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CyberWoLfman's Pix 3:  ActiveWorlds Pix

  Here's some of them, but more are being taken all the time!



  X-mas party in AlphaWorld in December of 1998.  Think it was put on by the PKs (Peacekeepers).  This is probably one of the first pictures I took in ActiveWorlds.  And yes, I still have the co-ords.  Want to go see it?  :-)

  Another picture of that party taken on December 19th, 1998.  Lady Selina seems to be having fun on the dance floor, and the tourist "PK Dangerfield" was doing one - liners in the background.  Faceache was also back there, but you can't see the avatar in this shot.

  Dinosaurs in the old AWGate before they re-did it climbing on top of each other.  An older pic taken back in early 1999, I think.  Looks like one of them on the bottom on the right hand side is trying to nibble on a tourist in one of those yellow cleansuits.  Or as many called them, 'bunnies'.  I wonder, did they taste like a lemon flavored pastry, and have cream filling?  Only the dinos knew for sure...  ;-)

  My bar in CVDS world.  One of my first builds.  Picture taken on February 17th, 1999.  The world is sometimes in the list, but not all the time.  When it was vandalized once by someone who thought it would be funny to put up black walls everywhere, I went out and deleted them.  Later, someone did some more vandalizing, and I think that along with AW's attitude to their customers made the owner decide not to renew the world.  Kind of hope it comes back someday, since it had one of my first builds in it in ActiveWorlds, but I'm sure they can find a much better company to do business with!

  AlphaWorld's GZ gets flooded on September 16th, 1999.

  Another picture of it.

  A green castle appears in AlphaWorld's GZ on November 28th, 1999.  Is this a shadow from AlphaWorld's past?  Maybe something called the Oz Project?  Who knows?  We're only lowly citizens and we're not told anything.

  Close up picture of one of the avs in the Av Awards 2000 thing.

  A pretty cave in the world Implode.  5S 1W if you're interested in seeing it for yourself.

  A fountain of blood in some world.  Took the picture back in April of 2000.

  Peacekeeper 67 seems to have the 'how to be in 2 places at once' problem covered.  He got cloned!  Guess this isn't exactly in violation of the moratorium against human cloning since it's only an avatar..

  AW Bingo game card.  1 to go, 4 different ways, and the silly BingoBot still won't call the numbers I need!  LOL

  My fountain in AlphaWorld on  April 17th, 2000.  One of my better builds.  :-)

  My bookcases in the world ThisIsIt.  I couldn't stand looking at the fuzzy ones in AlphaWorld, so I made my own.  Combining my photography skills with my AW ones.  What have I done since?  Some of you know...  Heh, heh.  December 25th, 2000.

  Me as one of the Shadows from the sci-fi series Babylon5.  February 19th, 2001.  Get down with your bad self!  Mu - ha - ha - ha - ha - ha!

  When the world list crashes in the ActiveWorlds browser, it doesn't fool around!

  AWBingo2 on March 15th, 2001.  I always did like sunsets.  :-)

  Clones in AlphaWorld's GZ.  This was one of those times I got lucky and saw this happen in front of me, so I snapped a picture of it.  They say that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery...  Taken in AlphaWorld's GZ on May 21st, 2001.

  Bright Eyes falls down, goes boom!  Almost looks like one of those scenes in a movie, where there's a body on the floor, and everyone's standing around staring at each other.

  The world Rick's on June 7th, 2001.  Think it's based on the old movie 'Casablanca'.  It's all black and white.

  The world VanGogh on June 7th, 2001.  Sort of like moving around in one of his old paintings.  Mad / bad / sad Vincent probably would've got a kick out of it.

  The world Nettaxi on June 8th, 2001.  Kind of like the movie The 5th Element or Blade Runner (but with more color).

  The world ToonLand on June 8th, 2001.

  Cyawards world was opened up temporarily on June 15th, 2001, so I went and took a picture of it.

  Abandoned signs in AWGate.  Did someone just forget they were here?  Picture shot on June 17th, 2001 at 15S 28W.

  An example of cache corruption when the textures don't show up right.  This is when you should log off, delete your cache folder and come back on.  Taken on July 14th, 2001.

  Ezekiette talking to a kid in AlphaWorld's GZ on August 17th, 2001.

  A fairy in the world Imagine.  She's pretty!  :-)  I was hoping to buy a license to use this av in my world, but the guy wanted too much for it, so I have to do without.  *sniffle!*  August 31st, 2001.

  Glowing skeletons in the world ThisIsIt!

  wildman14187 at the 9-11-2001 memorial in the world ThisIsIt grieving over the loss of his aunt.  September 26th, 2001.

