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Real ID Chip Implants and RFID

  Real ID chip implants have been around for several years, in one form or another.  In the earlier stages of their development, they were used to identify stray animals, and return them to their homes.  This was done by first implanting a small RFID type capsule that's not much bigger than a piece of rice under the skin of the pet in question, usually between the shoulder blades.  The vet or an animal control officer could then run a scanner over the animal in that area which used induction to trigger a release of the number on the 'tag'.

  But now, they have more highly developed systems, capable of not only identifying you by a serial number, but also determining your location within a few meters using GPS, knowing your body temperature, blood pressure, your body's chemistry, pulse, and other things.  The DoD alone has several satellites in orbit and by use of these as well as civilian satellites, in a manner not too far removed from old school triangulation, people can pretty much pinpoint where you are.

  In humans, they tend to implant a real ID chip containing an RFID or similar technology either in the middle of the back, or in the underside of an arm or leg.

  They're experimenting with real ID chip implants to use for access control at government and military installations, replacing the nearly ancient RFID embedded proximity cards like CAC cards.  But there's some competition with other devices that use biometrics such as facial recognition systems, retinal scanners, voice pattern identifiers, and fingerprint scanners.

  However, by using certain types of RFID chip implants, they can handle larger groups of people who enter a site at a low security level because they can be read from a distance as people approach a gate or door from either direction, and then use biometric readers as well as a number they enter on a keypad for areas that require a higher security level to access.

  In the movie Demolition Man, they had a type of ID chip implant, but it was not only used for identification purposes, and to track people, but also to give information about their current physical state.  However, the ID chip implants in the real world don't have a red pulsing light in them, so you don't know if you have one or not.  They also used other forms of biometrics in that movie, like the retinal scanner in the cryoprison, where they used cryogenic suspension AKA cryonics to freeze criminals, while still alive, into solid blocks of ice.  If you saw the movie, you'll probably remember the part where Simon Phoenix used the eye of the warden after Simon removed it from his head to make the system think that he was the warden.

  Okay, so I'm a guy who knows too much about bad things, and that knowledge has made me just a teeny tiny bit paranoid and un-trusting.  Heck, I learned about the spy cell system / terrorist cell system when I was a little kid from a sci-fi book by Robert A. Heinlein!  LOL  I know what technology can do, and fear it being misused.  For instance, what could be considered a good thing to find the location of a kidnapped child could also be used by a serial killer wanting to find easy victims.  Many of them are more tech-savvy than you think.  Serial killers like the slavemaster have been using the Internet to find victims for years.

  Cell phones are also being used to track people.  In several cases, the people aren't told about it.  Some companies have given their employees phones but didn't tell them that they're set up for GPS, so their bosses can find out where they are at any time of the day or night.

  Teenagers are also being given these phones.  Some are told, some are not.  Some services give the parents emails when their children leave a certain location like a school or home and at what time.  Then the parents can learn their exact location within a few meters if they choose to.

  What's to keep somebody you know from sticking a GPS trackable cell phone or an RFID device in your car and using it to track you, then recovering it later (if it's a cell phone)?  Like a husband or a wife who suspects that their spouse is having an affair?  Or the parent of a kid who wants to know exactly where they are when they leave home?  RFID tags can even be hidden in your clothes by either sticking it in one of your pockets, or sewing it into your clothes because they can be as thin as a piece of paper.  RFID tags could also be concealed in a bracelet or necklace and given to you as a gift, but the person giving it to you may not tell you its true purpose.  There might not even be any laws forbidding that kind of thing in your area.

  Many of these personal location services to track people can be accessed by cell phones, giving the person who's curious about another person's whereabouts a map with the location displayed.  Very handy for serial killers to find victims such as you or other members of your family, since they can track you and you can't see them following you.

Cell phone tracking with GPS

  Because of certain laws passed, all cell phone companies had to make their phones traceable in the year 2005.  So now, you can be tracked down with your cell phone.

  If a cell phone isn't available, there's tracking devices that people can put into cars of their family members to tell them where they are, or send them alerts if they go outside of a certain area, or if they go faster than a certain speed.  But even if they don't get alerts, they can figure out how fast they're driving by seeing their location on a map, and noting how long it took them to get from point A to point B.

  How long do you think it'll be before the government and law enforcement agencies require such tracking devices to be installed on all cars so they can track your comings and goings, and keep a record of everywhere you've driven?  Wanna bet that the Department of Transportation doesn't already have plans for this kind of thing and would want them to be tamper proof, so that if you or somebody else tried to disable the tracking device in your car, your car would shut down?

  Or worse yet, they could require them in IDs, passports, driver's licenses, or want to implant them in you.  Here's a good question: How would you know if they already did it?  Think about that one for a while...

  Some of you know a few of my... skills.  Thankfully, nobody knows all of them, or they'd probably lock me up somewhere and give me fresh air on alternate leap days, and use me to think of ways somebody could do bad things, so they can plan counters for them.  A few of my skills I've picked up the basics for from some of my dads, and the rest on my own either by studying whatever I got curious about, or through different... jobs.

