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  This page is about the OuterWorlds program, and my experiences in it.

  Things to do in OuterWorlds:

    Official entertainment:  I've stopped promoting the official OuterWorlds games because of un-fairness and injustice displayed by those running them, and what seems like OuterWorlds' lack of interest to do anything about it.  More information can be found on the OuterWorlds Buzz page.

  Official music:  There's a lowband stream you can get in your WinAmp at and the highband for those with DSL, cable modems, or whatever here:

  The VR DJ schedule is posted here:

  My stuff:  ThisIsIt trivia anytime the triviabot is running, which is almost every time I'm in OuterWorlds.  :-)  There's also streaming audio in This Is It.  Click on the picture below to see the full-sized picture.  The information page about This Is It includes it and other full-sized pictures.

My 3D world, ThisIsIt!  :-)


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  My main OuterWorlds pages:

  OuterWorlds Basics.  Tells you what you need to know to get started, and gives you links to find more information if you need it.  Helpful for those who are used to a text based chat program and suddenly find themselves in a 3D program where they can pick avatars (bodies) to use, walk, fly, run, wave, dance, play music and games.

  Building in OuterWorlds.  Gives you some basic tips as well as some stuff I thought up, myself.

  OuterWorlds Pictures.  Pictures taken within the OuterWorlds program.

  OuterWorlds Tips: Router Settings for OuterWorlds World Servers.  This is a lot easier than many people make it out to be!

  OuterWorlds Buzz.  Get the buzz about what's going on in OuterWorlds, and things that are still in the planning stage.  Updated when I can spare the time.

  Who's Who in OuterWorlds.  Doesn't seem to be much interest in this, but I'll keep it up hoping others will want to be a part of it.


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  Pictures pages:

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #1.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #2.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #3.  Pictures taken in the ActiveWorlds 3D chat program.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #4.  Back to the real world.  Includes Halloween pictures, party pictures, more pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois including events, people, theaters, et cetera.

  CyberWoLfman's Pix #5.


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