  He seemed to have gotten into a better mood though, because here he is as 'Mr. Hanky' on a toilet in the world ThisIsIt.  LOL

  ActiveWorlds version 3.2 seems to have been released just a little bit too early.  Took the picture in the world ThisIsIt on September 27th, 2001.  Think that this problem only happens for those with certain ATI cards in their computers, and it has something to do with the ground object.  Upgrading your video driver doesn't really help, despite what AW has said.  Sent them a couple of e-mails about this back in October of 2001 and even included a picture, but still no reply, and the problem hasn't been fixed yet.

  CybereLLa, a citizen in ActiveWorlds in her home, the world Cybers.  Picture taken October 16th, 2001.

  The Vidfeed Pavilion in the world ThisIsIt.  Live pictures from all around the world, and this is only part of it!  The ring goes all the way around!  :-)

  The Addams family house in the world GothLand during the Halloween party on October 27th, 2001.  When I entered the house, I could've sworn I felt an ice-cold hand lay on my shoulder from behind, and heard Morticia Addams whispering in my ear "Welcome, honored guest!"  The Addams family motto is: Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc!  (You can also find this written on a sign in my 3D world, This Is It.)  Not just pretty words.  <weg>  In english it means "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us."  ;-)

  The fortune teller, LadySPOOKtacular, in the world GothLand during the same party.  Gave a chillingly good tarot reading, too.  I got a kick out of the sign: "Fortunes told or taken WEG"  (Wide Evil Grin to those who don't sling the lingo.)

  Dancing skeletons in the world ThisIsIt on Halloween.  Here you can see them dancing under the light of the full moon.  What's the matter, you've never danced under a full moon before?  Then maybe you've never truly been alive?  After I took the picture, I went ahead and howled at the full moon.  Just couldn't help myself.  ;-)

  The Japanese gardens in Pippinville created by Lady Pippin.  You can find them in AlphaWorld at 1979s 2552e.  Face North when you get there.

  ActiveWorlds' uniserver seems to have crashed at 4:35 (and 39 seconds) a.m. VRT, but ActiveWorlds (the business) seemed to be unaware of it, or they didn't feel like telling us what was going on, because the Network Status page said that "All servers are functioning normally."  November 9th, 2001.  I was informed by one of my friends that other universes like Dreamland Park and Outerworlds were also not working.  About 7 hours after AW crashed, they put this up on their Network Status page.  Since I was forced to wait for AW to get their act together, I figured I may as well have some fun and use the program without connecting to AW's servers (hit Skip the next time it takes too long to log in if you want to try it yourself), and alter AlphaWorld's GZ a little bit to better suit my tastes.  Here's what I did with the billboards.  If you want to know who or what that thing is in the last billboard picture to the right, don't ask.  You don't really wanna know...  Of course, the changes didn't last.  Once you move away from an area, they go away because they're not saved.  But it was fun.  Hee hee hee

  Unicorn Valley in the world Vision2.  This is a pretty world, yet takes a while to download even on a high speed connection, but if you have the time, it's worth a look.  :-)  The valley had butterflies, fish in the little pond and some beautiful purple trees.  After waiting for a minute or so to take it all in, I saw a unicorn peeking its head out and snapped a picture of it.  On the way to the valley, I came across this scene.  Wooden bridges to walk across, small ponds, and weeping willow trees.  Since I was already here, I thought I'd go ahead and look around some more.  Then I saw a pair of unicorns standing on a small ridge hanging over the water in another part of the world.  A dove was hovering over them in flight.  Pictures taken on November 11th, 2001.

  The Anti-PK Peacekeeper Sacrificial Grounds in WildAW.  This picture was taken in the world WildAW on November 12th, 2001.  I found the place in that world at the co-ordinates 9s 2w and faced south.  So, it would appear that the main PKs they want to burn at the stake are m0e and Seanchan.  They didn't say why, but I get the idea that they must have done something very terrible to make someone want to do that to them!

  They re-did AWGate on November 22nd, 2001.  Here's some pics for you:

  On the 'great wall' that looks a lot like the Great Wall of China.  I couldn't resist the temptation to skateboard on it.  Btw, if you want a nice hill go boarding down, you can find it at 14n 28e and face south.  If you're good at aiming your av between those little doorways in the watchtowers, you're going to have a nice ride, especially if you go fast by using the Ctrl key while using the direction arrow.

  The new floating Earth in the GZ in AWGate.  This was before they put up all those ads.  For those of you who missed the old AWGate, I have a picture of what it looked like before.  You can see it here.  Think I took that picture on March 15th, 2001.

