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  The TRUTH about the gor worlds in the ActiveWorlds universe:  Updates


Created by the citizen CyberWoLfman of ActiveWorlds


  FYI:  This is not a 'hate' page.  Its primary purpose is to inform people of what the gor worlds in the ActiveWorlds universe (a 3D chat program) are really like.  The gor worlds have slavery, which is why a lot of us don't like them.  If it is a crime to be 'anti-slavery', or to hate it, then why are there laws against slavery?  I consider those who are into slavery like the gors to be committing illegal acts, and anti-American!

  It is also not an attempt to harass gors.  It is reporting the facts (and in some cases, stating my opinion) and I've even provided links so you can verify things for yourself and I believe everything I put on this page to be true!  If it's true that reporting the facts about what people have done and what their philosophy is as well as expressing their opinions on people that've done bad things is harassment, then using the same logic, aren't news reporters harassing bin Laden?  If someone gives you a hassle about giving out this url in a chat, ask them if their boyfriend's name is bin Laden!

  Want an easy way to see who is of gor in a chat?  Paste this page's location into an open chat like in the GZ of one of the main worlds, and see if someone says it's a 'hate' page.  LOL  There's two groups of people who say it is.  The first group is obviously the gors, because they don't want the truth exposed, and try to claim it's a 'hate' page in the hopes that people won't take it seriously.  Okay, so this is likely to be kind of insulting to most people when the realization dawns on them that the gors would believe them to be that gullible, but I doubt if the gors care.  The second group is composed of the small group of people who have proven themselves to be gullible people and who have been conned into thinking it is a 'hate' page.  It's probably only a matter of time before someone tries to sell someone in the latter group some lakeside property on the planet Mars.  ;-)

  Important note:  The last I checked, AW has decided that tourists should be restricted to only a few worlds, so many things on this page and others may not apply to them.  I'm not going to change the wording because I'm not sure if ActiveWorlds is going to keep restricting the tourists to only a few worlds or will eventually change their minds and allow tourists to roam freely again.

  And finally:  I do not want to be contacted by any more people from the gor worlds, via telegrams or any other medium, nor do I want any of them in my world.  They've had over a year to reply to my telegrams that I sent in an effort to resolve things in a peaceful manner.  Sending me rude, insulting, and threatening telegrams isn't going to work.  Besides, it's bad enough people insist on being nasty, but I haven't fully stopped laughing over the fact that many of those who sent me the aforementioned telegrams can't even seem to spell swear words correctly!  LOL


  Entries by date in descending order.  For things that have happened after these dates, please check the AW Buzz page.

  November 11th, 2001.

  November 10th, 2001.

  October 22nd, 2001.

  October 19th, 2001.

  October 15th, 2001.

  October 10th, 2001.

  October 9th, 2001.

  October 3rd, 2001.

  October 2nd, 2001.

  October 1st, 2001.

  September 26th, 2001.

  September 24th, 2001.

  September 12th, 2001.

  September 11th, 2001.

  September 9th, 2001.

  September 8th, 2001.

  September 7th, 2001.

  September 6th, 2001.

  August 30th, 2001.



  August 30th, 2001.  The gors may be able to read your account info:  I've been informed that certain gors may have access to the citizen info in ActiveWorlds.  So if you're a citizen, it may be possible for them to track you down if they want.  Not sure if it's worth the risk of registering now, or not.  If you absolutely have to register, I wouldn't use a real address or name (maybe use a common sounding name), and I'd do it with a money order, putting down the citname you want on the money order, along with your e-mail address.  Try to think of a citizen name that no one else has thought of yet, that's easy to understand, and not use lower case L's or capital i's, but don't use your real name.  It's safest to just use letters and numbers in it, and not periods, just in case they disallow that.  I think that you can also use up to 16 characters.  If you change your mind on the name, you can always change it later on after you log in.

