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  Table of contents

  About this page.  Origin, disclaimer, how to use this information to keep your world safer, et cetera.

  Citnumbers and citnames explained.  Also includes tips on how to spot a gors AKA goreans.

  Citnumbers and citnames.  Some with details.

  Citnumbers in numerical order.

  Under probation.


  About this page

  May 1st, 2003:  Although this page was created to let citizens of ActiveWorlds know why they were ejected out of my world, This Is It (ThisIsIt), that I've since moved to one of the better 3D chat programs, I've decided to keep it on the Web because there is a growing number of private world owners who are putting the citnames on this list into their bot's 'eject on sight' list.

  This page contains a list of citizens of the ActiveWorlds universe that are on the 'eject on sight' list for several private worlds because they are not welcome.  Since the number of worlds that want to use this list increases all the time, I'm not about to try listing them here.  I just tell curious world owners where to get a bot that will eject people on sight by citnumbers and citnames (like the free Preston bot) and how to add them to the bot's 'eject on sight' list, and they seem happy knowing their worlds are a little safer.  :-)

  World owners:  In addition to having the bots eject on sight, you can also add someone to your world's ejections list manually so that they can't get in even if there are no bots there to eject them.  While you can get the official word on world ejections from ActiveWorlds' Web site, I'll tell you what seems to work best for me.  After a bot ejects someone for something and you want to make it permanent, you go to Options near the top of your window, then in the list that drops down, select World, then Ejections.  There you should see the ejections that are still in effect for your world.  If you're one of those people who leave themselves logged into AW with your bots even while you're sleeping, what works well is having your bots eject for 12 hours or so, depending on how long you'll sleep and how long after you wake up before you get to your computer.  (In the Preston bot, you can find the ejection length (duration) listed under the Announcements tab.)  Then when you wake up, you can read the chat text to see if someone did something very nasty which makes you want to permanently keep them out of your world.  If so, and you think the record of their ejection may still be in the world ejections, you can check it, and there's a chance that a computer ID is listed in the record.  If it's still there, this is great because even if they use a dial up and can change their IP address, they still can't get back in if you change the Expires part of that record to Never, then click the Change button, then the Close button when you're done making changes to it.  Btw, I've heard that you have to always have something in the Comments box, so you may want to write something down in there even if it's the citnumber or citname of the person, but saying what they did is something you can do, too, if you're not the only one handling ejections for the world.

  FYI:  This is not a 'hate' page.  Its primary purpose is to inform people that may have the citnames listed here or be on some other 'eject on sight' list of why they were ejected from worlds in the ActiveWorlds universe.  Most of the individuals are gors AKA goreans as they like to call themselves, of the gor worlds which have slavery, and that is why a lot of us don't like them.  If it is a crime to be 'anti-slavery', or to hate something like slavery, then why are there laws against slavery in the U.S. (where, incidentally, ActiveWorlds Inc has their offices) and most other parts of the world?  For more info on why we don't like gor, please check out the truth about gor page, and the updates page.

  As for privacy concerns:  It is a matter of public record that I try to respect people's privacy, and in fact, I am the author of an encryption tutorial page so that people can learn to protect their e-mail privacy, and encrypt files on their computers so others can't read them.  That is why, for the most part, this page only has on it the citnames and citnumbers used because that is the bare minimum needed for someone to recognize who it is that's in the list, and to see if it is them or someone else, using their PPW (privilege password for those who do not as yet sling the lingo of ActiveWorlds).  If it's a case of the latter, and you would prefer that no one uses your PPW in the future, I would advise you to change it at your earliest convenience and not give it out again, because many times a world owner may just copy the number used and place it in the bot's 'eject on sight' list.  Because people have asked me the reasons why they were ejected, I have started placing little notes after the citnames and citnumbers to make that particular piece of information more readily available to them so they won't have to go through any type of stress they may have in contacting me.

Important note:  I've found out that one of the people giving me information merely popped into the gor worlds, found their gallery or list of regulars, then wrote down the names and sent them to me.  *sigh*  So, if your name is up here, and you are not of gor, you've never gone to a gor world, and you're a nice person, please telegram me about it, and try to convince me of it in a nice way, and I may remove you from here, provided you didn't deserve to be on here for something that I know you did.  Thanks.  Since AW has decreed that gors can not contact me, I won't accept anybody else contacting me for that person's sake.  They have to do it themeselves.  This eliminates rather nicely the chance that they will try and con me.  WEG

  Also:  There are many world owners who are gathering the citnames and citnumbers of people not only from this list and other ones that've been circulating for a while, now, but also from other people who tell them the names and numbers of people who go to those worlds, or they see them there.  To avoid getting on a list that may lead to you being automatically ejected from several private worlds, I'd suggest you stay out of the gor worlds.

