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Almost all of these are pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois.


  Not sure of the exact dates a lot of these were taken, but I think that a few were from back in 1998.

  Just like on my other pictures pages, these are pictures that I've taken myself.  Some of these are cool, some might seem a little weird to you, and some might even get you to smile.  Which is one of the main reasons for me putting them up here in the first place.  Enjoy!   :-)

  Please do not copy any of these pictures without my permission.  If you would like to copy one or some of them to use somewhere, please ask me first.  Depending on where you plan to use them (on a page of your own for example), I'll more than likely say yes anyway as long as you give me credit and a link back to my main page (this one's address might change).


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  A guy dressed up as a werewolf in Rocky's (a bar in Normal, Illinois).  The ripped up shirt with the blood on it was a nice touch.

  Two ladies dressed up for Halloween.  Think this may've been in Lizard's Lounge.

  Here's a couple in Shannigan's (another bar in Normal, Illinois).  Seemed pretty cool.

  A family took their horses out for a ride.  This could be from mid - 1998.  Picture taken on west Monroe street in Bloomington, Illinois.

  Bloomington Police Department's Mobile Command Center.  This was taken at the 'National Night Out' thing at Miller Park on August 4th, 1998.  They usually hold them in August.  The picture isn't that great, I guess, because it was getting dark, but I just like this big van thing.  Hey guys, if you ever want to sell it (or give it away) and get a new one, let me know, okay?  ;-)

  Bloomington Police Department's DARE van.  A look into the interior.  You can see the nice comfy seats and the communications gear in the middle.

  The Civil War Memorial in Miller park.  This was during the same event, showing the approaching storm which caused them to pack up everything.

  The sign for the National Night Out in the tent.  Can't make out a lot on this, but I think it has a list of people and businesses that contributed to the thing.

  Everyone's starting to pack it in after it starts raining.  It wasn't really pouring down yet, but you can see that the road is wet.

  One of the guys who was in charge of the event.  I think his name was Rick Denzer.  Behind him, you can see the Civil Defense stuff.

  The McLean County ESDA guys.  Here they are in their big orange raincoats in front of their van.  If you look closely, you can see a small antenna tower laying sideways on top of it.  Eric is on the right with a hat on, and Jason is on the left with no hat on.  Don't think that Eric told me what he had in the glass.  ;-)

  A pretty green tree in Illinois Wesleyan's Quad.  Not as good a picture as it could've been, but I like the look of this one.  :-)

  Juju's (a bar in Bloomington Illinois) uses a huge spotlight to get attention for their grand opening back in 1998.  These things may've been used during air raids to search for enemy bombers.  All I know is, the thing was really bright.

  One of the rock bands that played at the local bars back in early 2000.  Couldn't remember the name of the band until 'Scott Mulligans' sent me an e and reminded me of who they were.  The name of the band is Master Fister.  Thanks, Scott!

  When just a pierced ear won't do.  Met this guy in the Super Wal-Mart store in Normal, Illinois, and he said I could take a pic and put it up, so here it is (finally).  Think he told me that he worked in a local tattoo parlor.  Picture was likely taken during the winter of 1999 - 2000.  And no, I can't tell you why a woman was coming out of the ladies room with a bicycle.  LOL

  Downtown Bloomington tower covered with ice.  Got quite a few good pics of this, but I like this picture because of the light effect on it.

  Nice sunset colors.  Caught this one a little late, but it still looks good.  Love the colors in it.  Think I took it in Illinois State University's parking lot by Milner Library.

  Halloween 2000!

  A couple of the employees at the Spencer's Gift store.  Btw, the one of the left is a guy, if you couldn't tell.  ;-)  Picture taken October 21st, 2000.

  The Normal Theater.  Oh, it's so pretty at night, all lit up!  Glad they restored the marquee.

  The Haunted Trail 2000.  Here's a shot of the entrance.  I think I took these pictures on October 21st, 2000.  Was told that employees of the city of Normal, Illinois were the ones in the costumes, but not sure if that was just those who were employed in the Parks and Recreation department, or if others, like those in the Normal Police Department were also involved.  Was trying to get the top of the gate with all the little tombstones on it into the picture.  Next time, I'll try for a shot of the crowd.  Or maybe see if I can get a bit creative and catch some on the trail at the moment they get scared when someone jumps out at them.  ;-)

  Here's a couple of the people on it.  One in an orange department of corrections thing, the other all in black.

  A witch the way that Hollywood likes to portray them.  This one had her face really whited up.