  So, now a lot of us are wondering if we should risk our lives and continue to use ActiveWorlds, or try to find something better that doesn't have gors in it.  If you do find something like that, you can send me an e-mail, and I'll probably put it up here so people who want to be safe can try it out.  :-)

  September 6th, 2001.  The Persona non Grata page hits the Web, ThisIsIt is attacked, and the gors start their telegram attack on me:  I've created the Persona non Grata (people who aren't welcome in the world ThisIsIt) page.  Shortly after I put the page up on the Web, my world ThisIsIt was invaded by gors, led by a PK (Peacekeeper 74) with the name of ALexander o (citnumber 299265).  Thanks to this PK and the gors, my Web site was taken down because I alone in ActiveWorlds seemed to be the only one that would dare to speak the truth about them.  They sent me numerous nasty telegrams, swearing, threatening, and insulting me.  But this will not stop me.  In fact, the more they push me, the madder I get, and the more I will do to get rid of them!  If it means I have to spend every single moment of my free time on it, I will, and gladly, so that other users can live in peace, free from threats, bullying, harassing behavior, and quite possibly, even death.

  I've come to a decision.  I will not send another penny more than I have to to keep my world and my citizenship to ActiveWorlds.  I will not pay for an upgrade, nor buy additional citizenships, or buy programs that they suggest to us, until they remove the gor worlds!!  If I find a better 3D chat program, I will leave ActiveWorlds, and I fully intend to tell everyone that I can in the ActiveWorlds universe about it, so they can find something better, and have a safer alternative to the gor universe which is what AW is becoming.  If you want to join me in this, tell ActiveWorlds of your decision.  Maybe if they start losing money because of the gor worlds, they'll do something.  Hopefully before anyone else gets killed!

  September 7th, 2001.  The failed gor mis-information specialist / emissary:  The gor worlds had some woman contact me that acted nice, and who tried to convince me that the gor worlds were filled with nice people.  If they think I'm going to fall for that kind of thing, they're in for a shock!  What next, a dove carrying an olive branch?  LOL  Then she tried to give me this line saying that she never heard of me before, but she'd like to talk to me to try to get me to see that they aren't all bad people.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that this happened right after the invasion by the gors on my world.  *snickers*  I get the feeling they think we're gullible.  ;-)  Maybe they have people like her to act as emissaries to try and make people think that gor isn't bad?

  September 8th, 2001.  A unwelcome and unobservant gor comes to ThisIsIt:  When I woke up and got back in front of the keyboard, I read the chat text and saw that a couple more gors had came into ThisIsIt while I was sleeping.  One of them seemed a bit more unobservant than the usual goron.  Okay, so that's hard to imagine, but wait until you hear this!  He said that I was hiding when I wasn't really there at all.  Not to say that gorons are extremely stupid, but you'd think they'd be able to see a big multi-colored AFK av in the GZ with a sign over it saying "AFK = Away From Keyboard.  Sleeping / Grabbing some Z's / Visiting REMville." and figure out that I was asleep, and not 'hiding'...

  September 9th, 2001.  The PKs tell me they won't do anything about the gors:  Received an e-mail from someone claiming to be MIKsam (Peacekeeper 57) in response to my complaint about the PK and the gors.  Basically she stated that there's nothing the peacekeeper organization can do about it or the PK leading an attack against a world.  How odd.  And here I thought the PKs were supposed to settle disputes, not start them!  Silly me!  Ever get the feeling that it's the gors who are really in charge of ActiveWorlds?  Not too surprising, I guess.  There's at least three gors in the PKs for sure, and a few more that I suspect.  The confirmed ones are:

  Seanchan (Peacekeeper 55)

  ALexander o (Peacekeeper 74)

  Ovardian (Peacekeeper 75)

  So, if you have a complaint, I wouldn't try contacting these three!

  Since it appears as though ActiveWorlds won't do anything about the gors, we have to take action ourselves.  I'm encouraging everyone to write a letter to the FBI, or any other agency you think would offer help in investigating the gor worlds, and everyone in them.  Maybe they'll have ActiveWorlds shut them down?  We can only hope.  :-)

  For starters, here's the FBI's mailing address:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

  Please be sure to include in your letters any information you think would help, what you know about any illegal activities (like slavery) you know the gors are doing, what they may've done to you personally, threats they've made against you, where they can be found in real life, the locations of any gor Web sites, and anything else you think may help get them to do something.  Since they're supposed to investigate stuff including slavery, they should!

