at risk, read on.  Slavery is illegal in many places in the world, and the United States is one of them.  But for some reason, ActiveWorlds allows these worlds to exist in their universe.  Personally, I can't tell much difference between these people and those that destroyed the WTC (World Trade Center) in New York.  :-(  They even seem to treat their women the same way that the Taliban does!  Ugh!

  Some of those of the gor worlds are listed on the Persona Non Grata page, so if you were ejected from the world ThisIsIt (or another private world that uses the list to keep out people), you can look there to see if your name is on the list.  If it is, it may be why you were ejected.

  I consider the gor worlds to be a cancer within the ActiveWorlds universe.  We are a community that is being eaten up from the inside like we're infected with a cancerous tumor.  It's time to operate before it spreads further!  For all I know, it may already be too late to save ActiveWorlds.  Our 3D playground has predators in it, and the owners don't seem to care about us, only on making money.  :-(

  Do not trust people from any of the gor worlds, or even go there!  I've visited and gotten to know some of the people on one called GorWorld, and I haven't found any of them to be trustworthy or honorable.  Even the actions of at least one person (the owner, I think) in the world Gorean leads me to believe that it may be true for all the gor worlds.  After reading the following, you'll begin to understand why a lot of people are now saying "Being a mistress (or master) of gor means never having to say you're sorry.  Because frankly, you don't care."  There's another version that involves cussing, but I'm not going to repeat it here.  They're even recruiting people from the main worlds' GZs.  They act like nice people to convince you that they'd be fun to be around, then try to get you to go to one of the gor worlds. Don't get suckered!  Think the PKs care?  Riiiiiiight.

  Another good reason not to go to a gor world:  There are several Persona Non Grata pages out there like mine that have on them people that world owners don't want in their worlds, and a lot of them contain the names of people seen in the gor worlds.  So if you go to one of those worlds, you may get on an 'eject on sight' list in several private worlds!  What this means is that you may enter a world and a bot either automatically ejects you as soon as you enter, or one of the people in the world with the power to eject you will do so as soon as they see you.  Still not a good enough reason for you?  Then try going to some of the search engines and searching for some of the citnames (citizen names) on the Persona Non Grata page or even the citnumber (citizen number) and the word ActiveWorlds.  Search engines love my pages.  I think I've got several 'spiders' just sitting around watching to see what new pages I make.


  The way things are in the gor worlds in a nutshell, and the gors' use of mis-information and censorship against those who dare to speak the truth about them:  If you go to one of the gor worlds as a submissive, you are treated kindly at first, until they get you convinced that they are nice people (hah!), and you begin to form emotional attachments and you are slowly brainwashed and conditioned.  After that, they get harsher, and the hurting begins slowly but gets up to really sadistic levels.  :-(  People have had their trust betrayed by them, been lied to and about behind their backs, been treated like crap, degraded, attacked emotionally and verbally and a lot of other things I could go into here, but I won't.  Mis-information along with censorship seems to be the main weapons of choice of the gors.  The mis-information is in the form of lies they spread about those who dare to speak out against them.  Censorship they use to make sure that only their words are heard, and not the words of others who would try to help uninformed people by alerting them to the dangers.


  It's safest to assume that all of the gor worlds are alike.  The majority of the people I've met in GorWorld at least seem to be heartless, cruel, and viscous people that enjoy the power they have over those that're foolish enough to place their trust in them.  In the gor worlds, there are slaves and mistresses and masters (mistresses and masters are known as 'free people', the slaves are considered to be nothing but property).  You are expected to be either the sadistic type that controls without care of the person's feelings you're doing it to, or the type that obeys without question and that is not allowed to have any other purpose in life.  There is no in-between.  (As most of the goreans say:  "Be gor or be gone!"  By this alone, you can tell right away that these people have little tolerance for others)  Disobedience is not tolerated and all slaves must speak in the third person, saying things like "this boy worships the ground you walk on mistress, no matter how much you hurt him and his feelings."  This is a slight exaggeration of what a slave would say (but not how he speaks), of course, because if one did say something like that, it would show that the slave was aware that he was being hurt, and showing his concern about it in as subtle a fashion as he could, fearing more hurt, and like one mistress said when a slave did once, "I don't want to hear your emotional outcries" (exact quote).


