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  This should be fun for just about everyone.  As long as your Web browser uses JavaScript (most do anyway) and you have it turned on, you can play this.  :-)
  I'd like to be able to do something like this with CGI scripting, but I haven't learned how yet.  I'd like to have a trivia game that'll let me have over 10,000 questions to choose from (that I can also edit later in case I wanna add more questions to it) that'll randomly select 10 of them to give out in a form like this and will display the top 100 scorers for the last 30 days.  :-)

  This one's just a bunch of stuff all thrown in together.  BTW, it uses javascript, so if you can't get it to work, you'll probably have to turn your javascript on for your Web browser and reload the page.


1. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything according to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
You're asking ME?!
Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll, dude!

2. What is the jaw pressure of a wolf?
1500 pounds per square inch.
2000 pounds per square inch.
1200 pounds per square inch.

3. What is a wolf's auditory range?
50,000 cycles.
100,000 cycles.
200,000 cycles.

4. What is a wolf's visual acuity?
Three looks away.
They can't see me, I have my cloak of invisibility on.
Twenty over one at point five lumens starlight.

5. What is the name of the Earth's sun?
It doesn't have one. It's just 'The Sun'.
That big, icky, bright, round thing that hurts my eyes.

6. What color is the Earth's sun?
Gee, let me look at it for a few hours and I'll let you know. Oh, crap, I've gone blind!

7. How many light-years from the galactic core is the Earth's sun?
The odometer is broke on my space ship, so I don't know.

8. How many years does it take for the Earth's solar system to make a complete orbit around the galactic core?
It can't be measured accurately because the galaxy changes too much.

9. How fast does this galaxy travel through this universe?
3,229,487 miles per hour.
1,350,000 miles per hour.
Does it matter?

10. This solar system's speed around this galaxy's centre
Mommy, can I get off this ride? I'm getting REALLY dizzy and I wanna upchuck!
612,000 miles per hour.
617,000 miles per hour.

11. What is the Earth's speed around its primary?
69,690 miles per hour.
67,000 miles per hour.
66,600 miles per hour.

12. The speed of this solar system through its galaxy.
43,200 miles per hour.
51,948 miles per hour.
53,400 miles per hour.

13. What is the Earth's spin at its equator?
2,095 miles per hour.
3,411 miles per hour.
1,035 miles per hour.

14. What is a slang term for warn?
I'm feeling a little disgruntled (you know, like a postal worker).

15. How free are the citizens of the United States?
Everybody knows that there's no real freedom in America.
They're free to do anything as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, limits anyone else's liberty and doesn't damage property.
Not very.

16. How many years in prison did Richard Nixon have to serve for Watergate?
None. He was given a pardon by Ford. Everybody knows that those with money and power (especially presidents) always get off.
Life imprisonment with no parole.

17. Will this test ever end?
Only if I close this window.
Sure, nothing lasts forever.
In just a few more questions.

18. In a wolf pack, who leads?
Omega wolves.
Alpha wolves.
The wolf with the biggest bank account.

19. Besides using a radio and sign language, how can you talk to someone else in space if you both were in space suits?
It can't be done.
Cut off their air hose and shout into it.
Lay your helmet beside theirs and talk.

20. Who wrote the book Escape Velocity?
Christopher Stasheff.
Mike Myers.
Grok Wolf.

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