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  December 15th, 2005:  Crow has returned to OuterWorlds!

  Crow (citnumber: 5029), the former DJ on WVRR, has returned to OuterWorlds as he re-newed his citizenship while talking with me in my world ThisIsIt.  He says that during the upgrade two years ago, his computer stopped working, but he's got a new one, now.

  When Crow got his citizenship renewed and logged back into OuterWorlds and into ThisIsIt, he said he had a permanent grin on his face.  :-D

  Welcome back, Crow!

  Oh, and for those who don't know, yet; the top trivia scorer in ThisIsIt for the month of December will win $40 (US)!  Even though you'll get it after the holiday season is over (probably the first week of January), you may need it about then, if you spent too much on presents.  ;-)

  So, come in to ThisIsIt, play some trivia, and win some money!  :-)

  For the readers of this page, I'll give you a little hint which may help you win: there's less than 700 questions in Triviabot, so the more games you play, the more likely you'll get a question that you had before.  So, all you have to do is to learn the answers and since Triviabot gives them out if nobody answers correctly anyway... Hee hee hee

  We'll try to keep the world running 24 hours a day, but it may go off-line once in a while, as our ISP doesn't provide the 'always on' connection they claim to.  Trivia scores will be updated as often as time allows and you can check the Trivia Room for the most recent updated scores.

  Until next time, happy holidays!  :-)

  May 22nd, 2005:  OuterWorlds Town Meeting in OWEvents world.

  This evening, the meeting started shortly after 5:00 p.m. VRT, but this time, there was a change.  Well, actually, two changes.  The first change was that they let tourists into it.  The second was that they didn't do it in the opera house.

  I asked something that many people in OW are probably wondering about: The outages for the OuterWorlds program:

CyberWoLfman:  First and foremost, I would like to commend OW for allowing tourists into this meeting. Frankly it surprised me, but I am glad it happened. Second, I would like to ask as to the remaining duration of the outages we've been having, if they're known,
CyberWoLfman: or perhaps if an estimate can be given until the universe returns to a sembalence of normal working order. Or whatever the heck normalacy is... ;-)

  The answer:

Likeness:  We have been undergoing some upgrades. We apoligize for the outages. There could be some more outages until all the upgrades are done. Please bear with us and we apoligize for the inconvenience.
Likeness:  Our universe is pretty predictable for the most part. But we will have times when upgrades and advances will need to be made.

  Translation: They don't know, either.

  Strangely enough, the OuterWorlds universe server stopped working shortly after I asked that question.  Just one of those odd coincidences that keep happening in my life...

  After the outage, the meeting continued again, after other people started returning.  Because I was one of the few who didn't leave, I have the full log of the meeting.

  Note that the following are full and complete logs and un-censored but for telegrams, join requests, and whispers.

  Permission is definitely not given to re-distribute these files, as that could lead to people making alterations to them and editing out parts they don't want the public to know.  This way, people can be assured they can read the full and complete minutes of the meeting without censorship.

  If you would like somebody to read these files, please direct them to this page.

  Here is the full text of the OuterWorlds Town Meeting on May 22nd, 2005 in .txt format.

  And this is the full text of the OuterWorlds Town meeting on May 22nd, 2005 in .rtf format.  To read it as it's meant to be read, save it to your own hard drive and open it with WordPad or another program that will correctly interpret the file.

  You're welcome.  :-)

  May 20th, 2005 (evening):  OuterWorlds is finally working again.

  Got back from my bicycle ride, sat down in front of the computer, tried the world server, and... it's working, again!

  So, if anybody's waiting for the 'all-clear' to get yourself and/or your world back in here, again, now is the time.  :-)

  Oh!  And come into ThisIsIt and play some trivia!  We still have lots of empty spaces left in the Trivia Room for signs to put your name and score up!  :-)

  May 20th, 2005:  OuterWorlds is down.

  The OuterWorlds universe server is not allowing people to connect to it, or world servers, even the private ones.  If you try to start up your world server, you will see it telling you "Unable to send server start.  Retrying..."  The message just keeps repeating over and over again every 30 seconds.

  So, until they get it fixed, OuterWorlds is dead.  :-(

  Even though OuterWorlds won't tell you about this on their main page, I will, here.  But, I'm the guy that tells you things the businesses won't.  ;-)

  How long will it last?  That's anybody's guess.  But, since OuterWorlds has to wait for the ActiveWorlds company to fix the problem, that could take a while.  These guys aren't exactly swift and reliable, or at least that's been my experience with them in the past.

