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  These are pictures that I've taken myself.  Some of these are cool, some might seem a little weird to you, and some might even get you to smile.  Which is one of the main reasons for me putting them up here in the first place.  Enjoy!  :-)

  Please do not copy any of these pictures without my permission.  If you would like to copy one or some of them to use somewhere, please ask me first.  Depending on where you plan to use them (on a page of your own for example), I'll more than likely say yes anyway as long as you give me credit and a link back to my main page (this one's address might change).

  Also, they're best viewed with your computer set at 'true color' 24 bit, especially the sunset pictures, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them at 16 bit, too.  :-)

  Pictures marked with a (T) after them are pictures of mine that a nice lady in Florida scanned and cropped for me.  :-)  I haven't gotten her permission yet to say who she is, so I won't.

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  The first set.

  The second set.

  The third set.

  The fourth set.


  These are links to the pictures themselves.  They aren't as good as my later ones are, but you still might like them.

The first set of pictures


  How I shovel snow off of sidewalks.  If I gotta shovel snow off of sidewalks, I may as well have a little fun with it.  (T)

  Biplanes over downtown Bloomington.  No, I didn't believe it either.  Noisy little guys, too.

  This is what happens when I growl back at a tiger.   I don't think it was expecting that response.  I think I confused it.  ;-)

  Cop car gets hit at my favorite intersection at Center and Locust street.  This was shortly after they got the new cars too.  Heh, heh.  It's the corner where you'll find the central catholic high school in Bloomington Illinois.

  Here's some of the other pictures from the accident.


  #3.  Woman in car:  "Gee, did we hit something?"

  #4.  Driver's thoughts to himself:  "Maybe I can talk my way out of this."

  #5.  Officer to driver:  "You were very, very, bad!  Oh!  You have vanity plates!  I believe I can let you off easy then, sir.  Please hold out your hands."  Officer reaching into passenger side of cop car:  "Hey, look, the donuts are okay!  Woo-hoo!"

 #6.  Officer with shovel:  "Why do they expect me to do physical labor?  I'm a police officer.  If I get a callous out of this, I'm gonna sue that stinkin' tow truck driver!"

  #7.  Me to the tow truck driver:  "Hey, wait!  You can put the cop car in my back yard!  I can like seal it up and use it for an aquarium.  Maybe even get a plastic skeleton, put a cop uniform on it, glue both hands to the wheel, and make the skeleton look like it's screaming.  Hmm... maybe I can even power the dashboard lights and cherries from an extension cord out of my house.  Hey!  Where ya going?  C'mon, don't you have a sense of humor??"

  Stormy weather in downtown Bloomington.  I think this was right before all the tornado warnings went off.

  Stormy weather part 2.  Different storm.  But still cool looking.

  Stormy weather part 3.  Same storm as last pic but a different section of sky.

  Big truck versus little truck.  Guess who won?  This is a good example of how much difference there is in products that are made for commercial use and those made for consumers.  And yes, this was at Center and Locust in Bloomington Illinois again.  I wish someone would put a Web cam up there and maybe one in the old courthouse square.  Of course, that would make sense, and we all know humans don't like to do things that make sense, don't we?

  Picture #2 of the same accident.  Can you say crunch?

  Picture #3.

  I gotta admire this guy's way of expressing himself.  At least this person has some guts.  For those of you that wanna see it in person, it's over by Franklin park on Walnut street here in Bloomington Illinois, though at the moment, I think it's just laying on the ground over there.  (T)

  Cute little puddytat.  Why is it that whenever I party, the animals always show up?   ;-)  Don't worry, I don't eat cats.

  Foggy night and no traffic lights!  Nope, no accident happened.  A human that worked for the city came by and fixed it before the morning rush.  And no, I didn't sabotage the traffic control box!  How could you think that of this nice little lycanthrope?  This is on the corner of Center and Locust street.  What is it with this corner, anyway?

  The fountain in Withers park.  This is the side facing south.  Out of all the fountains I've ever seen in real life or in pictures, I like this one the best.  :-)

  Withers Park fountain, side facing west.

  Withers Park fountain, side facing east.

  Withers Park fountain, side facing north.