  The part I said about ID chip implants being used at military and government sites as a way to control access, or as some of us call it 'access control' for an initial identity check, with both a biometric scanner and PIN entered on a keypad for more secure areas should be obvious.  The people responsible for verifying who's who in a government building where there's not only employees coming in and out but also those like snack machine vendors who come in and fill up those machines, don't have time to check each and every person's face and ID against a list, although in a lot of civilian office buildings guards usually just wave people through unless they look suspicious.

  Many government, military and even civilian sites are starting to use real ID chips to identify people because some biometric scanners can be fooled.  Earlier biometric scanners only registered the shape of a face, and later ones compared that surface picture with heat patterns beneath it.  Since the biometric scanners aren't 100% reliable, the higher security areas sometimes require a PIN to be entered on a keypad.

  Then there's the IR (infrared), pressure, and motion sensors, as well as the standard CCDs and all that, too.  Hitting the colored security cameras with green lasers is fun, provided you don't mind a little extra excitement in your life when it's seen by somebody watching the monitors.  Yes, guys, that was me.  LOL  BTW, next time you check out something suspicious like that, don't open up secure areas in that section to look for the "escaped lunatic", as somebody may be closely following you...

Involuntary ID Chip Implants

  You may already have a real ID chip implanted in you.  This could've been done by injecting one of the small capsules with the ID chips in it with a type of syringe.  If they wanted to be sneaky, they could've done it at your local hospital or doctor's office.  After all, you probably identified yourself to them with your medical insurance card, Medicare card, and possibly even your Social Security number.  If you don't think that there's a database with information about you somewhere that can be brought up with just a search by your Social Security number, you're still living in the 19th century.

  One quick way to do it to you is to use that aforementioned syringe to stick the ID chip into you, and by doing it behind your back.  Or to be more exact, in your back.  Did a doctor, nurse, or intern say they found a zit in the middle of your back, and told you they were going to remove it, and did so either without telling you first, or by making it sound like a routine thing?  Never noticed then, that it was the only time that a medical person did something like that?  Now you've probably got an ID implant.

  How do you check to see if you have one for sure?  Well, that's going to be a little difficult.  Laws will be passed that will make it illegal to read RFID tags if you don't have a right to.  The government, being the benevolent entity that it is, who really cares about your privacy and would never do anything to violate it ( :-P ) decides who has that right.

  From what I hear, they're already using RFID implants on prisoners and babies.  Guess it's okay to do it to people if you don't give them any choice, or they can't take you to court...

  Because the chips only cost a few cents to make, implanting people with ID chips isn't very expensive and can be done by almost anybody.  Somebody can even come up to you on the street, grab your arm, and stick it in you in under a second, then run away.  They can then stalk you without the risk of being spotted by you because they know where you are at all times by seeing your exact location on their cell phone or other device.

  Bad news, people.  Once you've had a real ID chip implanted into you, it'll be in you for life, unless you know a doctor you can truly trust, and many won't perform an operation like that.  It's doubtful that it's covered by any medical plan, either, so even if they did, you'd be paying for it out of your own pocket.  But then you'd have to ask yourself if you can trust the same kind of people who put it in you to take it out of you.  If it becomes public knowledge that people have been implanted without their permission or knowledge, the manufactuer may create some kind of RFID blocker tags claiming that they render the original tag unreadable thus protecting your privacy.  But again, would you be able to trust a company that made this stuff in the first place?

  Sound too paranoid for you?  I take it you don't read much history, or have any imagination.

  The more technology that's created, the more chance of misuse, not to mention the loss of personal liberty and anonymity.  When they started the Social Security system in 1935, there were a lot of people concerned that the Social Security numbers would be used as a form of national ID.  People were assured that they would only be used by the Social Security Administration.  And now... not only do you have to give out your SSN to your bank, employers and credit card companies, but utility and phone companies are demanding you give it to them as a way to identify you.  Even certain stores, including several grocery stores, demand you give them your Social Security number before they give you a discount card.  Supposedly, there's a legal limit on who can ask you for your Social Security number, but laws aren't enforced, even ones against modern day slavery.  Check that page out to see for yourself.  People can even find out your Social Security number by looking at election registration records in many places.

  Btw, according to the 1974 Privacy Act here in the United States, it is unlawful for any local, state, or federal agency to deny someone "any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law" for refusing to disclose their Social Security numbers.  If they do request your number, they're required to tell you whether or not it is mandatory that you give them your number.  It is now supposedly required for things like tax purposes, registering a motor vehicle and getting a driver's license, but in the latter, most places don't require you to put it on your driver's license.  Otherwise, you'd be showing your Social Security number to all kinds of people, including the bouncer at the door of your local bar.