  I'll come back later and try to get my world ThisIsIt up and running, again.  But, until then, I'm going to get some exercise in, and enjoy the nice weather, with a nice long bicycle ride.  Anybody want to join me?  ;-)

  April 24th, 2005:  OuterWorlds Town Meeting with log.

  Much of this meeting was concerned with getting paying customers, the citizens, to advertise for OuterWorlds, and it was closed to those who weren't citizens.  :-(

  But, never fear, CyberWoLfman is here to tell you what's going on behind closed doors!  LOL

  Note that the following are full and complete logs and un-censored but for telegrams, join requests, and whispers.

  Permission is definitely not given to re-distribute these files, as that could lead to people making alterations to them and editing out parts they don't want the public to know.  This way, people can be assured they can read the full and complete minutes of the meeting without censorship.

  If you would like somebody to read these files, please direct them to this page.

  Here is the full text of the OuterWorlds Town Meeting on April 24th, 2005 in .txt format.

  And this is the full text of the OuterWorlds Town meeting on April 24th, 2005 in .rtf format.  To read it as it's meant to be read, save it to your own hard drive and open it with WordPad or another program that will correctly interpret the file.

  Although the files that I give out are virus-free, I advise you to always scan files that you download from the Web with an up to date anti-virus program, even if they're from a trusted site.  Yes, even mine.  That way, it becomes a fixed routine, and you get a lot fewer nasty surprises.  :-)

  Shortly after the meeting, when I posted a link to this page into chats, I got what I thought of as snotty comments like the following:

ow prefers that their official log is used

  Then discovered that there was another secret meeting going on that was closed to the public.

  For those who are un-aware of it, a tyrant's favorite way to control how people think is to control what they know, and what information they have access to in their domain.  Take for example that above comment by somebody who was in bold during the OW Town Meeting.  Everything was okay with them regarding advertising for things like ebay and others, but when somebody offers complete logs of meetings that take place behind closed doors that haven't been edited or approved of by OW, they get upset.

"Believe this: They did not want you to get this information!"

  I had these files up on this page within an hour after the meeting, and didn't have time to do anything but remove whispers, telegrams, and join requests from my logs, so they're okay.  But what about others who create logs that took more time than I did?

  Makes you wonder what OuterWorlds is trying to hide, doesn't it?

"I can hear the sound of falling masonry
As they try to plug that leak.
I am tempted by their cloak of secrecy
To find out what their games are about.
Ask a question and they'll talk of secret services,
secrets from the people they should serve."
"Truth will not be seen nor heard."
"Secrecy suggests deception."
"It's a crime to be outspoken."

  For those who don't believe that some of the people who run OuterWorlds may be snotty, haughty, pompous, or snobby, imagine if you will, a place where you can find the most snobbish people in the world, that is designed to look like an elaborate palace, giving off a sense of riches and elegance.

  That's right, an opera house!  LOL

  So, if the people running OuterWorlds were indeed snobby, they would choose to have Town Meetings in a place that looks like an opera house, wouldn't they?

  Well, that's exactly what they did:

OuterWorlds Town Meeting picture

  They even had a big sign saying people weren't allowed in the band pit in front of the stage.  They seemed to want to keep distance between themselves and their customers.  The sign also said they weren't allowed on stage.  Guess they didn't want anybody to appear to be equal to them.  :-P

  Now, if they were trying for a nice warm friendly gathering and wished to invoke feelings of community and all that, don't you think they'd choose a more comfortable setting?  While I'd like to see the meeting in a forest clearing, surrounded by trees, I realize that these are humans, so, they'd probably opt for a small park with a stage about three feet off the ground.

  April 8th, 2005:

  OuterWorlds full telegram (error 450) problem.

  Most of you should know about this problem by now, but just in case you don't, I'm telling you about it now.  Thought everybody already knew about it, and its cause, but guess not.

  The picture below shows you what happens when you send a telegram that is too full.  OuterWorlds tells you in the telegram box "Unable to send telegram (reason 450)" but doesn't tell you what you can do about it.

  But, I will.  Nice guy that I am, and everything.  ;-)

Error 450 picture

  It's not really difficult.  You just back-space one character out and re-send it.  Test this for yourself, if you like.  It works.

  You'll have to send another telegram with the rest of what you wanted to say in it, or edit the one you're sending, but at least you'll be able to send large telegrams.

  You're welcome.  :-)

  Maybe someday, the person who coded the program will fix it so that it'll stop letting you type stuff in the telegram one character sooner so we won't have this problem anymore.  Worked fine, before.  But, of course, somebody had to 'tinker' with it, that didn't know what they were doing, or didn't make a back-up of the original, just in case they screwed up.