  The new help area.  You have to click on each of the question marks to get info, but they're not all that informative.  Just gives the basics.  Gotta admit that I like the 'prism' there.

  Here's the mechanical floating eyeball in the building and entertainment teleport area.  Kind of turned my stomach when I first saw it, and the music didn't help, but it's sort of cool once you get used to it.  The eyeball, not the music.  ;-)

  The cylindrical clock in AWGate.  It shows the VRT on the slowly spinning numbers.  This picture shows a curious bird trying to get a close up look at the gears moving within the clock.  I was thinking of sticking around, but didn't want to see how things would turn out for the curious bird.  I had a bad feeling things were going to get a bit... messy.

  An old clock complete with roman numerals on the face.  This even makes ticking noises and 'bong' sounds when it hits the hour, and I think one 'bong' on the half hour.  You can sit and watch the hands move, too!  Timed this picture pretty good.  Got the US flag object there in the background just as it was forming up.  It is constantly moving around, and you've got to watch it to see the flag form once in a while.  Also, you can see the cute light on the far right hand side of the picture near the bottom corner.

  Solar system object complete with moving shadows underneath.  Thought this was kind of cool, even though it isn't very accurate.  If it was, it would show the eccentric orbit of Pluto passing in and out of Neptune's orbit, and not on the same level as the other planets.  And no, it's not timed right, either.  But this I can forgive since it's unlikely that users will want to stare at it to notice any movement.  While Mercury's sidereal period (the period of revolution of the planet around the sun with respect to the stars, sometimes called an 'orbit'), may be relatively short (88 days) compared to that of the other planets within the system and it may be possible to see some movement in it if it was timed correctly (and a user had a lot of patience), it's doubtful that someone would want to hang around to see movement in Pluto.  After all, it has one that's over 247 years.  ;-)  There's some nice detail on the planets, but they kind of left out something on this model.  The sun!  Guys, isn't there supposed to be something along the lines of a gravitational point source that the planets revolve around?  Heh, heh.

  X-mas in ActiveWorlds pictures.

  AlphaWorld's GZ on 12-12-2001 at 12:25 p.m. VRT.  Got the little wreaths on the billboards, the little sprite snowman and all that up.  This is the wide angle shot.

  Same place, same time, but close up on the tree.  Hi, Nickole!  :-)  She was the only one that was around that wanted to have her picture taken in front of the tree, so she gets her moment of fame.

  Continuing with the usual ActiveWorlds pictures...

  Starlancer (citnumber 346002) leaves a message stating his final thoughts on ActiveWorlds on January 18th, 2002 before his citizenship expires.  Didn't cuss or anything on the signs so hopefully they'll be here for a while.  At least he had a chance to say good-bye in a way.  The tourists certainly didn't!  :-(  You can find Starlancer's signs in AlphaWorld at the co-ords 2153N 296W and you have to face west.

  AWBingo av that said it 'took the red pill'.  Supposedly this is in reference to a part in the movie The Matrix where the guy could choose between taking a blue pill and going to sleep and waking up in his bed and deal with his life the way he was used to, or take the red pill and learn exactly how much of an illusion his life had been, or as another character in the movie said; "how deep the rabbit hole goes."  ;-)

  The Eiffel Tower built in AlphaWorld by blur.  A rather immense structure, and a lot in the cell space.  When asked, blur said that the Building Inspector likes him.  Said that "he did complain at first but i bribed him."  Kind of begs the question.  What, pray tell, do you bribe him with?  blur didn't give details on that part, though...  Ah, we all seem to have our little secrets, don't we?  For example; I wonder if ActiveWorlds Corporation figured out how the decaff got replaced with a nice strong espresso blend, yet?  Gee, are those claw marks on the ceiling?  ;-)  A little note on office security:  Color cameras give pretty pictures, but black and white cameras work better in almost total darkness, with just a little IR light.  Now if only we can convince you - know - who to keep their desk tidier...  Btw, nice toy.  hee hee hee  You can find blur's build at 19620N 23E and face North.  For the best view, you should turn your visibility up to around 100 or so.  If you're unsure if your system can handle it, go there after you've set it to 40, then gradually turn it up to the point you can handle.  Another interesting thing about this build is the date it was done.  Not only is it an older build, but the base itself was done on April 15th, 1998.  So, while many other people here in the US were tearing their hair out by the roots and running around in a mad frenzy trying to get their tax forms filled out and mailed on time, blur was enjoying himself and building this gigantic structure.  Wow!

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