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3D chat name:  ActiveWorlds / Active Worlds

Time of visit:

  Around 9:00 a.m. (central time zone in the US) Thursday, December 2nd, 2004.

Do you recommend this program to people?


Do they have voice chat?


Can the program be used for free?

  Yes, you can now use it as a tourist for free, but you are limited to only AWGate and whatever worlds have paid to allow tourist access to their worlds.  ActiveWorlds has said this price is $59.95 a year.  Tourists only get a choice of two avatars per world.

Cost per year for a full user if they sign up now:

  $6.95 US per month, which comes out to $83.40 US per year.  Ouch!

How many people in the program at the time of the visit?


Cost of a world:

  P-20: 15 Simultaneous users will cost $140 a year, plus a (one time fee) of a basic world license of $69.95 for a total start up cost of $209.95.  If you want to make it so that tourists can enter, it will cost you an additional $59.95 per year.  Cost if added to the above:  $269.90.

How many worlds are there or were seen in the world list at the time of the visit?

  1005.  It's important to note that some of the worlds are just worlds that the ActiveWorlds corporation stuck in the list that aren't being used like aw3d#0 to aw3d#9, which alone number 65 worlds.  This may be a rather transparent attempt to keep the number of worlds in the World List above 1000.

  Of that 1005, only 578 were public, and of them, only 49 had people in them.  The numbers are continuing to drop, even from just two years ago, despite the growing number of Internet users.  On July 21st, 2002, I observed 1171 worlds.  Of them, only 706 were public, and of them, only 57 had people in them.

Is there gor (people who are into slavery) stuff there?

  Yes.  :-(  Which is the main reason I don't recommend it.  On this latest visit, I counted 18 worlds that were obviously gor, from their names, alone, starting with "gor" this or that.

If you create your own avatar, can you use it in all the worlds?


Can you customize the avatars they provide to you for free and use them in all the worlds?


What about privacy?

  Your IP address is known to whoever is running the world in the program whether you're a tourist or a paying user (citizen), and anyone who has eject rights for that world.  If it's one of the main worlds, that's a rather long list, and I've found out that some of them aren't very nice.  :-(  If you're a citizen, you are given a citizen number.  This is your account.  You can change your name, but not this, unless you buy another one and anyone can see your citnumber just by right-clicking on your name in a chat or if you're in their contacts list.  Also, your contacts list is stored on AW's server now, so there's no telling how many people can find out who you have on your contacts list.

Can I get a tour of the program?

  There was an organization called AW Guides formed in 2002 (some time after I had started my 3D Chat Review with sections in it about tours of the individual programs, so they probably got the idea to start a tour group from reading it there!  LOL) that's supposed to give tours, but I am distrustful of the people I've had contact with in this organization.

Are they fair to everyone, or do they have double standards?

  No, I do not believe the ActiveWorlds Corporation / ActiveWorlds Corp / AWLD and those they've given power to in the program to be fair based upon my experiences with them, and I believe there are double standards.

Did you make a Web page for more information on the program?

  Yes.  I call it my ActiveWorlds Tips page.  But I don't add stuff to it very often, as I don't go into the program much, anymore.

What are the people like in this program?

  To be honest, worst than average, which is very bad.  There are very few nice people, and they are signifigantly out-numbered by people who get off on hurting other people's feelings, and of course, there is gor there.  :-(  If you can at all possibly avoid using this program, do so, and try something better!  If you know of anybody who's gotten suckered into using this program, give them the location of my 3D Chat page, and tell them there's much better programs out there to use, with nicer people in them, too!  :-)

Where's their official Web site?

  Because I consider this program a waste of time, I won't give it out.  Besides, since it has slavery and gor in it, giving out the link to their site would be a bad thing, especially for children.

Are there any specific places you would recommend people visit in this program?


Screenshots of the 3D chat program.

  If you're bored enough to want to see some, check out my ActiveWorlds pictures page.

Entertainment in this 3D chat program:

  The official games are mostly like bingo.  They hyped game worlds like AWQoP quite a while back, but never delivered.  But then, this is the company that can't reply to e-mails from world owners, so go figure.  :-P  If a company can't be bothered to reply to a paying customer's e-mails, then they're really not worth doing business with.

  Since there are gors here, there's probably slave whippings, brandings, and killings.  It's so common, they even have abbreviations for it in some worlds like KZ for kill zones.  I'm really hoping that more people complain to the FBI about them, as they're the ones who are officially supposed to do something about slavery, but most humans don't care about anybody but themselves, even the ones reading this.  99.999% of them will just keep scrolling down instead of trying to stop slavery and serial killers.  Must be that human kindness we've all heard so much about...

Additional comments, if any:

  At one time, this program totally removed all access to the program for free users with little or no warning given.  This alone speaks volumes about their treatment of their users.


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