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  ActiveWorlds Corporation aka Activeworlds Corp aka AWLD and how they treat their customers


  This page displays brief information in regards to experiences that I have had with the company Activeworlds Corp aka AWLD and those who work for them that were either paid employees or volunteers.  Please note that I am a customer who is not only a user who has paid money to them to use their chat program but at one time, I was also a world owner!  I have attempted to contact the company with letters, e-mails, and phone calls.  In the past I have also used my time to help and inform people who used the program.



Activeworlds Corp / AWLD complaints:



  Support:  Sent e-mails to AWLD / Activeworlds Corp from October 6th, 2001 on and even provided a url to a screen shot of what I was having problems with to help them determine the cause.  I was a paying customer asking for help.  Still waiting for a reply...

  If AWLD can keep their word:  A bot using the ppw of citnumber 1 (meaning it belonged to the program owner) said I had won two e-mail addresses during a bingo game on January 10th, 2002 yet I have only received confirmation of one of them that I was told I won on that date.  After providing chat text from when it happened to AWLD aka Activeworlds Corp and names of witnesses including one in bold text who was in charge of the game, they have yet to say that I have won the second e-mail address.  Still waiting to see if AWLD can keep their word.  Are they so cheap as to deny a simple e-mail address that can only be used (as far as I know) to have e-mails forwarded to you?

  How AWLD aka Activeworlds Corp process orders that they have received from their customers:  Paid them to 'tourist enable' the world I own (This Is It) in their chat program from the early part of February until May.  They received my payment, and it took them nearly two weeks to keep their end of the bargin, yet other worlds were suspiciously tourist enabled before mine, and e-mails to AWLD were ignored.

  AWLD's Fairness, or rather, the lack of it:  Those that they have given power to have used it to eject those who are only guilty of expressing their opinion (as far as I know it was, because of a screenshot I took and put on the Web that was taken when using the program along with some words to express how I felt and I didn't even use a single 'cuss' word in it!) and when we have tried to talk things out with the very same people who ejected us, we were threatened with lockdown (this is what they call it when they want to deprive you of using something you paid for and supposedly own like a citizenship), yet those that have done things like vandalizing the GZ of worlds like AWTeen have been given much more time to talk things out!  Have sent e-mails in an attempt to find out what the problem is since November 12th, 2001, but have yet to receive a reply.  Are they capable of admitting any wrongdoing or giving an apology?  Still waiting...

  Additional note on fairness:  People seem to be allowed to talk about adult worlds like the gor worlds that have slavery in them and even those who are given bold text tell people to try them in G rated areas and worlds, yet if I give out a url that merely has a link to a page that includes my opinion of the gor worlds including links for further reading to those who need proof, I am censored by the people that Activeworlds Corp aka AWLD gave power to.  Ah, the dictator's favorite weapon of choice:  censorship.  So, it's not bad enough that AWLD sells worlds to groups into modern-day slavery, but AWLD has to keep people in the program quiet about those worlds' real purpose, while at the same time, allowing people that they gave power to in the program to tell other users to try those self-same worlds.  I wonder, has anybody but myself bothered to complain to the FBI about AWLD allowing slavery within their program, yet?


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