  Best of luck to you, and I hope that soon we can have a safe ActiveWorlds, for ourselves and our children!  :-)

  September 11th, 2001.  I create the page naming the gor worlds:  Created a page with the names of the gor worlds in it, so people will know which worlds to avoid.

  September 12th, 2001.  The day after the terrorist attack on 9-11-2001:  After watching some terrorists destroy the World Trade Center towers, and killing thousands of people, I've decided to put this page back up on the Web and not just pass it out to other users.  I'm tired of people bullying others around, threatening them, and killing them when it suits their purposes!!  This has got to stop, people!  The gors seem to be pretty similar to the terrorists.  Their 'honor' is so identical that it's scary!  And violence seems to be something that both groups like.  What's really strange though, is these oh - so - macho gors using censorship to try and silence those who would tell others the truth about them.  What's the matter, gors?  You don't want others to know what you're really like?  Too bad!

  Someone tried to tell me that gors held life dear and they were shocked at the terrorist attack.  Hah!  Anybody that has spent much time with the gors should know better.  Life seems to be pretty cheap to them.  They say over and over again how slaves should be killed if those who own them feel they should be.  If you hear them say otherwise, and say they feel sad about the terrorist attacks, tell them you already know better!  But I doubt if anyone's going to buy their act.  Hey, if bin Laden showed up on their doorstep, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they gave him a big hug and kiss!  The gors probably had a party celebrating the destruction of the WTC.  It seems the kind of thing that they'd really get off on.  :-(

  Note:  I'm going to leave out some of the stuff that happened between the 12th and the 24th because I'm still trying to work it out with some people who are using the dictator's favorite weapon of choice (censorship) to defend the gors.

  September 24th, 2001.  The gors could've killed another person:  This morning I had a very sad talk with an extremely sad and worried lady.  She was worried about a friend of hers.  I'll share some of the conversation with you, but leave out her name.  Maybe some of it will sound familiar if you've lost someone you care about.  FYI, she couldn't say the word 'gor' because the bots would eject her, so she had to say "that "lifestyle"":

Anonymous lady:  I have a friend who got involved with a married man who has turned out to be into that "lifestyle" we've been very worried about her, but no one has heard from her for weeks now.

Anonymous lady:  she's come over her for me to treat her injuries. I'm just disgusted at it, but she won't end it for some reason. I don't get it at all.

CyberWoLfman:  You should contact the police or FBI.  Most places allow you to file a missing person's report after 48 hours.  Or contact the family of your friend to see if they know of her whereabouts.
CyberWoLfman:  May be too emotionally attached, and can't let go, or her will has been broken.  :-(

Anonymous lady:  I'm a stalking specialist and PI also. She has just VANISHED. And none of us know who the guy is.

Anonymous lady:  I guess he brainwashed her. We're just afraid he DID kill her or something.

Anonymous lady:  Judging by the injuries she had before, he may have already killed her. These people are just SICK.

  Yes, reader, this is sad, but maybe by sharing this with others, they can learn from it.  These don't seem to be very nice people.  :-(  If you go out on a date, you should give info to a few friends of yours on who you're seeing, where they live, their phone number(s), what type and color of vehicle they drive, and the license plate number, and where and when you are meeting them, preferably in a public place.  Some places have set up secure databases so women can enter in this info, and if they don't delelte it in a certain amount of time after they enter it in, it goes to the cops.  Good idea, but more people should use it!  Personally, I feel that if someone threatens you with a weapon in public to get you to go with them somewhere else, you should tell them no, and shout out to others that the person is armed.  Maybe the cops won't tell you to do this, but it may be your only chance of getting someone to help you before it's too late.  It may also make the person think that you're too much trouble, and the risk that he'll be caught is too high if he continues, and takes off.  If the latter happens, you probably should immediately call the cops, tell them where you're at, and try to give them as accurate a description as you can of the person, including their height, any scars or tattoos you saw, what they were wearing, skin color, hair color, length, eye color, glasses, clean shaven, facial hair if any, type of shoes, et cetera.  The sooner they catch them and lock them up, the better!  And you'll sleep better at night, too!  :-)

September 26th, 2001.  More links to additional info added:  Found some more links to additional info on why gor is bad and added them to the 'truth about the gor worlds' page for those who may yet need convincing.  Also put a big sign in the GZ of the world ThisIsIt so when you come in, you can click on it to see the page that the gors don't want you to read.

