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Maybe someday in the next 15 years or so we can have avatars that look this good and can pick up things like beer glasses.  ;-)

  Important Announcement!  My world, This Is It, has moved to a better 3D chat program!  That's where you can find me most of the time that I'm on-line.

*  Also:  As of January 3rd, 2002, I have stopped recommending ActiveWorlds as a chat program to people in real life or on the Internet.  There are many reasons for this which are detailed on the ActiveWorlds Buzz page.  For those who are already ActiveWorlds users, the pages below are for you to read and I hope that they will help and inform you, even though I won't be updating them very much anymore.  I will likely continue to remain in ActiveWorlds until the end or up until the point where I don't want to witness its final death throes.

  If you would like to try an alternative to ActiveWorlds, then feel free to look over my 3D Chat Programs Review page.  This took a lot of work, but I wanted to help out my friends.  :-)

  Just so you know, the above name is my Internet name and obviously not my real one.  Also, please feel free to pass the location of this page out to other ActiveWorlds users, especially the new users who need it the most.  :-)  I've noticed a few of you are doing it already in some of the GZs (GZ = Ground Zero, which is the middle of a world).  Thanks.  :-)  For those who are really bored and want more info on me, check out the author notes.

  If and when I can be bothered to return to the ActiveWorlds program, I will pop in, grab telegrams, reply to them, and leave.  Most people know that they can find me in This Is It, now, in the other program, if they want to chat.  :-)  Besides, since I usually don't get into AW every week, they probably delete telegrams before I get them, as I think the server only holds onto them for a week before they get deleted if you haven't logged in within that time.

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  The pages you can choose from:

  Some of this information is vital to your survival in ActiveWorlds, so you should read it carefully, and remember it well.
  Your first steps.  Experienced AW users can safely skip this section unless they need a refresher.  New users should start here.

  ActiveWorlds Buzz.  This a place where I put any news I hear that I think is worth giving out to the public and share my thoughts with other users about the program.

  CyberWoLfman's 3D Chat Program Review.  Does a comparison of the main 3D chat programs, comparing their features, prices, whether or not it can be used for free, cost to make your own world, privacy concerns, what the people are like in each program, and which worlds I recommend in each, as well as telling which programs I think are worth using.

  The AW Guides.  A little page I created to let people know of the experiences I've had with them.

  CyberWoLfman's OuterWorlds Experience.

  CyberWoLfman's WorldsPlayer Experience!  This is another alternative to using the ActiveWorlds program.  This program, although not as bleeding edge as ActiveWorlds tries to be, has customization features in it that most of the others lack, cheaper prices than ActiveWorlds on everything, and most of the people seem to be nice.  :-)

  CyberWoLfman's Original ActiveWorlds Expressions.  Since there seems to be a bit of confusion as to who originally said some of the expressions heard in ActiveWorlds, I've put the ones that I know I started on this page.  LOL

  ActiveWorlds Corporation and how they treat their paying customers.  Based upon experiences I've had with the company and those they've given power to, and what I've read.

  The Day the Tourists Died.  Something I wrote up to tell how... ticked I was at ActiveWorlds for eliminating all my tourist friends.  Thankfully, they've allowed them to return, even if it's in a limited fashion.

  Trusting people in ActiveWorlds.

  Building.  Where you can learn building, and I share some of my building tips that they don't tell you about.

  Crackers and Script - Kiddies.

  The truth about the gor worlds.  For those who wish to learn the truth about the gor worlds and why many of us want them removed from the ActiveWorlds universe, you should really read this page!  There's a lot of people who don't want you to know the truth, but I'll be very happy to give you the information.  :-)  Even includes links so you can verify stuff for yourself.

  Updates page for the above.  This page is pretty much finished.  I'll add any new information on the new ActiveWorlds Buzz page so it'll all be in one easy to find location.

  ActiveWorlds Pix!  Some date back as far as 1998.

  Password stealing bots and other trojan horse programs and viruses.  Or should that be viri?  ;-)

  A better AWGate.  Updated after they changed AWGate on November 22nd, 2001.

  Ways to improve ActiveWorlds.  Doubt if we'll ever see more than two or three of these go into effect, but we can dream, eh?

  Persona non Grata.  Although this page was created to let citizens of ActiveWorlds know why they were ejected out of my world, ThisIsIt (This Is It), that I've since moved to a better chat program, I've decided to keep it on the Web because there is a growing number of private world owners who are putting the citnames on this list into their bot's 'eject on sight' list to keep their worlds safer for people, especially children.

  Miscellaneous stuff and additional links for further reading.

  About the author.  Not that important, but someone may be curious.  However, my main concern is you read the pages and learn something.  :-)


  I encourage you to pass this page's location out to everyone you meet in the ActiveWorlds universe.  Feel free to copy and paste the url into a chat and give everyone you're talking to some much needed information!  :-)

  Other pages on this site:

  This site's main page, 3D chat programs review page, stories, cool quotes, trivia, Laugh Machine, e-mail privacy / PGP.

  Pictures pages:

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #1.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #2.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #3.  Pictures taken in the ActiveWorlds 3D chat program.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #4.  Back to the real world.  Includes Halloween pictures, party pictures, more pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois including events, people, theaters and bars.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #5.  Mostly pictures taken in bars, but also other places.

  Important note for those with Web pages of their own:  You are welcome to link to my pages, if you like, but you should include the title of the page in the link.  That way, if they go to it, and I've changed the name of the file, they can try looking for it in my list of main pages.

  Any request for a file or page that doesn't exist on my server will give them a special page saying that it couldn't find it, and direct them to the main page.

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