  A fire under the Center street bridge.  I think it was one of the buildings that're used for storage that caught on fire.  I didn't wanna get any closer because the smoke smelled terrible when the wind shifted.

  Fire engine draining it's hoses?  I dunno.  It was parked on Olive street by the McLean county sheriff's police station.  Ain't it a good thing I'm a nice guy and don't ever wanna play sniper?

  The plaque about Abraham Lincoln's 'Lost Speech'.  It's at the corner of East and Front streets.  If you're interested in reading a sci-fi book that has the event in it with a lot of the other stuff happening in Bloomington Illinois at that time (building Withers library, a visit to the police station, a description of the politics of the time, the Native Americans that were still living in the area, the streets in downtown Bloomington Illinois filled with peddlers, cooking tents, etc.), the book is called The Lincoln Hunters by Wilson Tucker (I think I read somewhere that he also worked for Illinois State University once).  It's probably out of print, but you might find a copy of it at your local library or get one through an inter library loan.

  Werewolf picture in a parking lot?  Kinda looks like one don't it?  He's facing sideways.  You can see the ears and nose.  His arms are crossed across his chest with one hand holding a dagger.  As far as I know, this was done entirely by accident (or a lot of them) on this post.  Unless someone got really bored?

  Ladies, here's your knight in shining armor!  Heh, heh.  Actually, he's one of the members of the local SCA that was putting on a show at Miller park on the 4th of July a few years back.  It was hot!  Hey, I was hot wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt.  This guy must've been cooking in that plate armor, chain mail, and padding!  Good thing he's used to heat.  He was employed at the fire department at the time this was taken.

  A nice pretty lady at the same place.  She was nice enough to pose for me.  No, I didn't get her name and phone number.  With my luck she was probably married anyway.  Besides, I don't think she'd be interested in rishatra.  ;-)  Oh, and thank you, Larry Niven, for using electronarcosis in a sci-fi book (A Gift From Earth).  I already knew about it, but it was fun to read.  If you're reading this, see my Repressed Technology page.  Hee hee hee

  Nice sunset picture.  Saw this when I was bicycling around way outside of town.  Shot it with an old 110 instead of the 35 mm.  Still nice colors in it though.  :-)

  Here's another nice sunset picture.  But this one was with the 35 mm.

  The anti-christ's trailer?  Any truckers out there wanna haul this somewhere?  I've heard that there's a town called Hell in Michigan.  Maybe you can take it there?  You could play "I'm on the Highway to Hell" (or is that "Highway to Hell"?  I dunno, I think it's an old song by ACDC) on your stereo and when the cop pulls you over for speeding imagine the look on his face when you tell him you're going to Hell.  ;-)  BTW, if you're gonna hire a security guard, make sure he has good night vision.  Some of these guys don't see very well at night and a few of them like to sleep in the guard houses.  I'm almost tempted to take a picture of some of them, but I've tried to resist that urge.

  Interesting place to put a hard hat.  You can barely see it in this picture (hey, I don't have a camera that can zoom, alright?) but it's right on top of the pole.  Why it's there, I have no idea but I figured I may as well take a picture of it.  It's on west Market street across from Medusa's here in Bloomington, Illinois.

  Here's what my homemade speakers looked like before I painted them.  I used 15" woofers and a couple of midranges I cannibalized from an old Soundesign stereo system that died on me.  Sometimes I like to sit on the front porch or the front yard if the weather's nice enough with my stereo and CD player, crank up the tunes and drink some cold ones for several hours while watching the humans go by.  I even have some interesting conversations with people that wander by like the homeless people (BTW, they're a great source of local datafeed.  They tend to see and hear things that most people don't).  Occasionally I invite a few people to party with me that wander by.  They usually don't stay long though.  I tend to crank up the tunes and most people don't share my tastes in music (mostly 80's rock and the occasional Alice Cooper song).  It's either that, or they get nervous when I start howling at the cop cars and ambulances (Lifeline is the loudest and really hurts my ears) after I've drank a few.  ;-)

  Here's where the Constitution trail ends at its Northernmost point.  I think it's right beside the Carlock grain elevator.  Don't quote me though.  I'm not a cartographer (map drawer).  I just know it's just a little further away from Bloomington Illinois than I was expecting.