  October 1st, 2001.  A gor gives his two bits on their beliefs.  One of my friends here in AW who wants to remain anonymous sent me some tidbits through my 'secret' e-mail account using my PGP encryption key, too, no less.  LOL  Seems one of the gors wanted to express how they feel, so I thought I'd share it with you, the readers.

"If you think slavery is wrong, or should be based on "love," then you need to head on out the door. You obviously haven't read any of the books, or spent any time understanding what Gor is about.

If you believe that Gor has anything to do with pity, you are not only wrong - you need to get out before you get hurt. Little Orphan Annie will not find solace here.

If you are a woman, and you do not take your status appropriately, then go join the women's liberation movement. You may not like this male dominated philosophy, but it is here to stay, and it is in your best interest to go do something else more worth your time. Annie Oakley does not ride her horse in Gor."

  So, according to their own words, there seems to be no love in the gors, they admit they approve of slavery (which is illegal in most places in the world, including the U.S., where not only are most of these worlds hosted at, but also where ActiveWorlds itself is located), they have no pity (so it's highly unlikely that gors would have compassion and consideration of other people's feelings or would stop whipping someone once they got started before they died), and they think that women should be slaves, not equals.  But hey, I already believed most of that, anyway.  But I wonder what he's got against women named Ann??  My anonymous friend said his post was filled with women's names that started with Ann for some odd reason.  My friend wouldn't tell me the url this came from, but said it was some kind of forum.  I think he's worried I'd have too much fun.  Also didn't give me the name of the poster, but said he uses ActiveWorlds and that he has mipmaps on.  So, not only is this gor's logic a bit fuzzy, but so is his view of ActiveWorlds.  LOL  And yes, I said "fuzzy logic".  All you longhairs / eggheads are probably getting a giggle out of that.  But tell me one thing; what exactly did you Pile Higher and Deeper, eh?  Heh, heh.

  October 2nd, 2001.  The GKs are telling people to try the gor worlds?!  Today was one of the saddest I've had in ActiveWorlds.  I heard a GK in bold working AWGate telling people in open chat to try the gor worlds.  :-(  Sorry, I'm not going to give out the name of the GK.  This is a nice person, I just have a problem with this one action.  To those who are unfamiliar with AWGate, it's a G rated world, and the default first loading world for new users.  It's also the one that most parents think their children are safe to be in because it's monitored most of the time by GKs who are supposed to help people.  What would those parents think if they knew that their children were told by a GK to try the gor worlds??  When I asked the GK why they did this, they said that other GKs do the same thing.  Okay people, although I'm reasonably sure that you've heard this innumerable times already, I'm going to say it once again, because it appears we have those among us who just aren't listening; just because 'everyone else does it' it doesn't mean that something is right.  That kind of mentality leads to lynch mobs.

  October 3rd, 2001.  Dunstan checks in and shows he's totally clueless.  He sent me a telegram saying "very interesting that you have a cracked browser and steal citnums and names".  When I asked a PK what was up with that, I was asked in return if I owned the world GorSUX.  After checking that world, I discovered that Dunstan's citname and number were on the objects in that world, so I'm assuming this Dunstan guy thinks I have his citnumber and password to build in his name.  But there are other possibilities that even a mental midget can figure out, provided they have more than a few working brain cells, and their IQs are higher than an orangutan's...

  1st possibility:  Someone may have his ppw, and can use it to build in worlds that he has build rights in.

  2nd possibility:  The person who did it was in fact Dunstan, and he's trying to cause problems, blaming me for something he did himself.  Okay, this one is on the level of most grade school pranks (one kid uses another kid's rail gun to shoot down their own model of a hypertesseract built out of toothpicks (or puked in their own Klein bottle) then hollers for the teacher, swearing it was the other student that did it and as the teacher scolds the innocent child, the prankster makes faces at him), and doesn't seem likely considering what I know of him and his level of intelligence.