 More on speaking in the third person and its consequences to the mental state:  They try to tell you that making the slaves speak in third person is so everyone can tell the mistresses and masters from the slaves, but that's being done already by the fact that mistresses and masters all have a capital letter starting off their names, and slaves all use lower case in the beginning of their own names.  The slaves that are property of someone, a city, or a world usually have at least one capital letter after their names.  One of the people in authority in the gor worlds told me that if a slave changes the first letter of their name to a capital, it automatically makes them a master (or mistress if the person is a female), so making slaves talk in the third person is just a way to control the way the slaves think, and to degrade them and make them see themselves as things, not as people that have feelings that should be loved and appreciated, and not abused and humiliated.  If you're forced into speaking that way for many hours a day, you will eventually start thinking in it.  If you require proof, you can log into a chat program and speak only in third person (even in telegrams and whispers) for about 12 hours or so, always talking with someone, and not even speaking to anyone in the real world or through any other program in the first person during that time, then log off, and try to think of yourself as a person with an 'I'.  You'll find that it's very difficult, and requires an act of will to do it.  Now imagine if you can, the accumulative effect that would have over say, weeks, or even months, if just one day of that makes it hard for you to think of yourself as an 'I'.  Get the picture yet?


  Why not to trust those in the gor worlds, or to give them any personal info:  I have personally seen mistresses and masters try to make slaves trust them in the gor worlds (usually by making them think that they were kind and someone they can open up to), then betray that trust by telling others what they said word for word.  It's considered normal behavior there for all mistresses and masters to exchange any confidential and personal information they receive from slaves with each other.  This increases their control over them by not allowing them to have anyone to talk to that they can trust.  Those that the slaves think they can trust are usually just acting nice to get more information from them (sometimes they act like they are giving a slave personal info about them to gain their trust with a little 'secret' like the one I heard that the person is not really gor, but is getting material for a story).  No one should really be surprised that the slaves are not told this until they make a mistake in trusting someone with their fears or the level of control that they're being placed under or something similar and it comes back at them and they're punished.  It also comes in handy for the mistresses and masters to know as much as possible about the slaves, so if they wish to spread lies about them, they can use the personal information they got from them (if the slave was stupid enough to open up to them about their past and stuff) to convince others that they know the person really well.


  Pain and slavery:  When slaves are collared in a gor world, it's not uncommon for them to be branded as well.  Pain seems to be a natural part of life in a gor world for the slaves, and whipping poles are seen at many locations within at least one of the gor worlds for obvious reasons.  Placing such things in view of the slaves is a cruel thing to do, and only reminds the slaves of what their mistresses and masters are more than willing to do to them, sometimes for nothing more than trying to defend themselves against a verbal attack.


  Big brother is The gors are watching you:  Every facet of a slave's life in ActiveWorlds is controlled, and closely monitored.  For instance, when a slave is being trained, they're expected to stay with their mistress or master if they're logged into AW, or with another one that their mistress or master puts them under the control of.  Also, they're made to enable the option that allows others to see where they are at all times, thus allowing people from the gor worlds to go to that world and monitor what they're doing and saying, and who they associate with.  Makes you kind of feel like you're in Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia, always looking over your shoulder expecting to find some secret police watching your every move.  What do you say to your friends if some strangers keep following you around?  Obviously, this has some uncomfortable similarities to being a prisoner in a concentration camp.  :-(

  There's a lot more I can tell you about the gor worlds, or at least, the one I learned most about (GorWorld), but I won't go into it in detail here, or at least not yet.  Again, it's best to assume that the conditions and the people are the same in all the gor worlds, until you have had lots of study on it first, and that time could probably best be used somewhere (almost anywhere) or on anything else, like making and spending time with true friends.  :-)


  Tell your friends the truth If you have a friend that you care about at all that's involved with one of the gor worlds, tell them the truth about those worlds, and convince them to stay away from them, and the people in them!  Unless you want them to either end up as a slave, or one of the cruel mistresses or masters!  This is no joke, and the threat to their personality is very real, and will slowly creep up on them so they're not aware of it.  You'll notice subtle differences in them after time if you pay attention, but by the time you'll notice any changes, it'll probably be too late.  They're usually already too involved by then, and won't want to leave.  :-(  Those who succumb to the gor worlds are slowly discouraged from talking to their old friends in AW unless they're in the gor worlds also.  I've been told that the slaves also have to get permission to put people on their contacts list.  So, if you were their friend before they became a slave, but you haven't heard anything from them since, now you know why.