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The second set of pictures

(Put up on Thor's day, April 30th, 1998 i.c.c.)

  The 100 block of west Jefferson street facing west watching the last few moments of light from a sunset that looked better through my eyes than it did to the camera.  But it's still not too bad a shot.  :-)

  Some illiterate humans.  I think this is why most street signs are in the form of symbols because a lot of drivers don't know how to read.  Three vehicles parked in a fire lane clearly marked by two signs.  There's even a car parked right between the signs.  To those who don't know, the store named Computer Renaissance is a used computer store.

  A side view of a very bright green colored 1960's cab at Wal-Mart's 'super store' in Normal, Illinois promoting Surge soda pop.  According to one of my Web page visitors, it's a Checker cab made sometime in the early to mid 1960's.  Thanks for the datafeed!  :-)

  Same car, but this picture's taken facing its left front fender.  I kinda like this shot better than the one above.  I'd bet this car would be fun to be driven around in on green beer day if the ad stuff on it was removed first.  ;-)  Nice way to go bar-hopping and you won't have to worry about getting a DUI!  :-)  Hmm... if you could get a taxi cab license for just one day, you could really make some money.

  Illinois Wesleyan University in front of the library.  I came by here earlier on my mountain bike and saw some people (mostly women) holding candles.  Some guy was making a speech saying something about 'taking back the night' while they faced him.  A few of them glanced back at me while I stood back behind them and watched but I wasn't offered a candle or invited to join whatever it was (*sniffle!*), so I split.  Probably snobs anyway.  I came back and found the candles burning on the little wall here.  It looked kinda cool so I snapped a pic of it.  :-)

  Bloomington Public Library located at 205 East Olive street here in Bloomington, Illinois.  Probably woulda looked better if the sunlight was on the lettering, but oh well.  Since this side of the building faces North, that's not going to happen.  The tree's kinda nice looking.

  Looking over the rooftops of downtown Bloomington Illinois on the 400 block of North Center street facing East.  I think the sky in this one is cool and these are my favorite kind of clouds (outside of thunderstorm clouds).  There's someone laying down on a rooftop in the middle of this picture, but it's not a pregnant woman.

  This is what everyone's basically calling 'the little Eiffel tower'.  It's in downtown Bloomington on the 500 block of north Center street.  After it was built a few years ago, drunks would try climbing it at night.  They'd get about half-way up, stop climbing and then start yelling.  The cops would circle around the tower trying to hide behind trees, bushes and the corners of buildings and tell the guy that it's okay to come down and they won't do anything to him if he does.  Of course when he got down, he found out they lied and knocked him down, slapped handcuffs on him and took him away.  The drunks were stupid.  Hey, I haven't trusted cops since I was a little kid!  But I've got my reasons...  :-(  The big white colored 12 story building behind it is a retirement home called Phoenix Towers (the person who named it obviously had some imagination).  The brick building you see peeking past the right of Phoenix Towers is part of the central catholic high school on the corner of Locust and Center street.  The same corner where the accidents above happened at.

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The third set of pictures

(Put up on Tiw's day, May 19th, 1998 i.c.c.)

  I got a lot more pictures from this roll, but I'm trying to be picky from now on and just put up some of the best ones.  Also, a few of the pictures I didn't want to put up like the ones that clearly showed the license plate of the victim's car in the accident.
  Bad accident picture #1.  This accident happened at Center and Locust like the ones mentioned before (I've gotta stop going down this street or someone might be taking pictures of me next!).  It was on Thor's day, April 23rd, 1998 i.c.c. and for the most part, these pictures aren't humorous.  This one showed a guy laying on the street with his back to me with a woman bending over him.  I kinda hope they do something to make this corner safer, but I don't see humans being that nice.  :-(

  Bad accident picture #2.  One of the Bloomington cops (officer Alcorn, I think) that arrives on the scene tries to figure out what's going on.

  Bad accident picture #3.  The guy that was laying down on the street is now strapped down on a board and the ambulance guys are hauling a woman away on a stretcher.  I think she was in the back seat of the car.

  Bad accident picture #4.  Cop bugging people for information about the accident.