  3rd possibility and quite possibly the correct one:  The person who owns GorSUX may've temporarily closed it to the public, put Dunstan's citnumber in the build rights, created those objects and put his citnumber in them, removed Dunstan's citnumber from the build rights, then, after changing the world's Features allowing people to select objects by right clicking on them, re-opened the world to the public, and stepped back to let the fun start.  Considering this action set both the PKs and one of the gors against me, this leads me to think that it's either one of the gors themselves to give them an excuse to bug AW and the PKs about me, or someone who may've thought it would be funny to turn the flame up a couple of notches under the gors.

  What's really amusing is that once it was discovered by Dunstan, he automatically assumed that it was me that did it, never once considering the possibility that others in the ActiveWorlds universe may not like the gors.  Duh?  However, AW probably knows who owns the world, so their complaints probably only made someone burst out laughing when they received the e-mail and checked the database.

  October 9th, 2001.  An AW employee tries to use the "but the slaves are voluntary" crap on me.  *sigh*  Like I've so patiently tried to explain it before, slavery, as far as I know, is illegal in most places like the USA (where I'm assuming that most of the gor world servers are, and AW has their offices), whether a person enters into it voluntarily of their own free will or not.  If someone asks another person to kill them and the person they ask does indeed shoot and kill them, I'm pretty sure it's still considered murder, and is illegal.  So, if this is true, then those in the gor worlds who are enslaving people are breaking the law.  It is doubtful that cares, though, so they'll probably let it continue until the FBI forces them to close the gor worlds.  Not sure if AW will get into trouble and have to pay fines or go to prison or whatever for having them here or not, but they seem to have made their choice.  Apparently money means more to them than the safety of their users, especially children who can click on a gor world and meet some of these people.  :-(  I'm just wondering if those in the gor worlds realize that their real life names will probably be made public after the FBI goes after them and they are taken to court, and the media reports the story?  What will their friends, neighbors, family, fellow employees and bosses think of them when they learn they are involved with gor?  Guess we'll find out soon enough.  But I see the gors as roaches, wanting to hide from the light.  They're also hypocrites.  They claim they support freedom of speech, but yet they use the dictator's favorite weapon of choice (censorship) to try and keep others from reading pages like this one.

  The AW employee also went on to say that "(they) do not violate our guidelines as we interpret them."  Here's the interesting part of their guidelines:

"We reserve the right to suspend or remove any world, objects or properties from the ActiveWorlds universe which is brought to our attention and which we find, in our sole discretion, violates any of these content guidelines or otherwise is in violation of the law."

  Notice if you will, the part of 'in our sole discretion' and the 'violation of the law'.  It would appear to say that even if something is against the law like slavery, they can decide whether it's okay or not.

  Anybody still think that a double standard doesn't exist when it comes to the gors?  There are PKs who defend them, and threaten those who dare to speak the truth about them.  The AW employees write and say that they agree with the PKs, no matter how unfair the judgment of the PKs.

  As for the encounters with the PKs, after m0e started dictating what I can and can't do in ActiveWorlds, and I asked him why he was doing it, and gave my reasons as to why I didn't agree, instead of trying to discuss it rationally, he threatened me.  Here then, is a sample of how m0e does things in AW:

  My telegram to m0e:  "WHAT?!  I merely asked if a PK can be impartial, what proof, if any, there was to the claim that a core member is 'above such things as gor' because I wasn't that trusting, and I even cited the reasons I didn't trust that easily, and I get threats.  This is 'bad' in your eyes?  Something tells me you didn't read the telegrams I received from the gors."

  m0e's reply:  "this case is closed, unless someone is looking to be locked down. enjoy the day"

  So, no, I don't believe they even bothered to go over the evidence, and I do not believe these people to be nice.  This is probably why a lot of people in ActiveWorlds see the PKs in a bad light, and as though they were jerks and dictators.  There are a few nice PKs, but m0e doesn't seem to be one of them.

  Okay, someone just told of one of the things the gors like to do to make sure that the slaves don't leave them even in 'role playing'.  They use the dread of ostracism to control and coerce them.  To quote them:

  "It has been stated that *slave failure* is unacceptable to Goreans, and this failure constitutes any disobedience on her part, even if the *slave* concerned is protecting herself or her children from abuse."