  The SSA (Social Security Agency) says that if a business or enterprise asks for your SSN, you can refuse to give it to them, but, it may mean they can deny you the service or product you were trying to get from them.  Utility companies and other services ask for your SSN, but they don't need it.  They can do a credit check or identify you by other means.  If somebody requests it, don't be afraid to ask them:

  Why do you need my Social Security Number?

  How will you use my Social Security Number?

  What happens if I refuse to give you my Social Security Number?

  What law, if any, requires that I give you my Social Security Number?

  Businesses should instead use things like a signature comparison system, a picture ID, a PIN, or even the account number, and other things, instead.  If they give you an account number, what the heck is the use of it for if not to identify you?

  People should listen to paranoids more often.  They're usually much better at predicting the future than those who believe that humans will value other people's privacy, life, or liberty more than they would money or information.  Information is one of the most valuable commodites.  It's bought and sold like any other product, and you have no control over who has it or what they can do with it.

  If you want predictions for the future, keep reading.  But, I warn you, my predictions are usually very accurate.

  In time, there will be devices set up to monitor people throughout a city, and if they're looking for a specific individual, they'll only have to ask the system to alert them when they're spotted by either a device that's set up to give casual scans of pedestrians or motorists, or people who use a real ID chip implant to prove their identity when they cash a check or something like that, and inform them of where they are.  This fear that people had about not being able to trade without something being on their forehead or hand may not be too far from the truth, but not everyone can have the same number, like the antichrist's / anti-christ's number of the beast (666), as it wouldn't be a unique identifier.

  People will complain that they're feeling de-humanized by things like RFID chips or tags, and some laws may be passed, if politicians care about people's privacy at all (I doubt it) but they'll not be good enough to keep businesses from using any technology they can use to track and monitor you as it pleases them.

  The scanning systems can be stationary, and either made obvious to make the local population feel more secure, and act as a deterrent for the criminal element, or they can be hidden so that people aren't aware of them or their real function.  Which will effectively remove any possibility of a public outcry over invading people's privacy.  Some may even be fake scanners like there are fake security cameras so people will try to avoid them if they wish to hide, while the real ones are situated nearby in an area those who are attempting to avoid detection are almost certain to pass through to get to a tourist attraction such as a landmark or amusement park or a popular business or hangout.

  You can even be scanned to learn who you are by those aforementioned satellites, or by a more localized mobile device.  Tiny spying devices that are smaller than a paper clip have been under development for years, and many of them can fly like little insects or bugs.  The robofly is one of the more well known.  The cost to mass-produce things like roboflies is only a few dollars each, and this will gradually become cheaper, until it's only a few cents.  Think how cheaply somebody can monitor you.  And with a fairly good camera and transmitter, they can do it from quite a ways up in the air.  If there's high winds, they can always anchor themselves to a building or a tree rather than waste power to keep the video stable.  If need be, they can even attach themselves to your car, or another car that's behind you, going in the same direction you are.

  People think they'll be able to spot things that are spying on them because they believe they'll be big enough to be used by human hands.  But, if it's a self-contained machine that can draw power from things like wind or the sun, and doesn't need big controls on it, it can even be as small as a nanometer.  And those things are being built, now.

  Advertisers may soon be using the ability to identify you and know your location to send you advertisements.  This could range from car dealerships and insurance companies to donut and coffee shops if you're in their area.  And, because a lot of people use credit cards to buy things, they could send you ads targeting your specific interests, because they know what you've bought in the past.  Teenagers may soon be getting short audio and/or video ads every time they get within a 1/4 mile of a music store.  Adult men may have to endure condom commercials whenever they get near a drug store.  Older people may get hit with messages to stock up on adult diapers.

  You don't think advertisers will make use of this ability to send you advertisements that you didn't ask for?  Look through your email or regular mail and after seeing all the spam / junk email / advertisements in it, ask yourself that question, again.

  This technology and much more that you don't suspect is possible is already thought up, invented, manufactured, tested, and in use today.  It wasn't so very long ago that the stuff that was written up in science fiction was considered to be nothing more than a whimsical flight of fancy, existing only within the author's mind, and the minds of her or his readers.  The ray gun was sci-fi, and everyone thought it could never become real.  Then the LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) was invented, used for the military and industry and now it's becoming a common school kid's toy.  They even have laser keychains, keychains with lasers on them.  LOL

  It seems the more I learn, the more 'paranoid' I become.  There's a lot of things they don't tell you about in school, too.  And not just repressed technology.  I've learned all kinds of things, even the origins of biological warfare.  Would you believe that the Mongols were responsible for the spread of the Black Death throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Africa?  They used catapults to hurl corpses of people killed by the plague into the city of Caffa, and those who fled the city spread it everywhere they went.  By 1348, it had spread from Mecca all the way up to Barcelona.

  All the technical stuff I know combined with my knowledge of history and my imagination, which was helped along considerably by reading literally thousands of sci-fi books, makes my mind visualize ways of doing bad things that I'm certain that the terrorist cells haven't thought of.  The reason I know this is because they haven't done any of them, yet.  And people wonder why I have nightmares...


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