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  This page was created on May 3rd, 2003.
  The AW Guides is an organization that sprung up several months after I put my 3D Chat Programs Review page on the Web, with the part about getting tours through the individual programs, so many people already know where they got the idea for starting this organization.  LOL  However, most don't know what the people are like in this program.  I'm here to give you the 411 on the AW Guides.

  Note that I did my best to contact the AW Guides with my concerns and work through things, but when they ignored my e-mails (last one sent to them on December 13th, 2002), I figured I may as well give the information to the public since they weren't interested in working things out.

  If verification is required for what I'm talking about on this page, please try the links.  Make certain you read this page and the linked pages through completely before e-mailing me.  I don't have time to waste on people that can't be bothered to read the information I spent years accumulating and reporting on.

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  The ActiveWorlds program (in the program itself, or on my pages, I tend to say AW instead of the full name) is infested with a group called the goreans or gors that are into modern-day slavery.  This group infiltrates the individual volunteer programs with members of their own group.  They have already infiltrated the Gatekeepers and the Peacekeepers.  The Gatekeepers aka GKs are a group that AWLD (the company that owns the AW program) allows to meet and teach new users the basics of the ActiveWorlds program.  The Peacekeepers aka PKs are a group that AWLD allows to police the users of the program throughout the AWLD owned worlds like AlphaWorld, Mars, Atlantis, Yellow, and COFMeta (based on the book 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson), to name a few.  While there are some people within each of these groups who seem to be doing it to help people, there are others within them that are either in it for the power trip, using the power and authority they have to rule like dictators and Nazi stormtroopers, or they are into modern-day slavery.  Why AWLD allows such people to be in control of children, I have no idea.

  But getting back to the AW Guides:

  In the e-mails I've exchanged with the people at the top of this organization, I have learned many things...

  For example, they insist that you tell them:

  Your real life name.

  Proof of age (like a driver's license).

  The name and contact information of a real life reference.

  When asked several different times if they encrypt all the personal information they ask of people and who they share it with, they avoided the question.

  Because there are many goreans in this chat program who are into slavery, several of them infiltrating other organizations, it's not difficult to understand why some of us don't want to give such information out.  And when they insist on gathering this real world information on people, it makes me suspect that they're likely just another front for the goreans in the AW program.  Ever wonder how hard it would be to get your real life address from somebody that you give out as a reference?  In most cases, not very hard at all.

  E-mails directed to those in the AW Guides like Xyzzz (citnumber: 274014) and SweetSuzie (citnumber: 293754) with questions that ask them to address our concerns have not been answered, yet they insist that people answer the questions which they ask.  Which sounds rather like interrogation to me, where the flow of information only goes in one direction.

  Then there's the interesting part of how they select worlds that they'll allow people to go through...

  Seems that the world I had in ActiveWorlds (called ThisIsIt, which I've since moved out of that hell) was not approved of by the aforementioned SweetSuzie because:

  There was a sign in the world with the total number of people ejected from the world that were not welcome in it, most of whom were the goreans, and I didn't want them in my world.  Others had done things like come into my world and started cussing out women.  Which is one of the fastest ways to tick me off;

  A statement I had made on my ActiveWorlds pages saying I had stopped referring people to AW.  The final straw came when they prohibited anyone from using the program that wasn't a paying user.  When ActiveWorlds got rid of all the tourists, it really upset me.  Which included most children and those who couldn't afford AWLD's citizenships of $83.40 US per year, and who could only meet the friends they had made worldwide in ActiveWorlds;

  A Persona non Grata page I had created with the list of the user names of people who weren't welcome in my world (most of them were goreans), created originally so they would know why they were ejected from the world and not left to wonder why feeling miserable and hurt, wondering what it was they could've done to deserve it.  The page also suggested that people could write to me if they felt that they were wronged, but few did;

  A sign that linked to a page that explains why I think that slavery is bad and shouldn't be allowed (if for no other reason than because it's illegal);

  Another sign with a link to another page that said why I think the PKs are unfair, and gave accurate information in the form of screenshots, their telegrams and whispers to me in the program.

  Here's a few samples of that last bit:

  Telegrams from and to the then head of the PKs (m0e) threatening to lockdown my citizenship (if you think you own something you pay for, you're wrong.  The real owner is the one who has ultimate control over it.  Don't get suckered!) when I asked about gors in the PKs.

  m0e again abusing his powers and acting like nothing less than a dictator.  Yelling at me about a picture I took of their PK HQ and put on my Website.  Because e-mails to AWLD had no effect and weren't answered, and e-mails I sent to the PKs had basically the same result, I resorted to using a picture to express my concerns about gors in the PKs.  Obviously, the first amendment to the Constitution which guarantees my right to freedom of speech means as little as the one that made slavery illegal.  Click here.  This was the start of the two week period where I was ejected from every AWLD owned world.  Click here for a bit more info on it, where they try to claim that they're going to convince me that they're not tyrants by acting like tyrants.  No, I didn't see the logic in that either.

  A PK accusing me of harassing another user because I built on an empty area of ground in AlphaWorld, but didn't seem at all concerned that there was a sign created by someone trying to harass me, placed right up against my build, and the sign had a link to an adult site on it.  Click here for full info, and here to see the picture of that sign.  You'll note that I'm more responsible than they were, because I blurred out the url so kids wouldn't try going to it.

  Kind of makes you go hmm... doesn't it?  It seems to me that all of these items are 'bad' in their eyes because they may possibly cut into the profits of AWLD (the company) because if people read such things that dare to tell the truth about AW, the slavery in AW, and the unfairness of the organizations that AWLD the company gives power to, it may make people want to use other chat programs.  It's either that, or perhaps the AW Guides organization may be infested and possibly controlled by the gors.  Heck, for all I know, it may be both!

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