  Okay, just my opinion here, but I feel that any 'man' who abuses children or those who are helpless isn't much of a man.  :-(

  And furthermore, a case may be made that a slave isn't exactly competent enough to make a choice as to whether or not to remain a slave if they've already been brainwashed and conditioned.

  October 10th, 2001.  One of the gors admits that the slaves' actions and thoughts are being trained.  Well, duh!!  I've been saying this for how long, now??  Got this from a trusted friend, and it's supposed to be a quote from the citizen Bard in ActiveWorlds (citnumber 306307):

"much like those who train their dogs not to bark with "bark collars"..those collars that give the dog a jolt of electricity every time they bark..

this is what women fortunate enough to find a male Master willing to make the effort to train her into the "right" paths of thinking and action have..

and, of course, if you don't understand this..then you just have missed the whole point of Gor, which is rather need to make it complicated...

there is no higher enlighte ned state..our basic nature is that of a dog or other animal.."

  So it seems that the gors think that women are nothing more than animals to be trained.  Ugh.  :-(

  October 15th, 2001.  Seanchan (the owner of gorworld and several other gor worlds) tries to claim he's given up gor.  The latest story he's trying to spread now is that he's no longer of gor.  When asked about his gor past, he gives the line "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."  Gee, so only those who are perfect can accuse him of anything?  How convenient for him.  And I'm amused that someone who is so into gor that they own their own gor worlds (not singular, but plural) is quoting from the bible.  Now that takes guts!  Btw, a lot of people are calling him 'seanchump', and to his face, no less!  LOL  As for his claim of leaving gor and all that, I believe he'll probably just re-name his worlds to something else, and try to keep whatever he's doing that may be illegal hidden.  Why do I think this?  He hasn't changed the citnames of his accounts (as of this date (10-15-2001) like:

GorGate  (citnumber:  312717)

GorWorld1  (citnumber:  306758)

GorWorld2  (citnumber:  311360)

  You think he would if he was really leaving gor, wouldn't you?  After all, it only requires you to log in, then change your citname under Options, Citizen.  Btw, if you have a bot, you can probably ask it for the citname of those citnumbers to verify this for yourself (if he doesn't change them soon after someone tells him we're wise to him, to try and cover it up).

 Oh, yeah.  And for a little glimpse of the personality beneath the thin facade that seanchump er, I mean Seanchan wears, here's some stuff he's said in open chat in AW's GZ:

Seanchan: <carves up that silly hamster>

Seanchan: we could do like that old commercial and fire the hamsters at a brick wall

Seanchan: hmmmmm... hamster tastes just like... .chicken

  Just thought it was kind of sick.  :-(

  October 19th, 2001.  Seanchan and others in AlphaWorld's GZ have an open chat about gor.  Not sure of the exact date it was on, but I think it was around October 15th, 2001.  Someone was even kind enough to give me the chat text.  So, I'm not allowed to give out the url to my main ActiveWorlds page in AlphaWorld's GZ in open chat just because it has a link on it to the truth about gor page, but the gors and PKs are allowed to defend gor there where children are likely present.  Interesting...  Just another example of how one - sided this whole thing is.  Those gor nazis must be so proud!  Okay, even though I'm not allowed to give out the location of my main AW page or the truth about gor url (here's the page.  You can right click on the link, select 'copy link location', then right click in where you type your chat message in the ActiveWorlds program, and select paste, then hit the Enter key.) in AlphaWorld's GZ, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone else to do it, and I personally think that the latter should be given out if people insist on bringing up gor in open chats.  If you want to make one of those gor PKs mad, that's probably the fastest way to do it, too!  Gee, I hope that some of those tourists who want to cause trouble don't start passing out that url in open chat...  LOL

  October 22nd, 2001.  Strike Rapier 'investigates' one of the gor worlds.  I was told he had done an investigation on one of the gor worlds (talgor).  Believing for a moment that this was a thorough investigation, spanning several months, my curiosity was piqued, so I went to the url (no longer working) I was given by someone who heard Strike Rapier give it out in open chat in AWGate, and checked out the page.  Unfortunately, I discovered that this 'investigation' had been done in the space of a few hours or days (I suspect the former by the writing of it), and the report had several errors in it.  For the benefit of all, I will point them out in case someone else finds the page in question, finds another like it, or wants to create another 'report' of their own, but I will write this as if I am speaking to the author, Strike Rapier:

  Error #1:  You state that during your brief visit to talgor, you were treated nicely and 'welcomed into the community'. Of course you're treated nicely when you first go to the gor worlds.  I've already explained that on 'the truth about the gor worlds' page here and say on it that "If you go to one of the gor worlds as a submissive, you are treated kindly at first, until they get you convinced that they are nice people (hah!), and you begin to form emotional attachments and you are slowly brainwashed and conditioned.  After that, they get harsher, and the hurting begins slowly but gets up to really sadistic levels..."  Note:  This does not all happen within the space of a few hours or days and I suspect that was all the time you used on your 'report' on talgor, instead of the months that I did, wanting to perform a reliable investigation on it.  You were still considered a visitor by them, and you probably would've still had that status for several weeks to months until it was decided you were 'one of them'.  In case you don't know anything about cults, I suggest you do a little study on them to familiarize yourself on how they operate.

  Error #2:  Yes, there is something illegal going on within the gor worlds: slavery.  Whether it is consensual or not, I'm pretty sure it's still illegal.  If someone asks someone else to kill them, and the person does indeed put a gun to the one who asked them to kill them, pulls the trigger, and the trauma to their head results in their death, I'm fairly sure it's still considered to be murder.

  Error #3:  Since you admit that you only came into contact with a few other users in talgor, it's highly unlikely that you would've observed any slaves 'not being treated decently'.  In most cases, the slaves are treated like crap in private chats with their owners, not in a public area, and it's especially unlikely that it would've been done around someone who has only recently arrived in their world if it would be seen as a negative thing, because it may give you pause in your decision to join them, and to become part of their community on a permanent basis.

  Error #4:  You are wrong about caps not being in a slave's name.  As I've already said on my page 'the truth about the gor worlds', the slaves' names all begin in lower case, and they have no caps in them unless they are the property of someone, a city, or a world, then they usually have at least one capital letter after their names.  Only the slaves who haven't been 'collared' don't have caps after their names, and uncollared slaves are considered to be in an unnatural state in a gor environment.  For the record, the caps after the slave's name is the 'collar', showing who or what they are the property of.

  Error #5:  The brainwashing you failed to see wasn't too evident to you because you had a minimal exposure to it.  As I've already stated on the aforementioned 'the truth about the gor worlds' page (you have read it, haven't you?  Just wondering, because you seem to have overlooked several things):  "(speaking in the) third person is just a way to control the way the slaves think, and to degrade them and make them see themselves as things, not as people that have feelings that should be loved and appreciated, and not abused and humiliated.  If you're forced into speaking that way for many hours a day, you will eventually start thinking in it."

  Error #6:  In the evaluation section, you state "The +21 age limit is well enforced" and I have a teeny tiny problem with that statement.  How exactly can they enforce that??  By asking someone their age, and expecting someone to tell them the truth when it would be relatively easy for a teenager or even someone not much younger than that to give a false age (say that of 22 or so), and speak in a manner that would convince others that they were indeed that age, or even a little older?  Even if someone wasn't a child prodigy, this is by no means difficult to do.  And if the person who has to screen visitors and 'verify' their age asks for a picture as proof, a picture can easily be taken from a personal Web page and given to them.  The number of personal Web pages with pictures of the authors are almost without number and can be found easily doing a quick search with virtually any search engine.

  So, in essence, I see your 'report' as not being very in-depth, as accurate as a blind man feeling an elephant's trunk and reporting it was a snake - like animal based upon the limited information provided by his sense of touch, and if your page is read by most of the AW users, it will be seen as an endorsement of a gor world, and an invitation to try it.

  Is that what you want?  If not, you should change it before you pass the url out to anyone else in public chat, or just refer them to my own pages on gor , and the other pages that I linked to for people to read further on the subject.