  The gors have tried to discredit me in the past. If you're interested, you can read a page I created about some of the silly lies told about me that I tried to defend myself against.  I wrote down exactly why each was a lie and gave dates on the data, so that others could verify this for themselves.  This is just another one of their attempts at discrediting people so others won't take them seriously.  Usually, only the dumbest of people fall for it.  But naturally, some people are stupid enough to believe lies even in the face of proof.  Oh, well.  Like Robert A. Heinlein said; "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."  Maybe this is just one of the reasons that most of us are calling them gorons (gor + moron = goron) now?  LOL


  The gors are gaining more power in ActiveWorlds:  It seems that the people of the gor worlds are attempting to gain power within the ActiveWorlds community by various means.  Also, from reports I've received about the gor people from those I can trust, at least one of them works for the feds.  They may be using what connections they have to cover up their activities, and to find victims.  (One of the gor people in fact has become a PK (Peacekeeper 55 citnumber 284787).  How he pulled that off, I don't know, but it doesn't say much for the person's judgment that approved his request for a position of power.  He (Seanchan citnumber 85944) probably conned them into believing that being one of the gor people wouldn't influence him as a PK.  Hope they weren't that gullible, but you never know...)  This is probably an attempt to convince those in power in the AW community that they can be trusted and to get more power to do what they want within the worlds.  After one gets in, they could use their influence to get others in, as well, like a ratchet effect, and then you'll see more and more of them in the PK and GK programs, and that may even lead to a job in may not even be aware that this attempt to seize power is going on, or they may be encouraging it, thinking it'll bring them more income by selling more worlds and citizenships.  Yeah, right!  Most of those I've talked to in real life that said they used to go to ActiveWorlds in the past but stopped coming and decided not to get a citizenship or a world of their own said they did so because of the gor worlds and the people in them.  Anyone who has had much experience with businesses through 'customer service' or 'tech support' already know that businesses seem to care more about making money than they do about their customers' safety or opinions.  Maybe they feel that if some of their customers die, others will replace them, so why should they care?

  If you want to keep ActiveWorlds safe for yourself, your family, children, friends, and others you care about, call or write to the FBI, who are supposed to do something about slavery, and tell them about the slavery that's going on in ActiveWorlds, and the Internet, and is active in the real world, as well!  If nothing else, just mention my name (CyberWoLfman) and give them the URLs to my pages like this one!

   To be honest with you though, I doubt if it'll do much good, because the only time that a lot of these federal agencies can be bothered to do anything at all is after the media gets ahold of the story, but it's probably the only chance we have.  However, the more people that can be bothered to do anything about slavery and gor, the better the odds are that the FBI will try to fight slavery like they're supposed to be doing!

  Their telephone number is:  (202)-324-3000  If you're outside of the United States, you may be better off writing to them.

  Their mailing address is:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

  But anything you can do would be helpful.  If you have a Web page, make a link to this Web page on it, or give the link out in your e-mail signature and in on-line forums.  Write to news reporters, or just write a letter to the editor of newspapers, and then they may post the letter in the newspaper.  How about a newspaper in Newburyport, Massachusetts where the ActiveWorlds company is located?  I'm sure the people living in that city would love to know that the company is selling worlds to people to promote their slavery lifestyle.

  Here are a few you can choose from:

  The Daily News.  E-mail the editor from here.

  Merrimack River Current.  Their contact page is here.

  The Port Planet.

  The Port Planet can be reached at:

The Port Planet
Ten State Street Ste 202
Newburyport, MA 01950

  Imagine the lives you may be saving and the emotional torment that people will be spared by these worlds not being here!  Isn't that worth a couple of minutes of your time?  For all you know, there may be a child being lured into one of the gor worlds even as you're reading this!  Do you want her to die?  If you don't take action right away, she just might!!  :-(  Out of all the worlds in the ActiveWorlds universe, I believe that if any of them attract serial killers, it would be the gor worlds!