  Another guy in a DOC (department of corrections) thing, looking kind of like the crypt keeper.  Yeah, he probably thought he was scary with the nightstick.  *snickers*

  Body parts.  Only arms and legs.  No torsos or heads.  Maybe they were trying to make it look like someone had eaten most of the bodies but left the little pieces for later.

  Special effects department.  This was all in one spot.  A tiny fog machine was included.

  You call that a knife?  I saw this and I couldn't help but laugh.  Uh, I'm supposed to feel threatened and scared by someone with a four inch long blade?  LOL  I don't think so!  Gee, I wonder what they would think of my katana?  Hee hee hee

  Frankenstein's monster on a budget.  Yeah, this one is an obvious fake, but it may confuse a little kid.  Btw, for those who didn't pay attention, Frankenstein was the doctor (as in Victor von Frankenstein).  His creation didn't really have a name.  Although I am a bit curious as to how he solved the tissue rejection problem...

  Lunatic in a metal mask.  Think I liked the one on the Quiet Riot cover better, and maybe a strait jacket would've looked better than a flannel shirt?

  A mad scientist who really enjoys her work!  Hey, who says that mad scientists have to be guys?  Not me!  I really shouldn't have used the flash on this shot.  It was looking good with the black lights and all that in it.  This was one of the better parts of the haunted trail.

  Maybe a good jolt would help?  This woman didn't seem to want to be there.  Okay, she was sitting in an electric chair, but she seemed pretty cold emotionally.  I had given some thought of doing my good deed for the night and plug the thing in for her and switch it on to see if it would make her happy, but decided not to waste my time.  She probably would've gotten even more upset.

  A Jason wanna-be with a mini-chainsaw.  Kind of cool, I guess, but would've looked more real if the blood didn't have that pinkish look to it.

  So, what are you going to be for Halloween?  This was the selection of masks on the wall of Spencer's.

  Bar hopping people in costume.  Well, three of them, anyway.  Think this was just before the bars closed.  They looked like they had fun.

  Fall tree with a good range of colors in it.  Green, yellow, orange.  An added bonus was getting that tower in downtown Bloomington in the right of the picture.

  Party time!  CyberWoLfman's party pictures!

  Party girls on the stairway.  This is just one of the party pictures taken from one of the parties I go to or have.  Not going to put up the really wild ones.  LOL

  More of the same. And they wonder why we party at home so much.  Everyone usually has a good time, and we don't have bouncers or bartenders giving us hassles about howling or anything if we start enjoying ourselves.  :-)  In most of the bars in Bloomington-Normal Illinois, I've noticed that most people just sit around drinking staring at the walls or the TV sets.  *yawns*  Boring!

  Shake it, girl, shake it!  LOL  I was playing DJ during this one, and stopped for a minute to grab the camera and shoot a quick pic.  This was still pretty early in the party.  I can tell because there was still some room around people.  After a couple of hours, you had to push through the crowd to get to the restroom or to the keg.

  You really don't want to know what happened.  You're going to have to trust me on this one.  ;-)

  Three nuts in a tree.  Stepped outside for a few minutes to get a breath of fresh air and I saw these guys.  LOL

  Group shot.  These are the ones you have to keep your eyes on.  ;-)

  Three ladies in the kitchen.  The question on my mind is how the heck did someone spill something on the lady's shoulder to the left?

  Hugfest!  Can't you feel the love in the room?

  Hugfest 2!  Check the right side of the picture.  Someone's about to get a little cold beer down their back.

  Back to the regular pictures

  Franklin Park with some fall trees.  This is one of my favorite parks in Bloomington Illinois.  Only a block long on each side, bordered by Chestnut, Walnut, McLean, and Prairie streets, but it's still nice, and is Bloomington Illinois' first park.  It was originally Franklin Square, and named after Bloomington's mayor, Franklin Price. Judge David Davis, William Allin and William Flagg deeded it to the city of Bloomington, provided that the city maintained the grounds, ornament it, and never erect any permanent buildings there.  They stated that this 591 foot by 330 foot Franklin Square (later known as Franklin Park) be used "as a place of public resort, pastime and recreation, for citizens and strangers forever."  Unfortunately, for the first few decades of its existence, it wasn't kept up, and, during certain times of the year, you could lose your shoes by having them sucked down into the mud as you walked through Franklin Square through the over-grown weeds.  If you want to see historical houses in Bloomington, Illinois, this should be one of your first stops.  Some of the more famous people who lived in the area such as Adlai E. Stevenson I and Joseph "Private Joe" Fifer, who I believe was Illinois' 19th governor back in the very early 1890s.

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