  This is why paranoid people always make the best coders.  They make back-ups for the back-ups.  ;-)

  March 26th, 2005:  Thought I'd comment a little on the OuterWorlds Town Hall meeting they had on March 20th, 2005.

  In the meeting, there was some very interesting comments made by Likeness (citnumber: 9), the president of OuterWorlds, Inc.

  I'll happily share this with you:

Likeness: If there is anything wrong.........then a solution should be worked out.

  This is, as somebody pointed out to me, nothing more than PR BS.  Many people have told OuterWorlds Inc what's wrong, and they will do absolutely nothing about it.  Maybe their memory is really, really bad, though...  But, when I tried to point out some of the things that are wrong in the last meeting I attended, I was told, and I quote:

"YOu need to accept this and get over it."
"and it will be the same if it happens again."
"I do not want to hear another word about that incident."

  All from Likeness, herself.  Yet she claims that if anything's wrong, a solution will be worked out, and we are constantly being told to give our suggestions to OuterWorlds.  Well, we did, but you told us to shut up and accept it.

  Don't hold your breath on that.  I'm one of those odd people who fight injustice and un-fairness, and keeps on fighting.  Ask ActiveWorlds.  I've been complaining about them being involved with slavery, gor, and serial killers for years, and I'm never going to stop because it's wrong!  You think I'm going to give up on something within only a few months?  LOL  Dream on!

  There were some other interesting comments in that meeting.  Here's some more:

"and you wonder why the people stop coming in when you treat them like dirt?"

  Another good one:

pianodavy: I have noticed a pattern here
pianodavy: I hope I can say this without people taking a defensive posture
pianodavy: In fact that is what I notice
pianodavy: How can people give constructive critism if they get criticized dearly for it
pianodavy: we all need to be heard here and there
pianodavy: just because something might not be going quite right
pianodavy: doesn't men that we have to lose our manners to solve these problems
pianodavy: we all make mistakes
pianodavy: and looking at better ways of doing things shouldn't provoke us into believing that there is no other way than our own
pianodavy: especially to the point of getting mean

  There were other interesting remarks, but I'll leave it at that, for now.

  All these people trying to tell OuterWorlds, Inc what's wrong, and yet they still don't listen.  And yet they wonder why people get fed up and leave?  Buy a clue, already!

  We've been telling you what the problems are, OuterWorlds, Inc, but you just don't listen!!

You still won't hear
You still won't hear
You still won't hear
You still won't hear
You still won't hear
You still won't hear"

  January 16th, 2005:  Tonight, we had another OuterWorlds Township meeting.

  In it, I asked Likeee publicly if OuterWorlds would start having a more fair way of dealing with people who attacked others in the games, by only ejecting them and not both the attacker and their victims.

  This is what I said "It is like a real world police officer shooting both people in the real world.  If maintaining order is the goal, simply ejecting the attacker would suffice, I would think, and would not make the game host look like a trigger-happy cop who only cares about maintaining a quiet street scene, and has nary a care about shooting both victims and attackers to acheive this goal."

  Their response and a little more from that:

Likeee: Danii was following the rules.  YOu need to accept this and get over it.
CyberWoLfman: Both attacker and victim. :-(
Likeee: Yes sir, both.
Likeee: and it will be the same if it happens again.
CyberWoLfman: "Just following orders." Think I heard this defense at Nuremberg... But okay. *Done*
Likeee: I do not want to hear another word about that incident.

  *Sighs*  So, not only are the policies of OuterWorlds un-fair, they now wish to censor anybody daring to complain about the un-fairness of their policies.  Is asking people to be fair wrong?  It would seem so in OuterWorlds.  :-(  And that, readers, is the official word on the subject, straight from the OuterWorlds main people, themselves!

  Somebody asked me why I wouldn't drop this.  Read my pages.  I have things in there from other 3D Chat Programs that happened years ago that were un-fair, and until things change and injustice is stopped, I will never drop it!  I don't care if it takes decades or centuries!  If something is wrong, I am not going to just give up and forget about it!

  Here is the full text of the OuterWorlds Township meeting on January 16th, 2005.

  December 4th, 2004:  As many of you know, already, there's been problems in the games and elsewhere around OuterWorlds with a tourist from the UK (specifically and the IP address usually starts off with 82.33) who uses the name "Imp".  Or, as some of us are calling him, terrorist Imp.  Because of him and another person in OuterWorlds, I've had to start up a Persona Non Grata page for the OuterWorlds program to show people who may be curious why they were being ejected from my world.  Terrorist Imp has given people death threats and has verbally attacked people in the OuterWorlds games and elsewhere in the OuterWorlds program, and game hosts are ejecting both him and his victims.  Which, would be like a cop shooting both a rapist and his victim, just to have peace and quiet on the street.