  Seanchan lies:  A short time after I left GorWorld, I was informed that the owner, Seanchan (though he's used a few other names as well), citnumbers he's known or suspected to have owned or used in the past include: 85944, 284787, 294227, 302642, 302643, 302644, 302645, 306758, 311359, 312717, and 312718.  If you own a world, putting them in your bot's eject list will minimize the chances this person will visit and disrupt your world.  I personally think this guy is half con man and half Nazi.  Be wary of him, and anything he says to you) has tried telling people that he forced me out of it.  This only proves to others that know the truth that he's a liar, and makes him look pretty pathetic in their eyes.  I don't think I hate this person so much any more.  I now only have pity for him.


  There's also a possibility that some (or all) of the mistresses and masters of the gor worlds are involved in modern day slavery!  The victims could be lured into an environment where they feel safe in exploring their submissive side to those who follow the gorean way of pain, cruelty, and other sick things that I won't go into here, then after it's decided that someone wants them for a real life slave, a surprise visit is paid to them (after the victim is suckered into either telling someone where they live, or they drop enough hints that finding them is possible.  Even your IP address can help someone find out where you're at, so if you go into a gor world, you're helping them to find you, because they can see it!) and they're kidnapped out of their homes and taken to a place where they can be 'trained' and told that they can either become a real life slave, or killed.  Perhaps their kidnappers also tell them that if they don't cooperate, they'll kill their family, as well.  If anyone doubts that slaves exist in the USA, they need to educate themselves to that reality.  Although slavery may be illegal in the United States, I doubt if the gors care.  Here's a story of modern day slavery in the United States, and we're not just talking about adults, but children as well.  :-(  And here is another.  If you think that the people online who are into this kind of thing are nice, you really need to read this.  (Sorry, but they removed the story, even though there are stories older than it still in their server.  Very odd...)  There are other, more gruesome news stories where people are kidnapped and turned into slaves, and then savagely beaten to death after no one wants them anymore, or they complain about their treatment, then their bodies are disposed of, sometimes in a swamp, where the remains are conveniently devoured by alligators, but I'm not going to put the links up here.  The pictures of the dead and the accounts told by eyewitnesses are a bit too gruesome for my taste.  :-(


  Update:  It seems that either I didn't get my warning about the gor worlds out fast enough, or I was ignored.  If you're unaware of what I'm talking about, you may want to read about the slavemaster case in the news.  Here is another Web page with links that're more current in the slavemaster case.  But if you want a few others, here you are:

  Evidence sought in Kansas-Missouri barrel deaths.

  Barrel killings probe expands to Florida.

  Cops:  'slavemaster' stuffed women in barrels.

  'Barrel Killer' Suspect's Double Life.

  'Slavemaster' Suspected in Five Deaths.

  ?Slavemaster? Suspected.

  I was told that one of the victims the police found in the 55 gallon barrels they discovered was a woman named Suzette Trouten that went to the gor worlds as a slave named faithh (there's a little memorial to her in AlphaWorld at 11N 7W, but it doesn't say anything about her as a person, just her citname.  Maybe that's all they want to remain of her. Very sad).  She was murdered.  It's suspected that this guy killed 9 people (maybe more), one of them a 5 month old baby.  :-(  I was told he (John Edward Robinson Sr. also known as the slavemaster or James Turner) used ActiveWorlds and also hung out in places like BDSM and gor chat rooms, as well, to find people that were interested in the kind of relationships that those places are known for.  It's reported that he's been in jail many times (in both Kansas and Missouri) before this because of theft and fraud convictions.  According to the news services, this guy was investigated back in the 1980s after 4 disappearances.  The gor worlds seem to attract people like this.  So, please, stay out of the gor worlds!!  Be extremely careful and be safe here in ActiveWorlds!