  November 10th, 2001:  m0e ejects me from AlphaWorld, and publicly abuses his powers as a PK!  While talking in AlphaWorld's GZ today at 6:15 p.m. VRT, m0e started whispering to me, asking me about the picture I took of the altered PK's HQ.  Here's the complete whispered chat as it happened:

m0e:    your comments are needed on
CyberWoLfman:    (to m0e) Why should I talk to you??  You're just going to threaten me with lockdown again if I try to reason with you, so it's a waste of time!!!  :-(  And as for the picture, I already said what it was about on the pics page:  "Disclaimer:  I feel certain
m0e:    nope
m0e:    I am just going to make it true for you, and only you, as long as you think this the case
CyberWoLfman:    (to m0e) that some of the PKs are hard-working volunteers who really like to help people.  These signs merely represent how many of us see them, especially those of us who've been threatened by them."
m0e:    say by to the GZ's of awcom
m0e:    if you have a problem with this, is your best comtact
CyberWoLfman:    (to m0e) Already tried that route, and reason didn't work with him, either.  So, I'm attacked on all sides, the only thing you people seem to like are threats and if I try to reason with you (like last time when I was threatened with lockdown), I get
CyberWoLfman:    (to m0e) threatened, so I'm not going to bother.
m0e:    the PK's are what ppl think, and seeing as YOU think this, then you will get what you have now created

  At this point, I was ejected from AlphaWorld.  So, instead of using reason to convince me that he isn't the kind of tyrant that most of us are seeing him as, he instead proves me right by continuing with his tyrannical ways.  This is supposed to make me think differently about him??  I don't see how!  And as for me 'creating him' as a tyrant, he was already acting this way.  (See the section here of part of our telegram chat.  Talking things out with him doesn't work.  He just threatens!)  I had nothing to do with it!  Apparently he's just looking for an excuse to blame his actions on, and I for one can't understand the logic of trying to convince someone that they're not bad people by ejecting them.  Welcome to the real ActiveWorlds, people!  :-(  I will say again publicly here that I feel certain that some of the PKs are hard-working volunteers who really like to help people.  The picture I took merely represents how many of us see them, especially those of us who've been threatened by one of them.  And this is why I see this m0e person is a tyrant and a dictator!

  A word to those PKs who I believe are actually nice people:  m0e isn't doing you any favors.  He's making you guys look very bad in the eyes of the ActiveWorlds users!

  November 11th, 2001:  Attempting to resolve the conflict between the PKs and myself, the picture I took of the altered PK HQ was removed.  Doubt if this will do any good, but at least I am willing to try and bring an end to a conflict, even if a certain member of the the peacekeepers isn't.  Now, the question is, will m0e (or whoever is following his orders) stop ejecting me?  We shall see.  For those who don't think that PKs eject without you saying something bad first, I offer this picture as proof.  I came from my world ThisIsIt (you can see GreeterBot and me talking before the Immigration Officer announcement when I entered AlphaWorld) directly to AlphaWorld's GZ and then I was ejected before I even said anything.  Apparently, this is supposed to make me see someone as a nicer person?

  *sigh*  While in the process of adding the above, I received an e-mail from one of the PKs, telling me that I'm on 'EjectOnSight' because I was 'harassing' them by expressing how I felt over the way I was treated by m0e.  Hey, I tried to talk it over with him, and he threatened me with cit lockdown!  When I tried to talk about the picture with him, he ejected me!  If you think it looks badly on the PKs, you should talk to him and not me!  Hello??

  Here's a piece of their logic for this in their own words.  See if it makes any sense to you because it doesn't to me:

  It is as m0e told you, if you see us as you have described us then perhaps that is the way you want us to act?

  To answer this question: No, I do not want you to act that way.  And as for 'describing' a PK as being the way I did, I merely reported the facts of what they did, included their own words and my feelings on it.  By your logic, you assume that a reporter who describes the terrorists attack on the WTC wants it to happen.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say they don't!  And I don't want you guys to act this way, either.  That's why I'm bringing it to the attention of the ActiveWorlds users, so maybe someone, somewhere can do something about it.  Sheesh!

  If I was politely asked if I could remove the picture, or they wanted to talk about the reasons behind it, it would've made sense, and I would've done so, but this is nuts!!   I'm trying to do my part, but this could've been handled much better with just a little communication and politeness.  I'm going to assume for the moment that a PK is capable of such.  If not, maybe they should be replaced with someone who doesn't engage in actions that makes the PKs look bad?

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