  So, I wrote to OuterWorlds to complain about the un-fairness of this.  Here are my suggestions for fairness and to stop injustice:

  1st:  Tell the others in the game that if they don't want to be bothered by other people's chat, they should mute the individuals in question.  Which, is what I thought they were supposed to do, and is what even the Greeters are told to tell people.

  2nd:  Ask the person that's doing the attacking of others to stop.  If this doesn't work, then they should go on to number 3.

  3rd:  Eject the antagonist.  Not their victims.  Ascertaining who is the antagonist is as simple as seeing who is insulting and accusing somebody of doing ridiculous things, like the "cyber attacks" I was accused of by "Imp".  And, before somebody starts saying that they can't pay attention to that, then what weight does the statement have that they were being distracted by the comments if they're not paying attention to them?  It sounds more like the lop-sided reasoning of a hypocrite, to me.

  As I have said before, ejecting both the attacker and the victim is like a cop shooting both a rapist and his victim.  Same principle.  If these are the kind of principles OuterWorlds follows, then well, that's just messed up!

  While I think that these suggestions are both fair and just, I get the impression that OuterWorlds doesn't.  Or, at least that's the impression I received from the e-mail one of them sent me...

  So, I have changed parts of the recommendations I made in the OuterWorlds Review I wrote, and I am no longer telling people about the official OuterWorlds games.  I am not going to be a party to such mistreatment of victims of emotional abuse or threats.

  In the e-mail, I was also told that they can't control the actions of people in here.  But, if that's the case, then why are they ejecting people if not to try to control them?

  Additionally, they said that that I wouldn't like it if they told me what I could say and who I could say it to.  Yet, that's exactly what they're doing, not only in chats, but Greeters, too, are told to give out the URL to the official OuterWorlds pages before their own pages, even though my OuterWorlds Basics page is more user-friendly than theirs, which also gives answers to the questions that new users ask in the order they usually ask them.  They can't even use the Ctrl + F function of their Web browsers to search the official OW help pages, because they're a frameset.  The search would only search one short page.  My first goal in helping people is helping them.  I'm funny that way.  If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't make so many help pages.

  The person who wrote to me seemed to approve of freedom of speech.  So do I, up to a point.  Heck, I'm the guy with a huge Statue of Liberty, a sign saying "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc" and a picture I took of the American flag backdropped by blue sky and clouds on the biggest picture object I could find, all in my world's Ground Zero, as well as signs in the Knowledge Infusion / Enhancement Matrix that have links on them to liberty resources as well as the World's Smallest Political Quiz.  I dare you to find a world that is more focused upon liberty and freedom than This Is It!  But, I do draw the line at some things like death threats, snobbery, intolerance over things the person has no control over, as well as people hurting and killing people.

  *Sighs*  Why do I bother?  It seems nobody cares about fairness and justice.  :-(  Fine.  I just hope that they never complain about something being un-fair...


  October 26th, 2004:    During the OuterWorlds trivia game, tonight, somebody started verbally attacking me.  This person goes by the name "Imp".  Since the game host, Danii (citnumber 944) didn't eject them for this kind of thing, instead joking with them about it, I felt I had to defend myself against their verbal attacks and lies.  Danii apparently didn't like that and ejected me, but ejected "Imp" as well.  When I asked her whether it was OuterWorlds' policy to punish those who defend themselves against terrorism, she said that they have to eject both the attacker as well as those they attack who are daring to defend themselves.  Be warned, everybody!  OuterWorlds does not approve of people defending themselves against terrorists and will punish you for it!  :-(

  I'm going to contact OuterWorlds about this un-fair policy and see if they'll see reason.  It's my hope that they won't want the world to see them this way, but, we'll see...


  October 27th, 2003:  There was a test for the upcoming OuterWorlds paintball-like game in OWKamp.  This is a project that the Entertainment Team is hard at work on.  After I had put in a couple of e-mails about it on October 1st and 12th of 2003, others followed, and now, the game is in its testing stage.  But instead of shooting paint at each other, we squirted chocolate!  LOL  Maybe we can use whipped cream grenades, too?  ;-)  I've e-mailed that suggestion in, but it may be too strange for them.  We'll see.  But who will clean up the mess?  Hee hee hee

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