  But they're only role-playing in the gor worlds, right?  Wrong!!  For those thinking that gor is only make-believe, and that those in the gor worlds are only playing a part, or role-playing, please take note:  A lot of the people in the gor worlds are not playing a role by being a mistress, master, or a slave.  In fact, quite a few of them despise role players.  They're serious.  Just as serious as the slavemaster is.  :-(  About the only people you're going to find in a gor world that thinks that gor is role-play are the greeters and other people they've convinced that gor is just role-playing, until the real gors / goreans decide to take them in deeper into their lifestyle.  Suzette Trouten was probably even trained in one of the gor worlds to be a slave and to not think of it as just role-playing, but to be serious about it and embrace it as a way of life.  In the books of gor that the people of the gor worlds frequently quote from (like the books are some kind of a bible to them that guides their lives) a slave can be tortured and killed if the slave's mistress or master wishes to do it to them.  That probably left her vulnerable and made her easy prey for the slavemaster.  Do you think that the people of the gor worlds realize this and are sorry?  I doubt it!  They're not known for being caring people.  :-(  I wonder if perhaps the FBI would consider them as accessories to murder, knowing how deeply the training goes into a person's mind?  If I was in charge of the investigation of this case, I'd seriously consider it.  Oh yeah, those gor books I mentioned.  I actually got the first one of them, and tried to read it.  It sucked big time!  I was yawning before the end of the first chapter!  I made an attempt to get through more of it, hoping it would improve, but it didn't.  Finally, I just got rid of the book.  The pages made better toilet paper than reading material (though the person I gave the book to for that purpose told me that they were a bit scratchy)!


  Log your chats! Keep a record of your chats, and back them up regularly.  This may also come in handy if someone is trying to get you into trouble.  You'll have a copy of what was said.  To have your chats recorded and you're using the ActiveWorlds browser, select Options, Settings, then click on the Chat tab.  Under that, you'll see a little section called Chat Log.  Make sure that "Log chat to file" is checked, then close the program and after that, log back in so it starts recording to that log.  But every once in a while, you have to log out of the ActiveWorlds program, then go to the folder where you've installed your ActiveWorlds program to find the file marked chat.txt, then cut it and then paste it in another folder and call it something like awchat log 9-1-2001 to 10-9-2001.txt because if it gets too big (over a meg or two, I think), it won't add any more of the chat to it.  It also makes it a pain to open if you're on a slow computer...


  Gor worlds for children??  While I was looking through the world list in alphabetical order one day, I noticed a world named GorCamp.  It was there for a while, but not there when I looked later, so it may've been only temporary, or it may be a world run on someone's PC, that's on then off at different times of the day and night. I was also told that there was a world called PokeGor.  What, they're going to try and say that isn't a world to attract children to the gors??  I can already see the gor mis-information and propaganda machine starting up to try and cover this one up!  Kind of makes me wonder if there's a child slavery thing going on.  Think the FBI or any other government agency cares?  Or that parents will be concerned about something like that?  Let's not kid ourselves, shall we?  More than likely, there's probably only been nine people out of all the hundreds who have read this page who have bothered to write to the FBI.  Maybe three of those who wrote have been parents with children who are on the Internet after realizing that their child could go into a gor world with just a click of the mouse on one of them in the world list, and that may be the last act of free will in their young lives.


  Will you help?  If you're reading this, stop and think. Are you relying on someone else to write asking them to do something about it?  If so, it's possible that they will think the same, and the person after that, too.  How many deaths will be too many?  How many missing children posters will you see before you begin to put two and two together?  A hundred?  Two hundred?  Will it take the life of one of your own children, that of a close friend, or a family member before you do something about it?  Maybe so.  You could be like others who didn't do anything until someone that they loved more than life itself was killed, then decided you would launch a campaign or join one maybe feeling that what you do may stop someone else from being killed.  But will you read these words after it's your own child that comes up missing, and realize a bit too late that you could've done something about it the first time you read this page?  :-(

  I've done my part and tried to warn you.  Will you do yours?  It doesn't take you any money to write an e-mail, just a minute of your time.  If you can write a letter, that would be better, but that may be too much to ask.  Just please, do something now, before it's too late for someone else?


  If you're looking for the updates, I've moved them to another page.  You can now find them here.  They go from August 30th, 2001 up to November 11th, 2001.

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