  Bad accident picture #5.  Kind of a wider picture of the scene with the four ambulances in it.  Hey, I've actually got a picture of a cop on film doing something besides harassing, threatening, or hurting people!  He's directing traffic in the middle of the intersection.  I probably should've timed this shot better so I didn't end up with that pickup truck in it, but that's the way things go sometimes.

  Bad accident picture #6.  I was gonna call this one 'They're coming to take me away', but I decided against it.  There's three ambulances in this one but none of the accident victims.

  Bad accident picture #7.  I learned how to crop and cropped this one down so the license plate isn't showing and added this picture to the rest on Thor's day, July 30th, 1998 i.c.c.

  Bad accident picture #8.  Same thing as the last one.

  Bad accident picture #9.  Here's the other car.  I cut the license plate out of this picture.  Looks a little goofy that way, but it's the best picture of the other car involved in the accident and I thought I'd include it as well.

  Bad accident picture #10.  This one's got a better picture of the cop directing traffic in the intersection of Center and Locust streets.

  Women being drawn to a limo outside of a local bar.  Money is the modern aphrodisiac for most women.  It seems that money or what it buys is all some women want out of a man.  Not the kind of woman that I'm looking for (see my True Love page for details, if you're curious)  If that's all they want, they can marry a rich guy that's incapable of love and has no other ability but to buy her things and she can live a lonely, unhappy life.  Sorry ladies, but that's probably all you're going to get from that type of guy.  More than likely though, he probably won't even marry you but just use you for a short time (like one night, which is why they call them 1 night stands) and then discard you.  You wouldn't believe how I've heard most guys talk about 'their' women behind their backs!  :-(

  Being taken away.  Why do I get the feeling that there's some poor woman or guy in this building who just told someone they thought they could trust that they were feeling depressed and had thoughts of hurting themselves?  They were probably hoping that the person would try to reach out to them with compassion, love and understanding and convince them that the world isn't as full of cruel hurtful people as they think it is.  I already know what they're going to go through (see the Mental Illness page) for believing that humans care.  :-(

  Rhino's at closing time.  I turned the contrast up on this, but it still looks a little strange.

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The fourth set of pictures

(Put up on Thor's day, May 28th, 1998 i.c.c.)

  At least these aren't accident pictures.  :-)

  The new Bloomington police department (the side facing north).  Basically what I think of as stormtrooper HQ.

  Same place seen from the northeast corner.  It also has the entrance to the cop car parking garage.  I wonder if anyone's had the urge to throw a few grenades in there yet?

  Secret stormtrooper training at the old Livingston building in downtown Bloomington.  The guys inside all had on riot gear and had come walking up to the place wearing black T-shirts and camouflage pants.  What's that tell you?  Looks like the cops are preparing to make things worse for people.  :-(  Like we're not oppressed enough.  They've taken away most of our liberty already.  I get the feeling that they're going to do a lot worse soon.  :-(  I'm sorry, I can't help but feel sorry for all the people living in America today that are under the false belief that they're living in a free country.  It's actually closer to a police state.  You can't even bark back at a police dog that barked at you first without being threatened to be thrown in jail.  :-(  All those millions of men and women that died for our liberty and freedom died in vain!!  :-(  :-(  :-(

  A nice illusion painted on a wall on Front street here in Bloomington.  This guy must've been really bored and had way too much time on his hands.  I think it's at least 10 years old.  I figured I better take a picture of it now before the government starts painting over such things.  Not sure who the artist was or why he did it, but I think it's kinda cool.  :-)

  Closer look at the above illusion.  Shows more of the detail of the painting.

  Self-portrait of the artist?  I dunno.  Maybe it's how he saw himself as he was painting the above.  It's on the same wall but further down to the left.

  Sunset picture over a bunch of parked cars.

  Withers park.  Facing the south side of the fountain mentioned in the first set of pictures on this page.  I like the feel of this place.  I just wish it wasn't near State Farm and that bank you see behind it.  Not sure why some humans moved the picnic tables onto the brick sidewalk, but I could never understand them anyway.

  What it has written on the Withers Park fountain.  You can't see it very well in the above picture, but you can here.  Looks like this guy had a loving family at least.

  The American flag with a partly cloudy sky behind it.  It's the same picture I'm using on my Freedom page now.  I just wish that the flag meant as much as it was supposed to in the beginning.  :-(

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