  And finally:  I do not want to be contacted by any more people from the gor worlds, via telegrams or any other medium, nor do I want any of you in my world.  They've had over a year to reply to my telegrams that I sent in an effort to resolve things in a peaceful manner before I started putting information up on the Web about what they were like.  Since they chose to ignore me, I took it to mean that they didn't care what I did.  Contrary to what they believe, sending me rude and insulting telegrams or those that contain cussing or death threats doesn't work.  Besides, it's bad enough people insist on being nasty, but I haven't fully stopped laughing over the fact that many of those who sent me the aforementioned telegrams can't even seem to spell swear words correctly!  LOL

  The citnumbers listed here are what the person has actually said they owned, or they were seen using, or I've been told they used.

  Btw, people, you should be advised that there's at least five other lists floating around out there, that have hundreds of citnames, citnumbers, and a lot more detail about the people on them.  Heck, I saw one of them that had over 1,000 names on it, and you wouldn't believe the stuff in the details!  *Blushes a deep red*  Don't want to end up on such a list?  Stay out of the gor worlds!  Duh!

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  Citnumbers and citnames explained

  FYI, citnumbers means the citizen numbers of registered citizens in the program, and citnames are the names of citizens.  Be advised that citizens can change their citnames but not their citnumbers, although they can get another citizenship and some citizens have more than one citizenship, especially world owners.

  About gor AKA gorean citnames:  The mistresses and masters almost always have their names starting with a capital letter, while those who are slaves have names that start in lower case.  An owned slave is one that has one or more capital letters at the end of their citname.  Most of the latter will also not speak in first person saying "I" or "me", but instead will say their name when talking about themselves, or say "this boy" or "this girl".  While I've been told that this behavior is not universal, most of them follow it and it should make it easier for you to spot them.

  The easiest way of all to spot a gor AKA gorean is to give out the URL AKA location of my truth about gor page in an open chat in an area like the GZ of one of the main worlds, and see if somebody says it's a 'hate' page (is it really a 'hate' page when what you're hating is something illegal like slavery??) or says it's "full of lies" or something else in order for you not to take it seriously.  LOL  There's two groups of people who will denounce it.  The first group is obviously the gors, because they don't want the truth exposed, and try to denounce it in the hopes that people won't take it seriously.  Okay, so this is likely to be kind of insulting to most people when the realization dawns on them that the gors would believe them to be that gullible as the page should be taken seriously because it warns about things like Internet serial killers.  But, maybe there's a reason the gors don't want you to be warned?  The second group is composed of the small group of people who have proven themselves to be gullible enough to have been conned into thinking it shouldn't be taken seriously.  It's probably only a matter of time before somebody in the latter group ends up a victim of an Internet serial killer.

  In regards to some citnames appearing as though the people who owned them have left the program:  I have seem citnames change to citnames that attempted to convey that meaning, and then later, changed to another citname, oftentimes the same one they used in the past.  The only logical conclusion I can make from this observation is that they're attempting to make people believe that they have left the program, when, in actuality, they haven't, or have returned after realizing that most other 3D chat programs are not very tolerant of nazism, slavery, and serial killers as well as 'lifestyles' that involve beating women.

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  Citnumbers with citnames

  Citnumber:  57272  Citname:  MIKsam   A PK (AKA peacekeeper, one who is supposed to know the rules and be familiar with the law and is charged with keeping the peace in activeworlds, but instead, they usually do the obverse) who takes the side of the gors, and uses the dictator's weapon of choice (censorship) against those who dare to speak the truth about the gors.  Also known as Peacekeeper 57 (citnumber 286080).

  Citnumber:  82262  Citname:  Lahra

  Citnumbers:  85944, 284787, 294227, 302642, 302643, 302644, 302645, 306758, 311359, 311360, 312717, and 312718.  Citnames:  Seanchan (other names used:  Aginor, Asmodean, avatara BTH, avataraBTH, Baalzamon, Balzamon, Demandred, GorGate, GorWorld1, GorWorld2, Kalena, Kitarina, Lanfear, LdyMoghedien, Marlenus, Peacekeeper 55, The Wize One.

  Citnumber:  120717  Citname:  m0e  A PK who takes the side of the gors and threatens people instead of trying to reason with them.  :-(  I have copies of his nasty telegrams on other pages.  Also known as Peacekeeper 4 (citnumber 268473)

  Citnumber:  146388    Citname:  CelticSoul  Admitted in open chat that they go to the gor worlds.

  Citnumber:  152292    Citname:  Epimetheus    Advertises in open chat for the gor worlds in the GZ of AlphaWorld.

  Citnumber:  206652    Citname:  Lord K. Vyper    Name(s) used in the past include:  King Viper    This person insults others through telegrams.

  Citnumber:  217947    Citname:  Tyrian

  Citnumber:  223665    Citname: Comsarge ch    Name(s) used in the past:  Comsarge and

  Citnumber:  224612    Citname:  EFemmera    Name(s) used in the past include:  eFemmerA

  Citnumber:  261043    Citname:  Ernie Sidmeyer    Name(s) used in the past include:  Lemmie    This is one of those who tell people to try the gor worlds in open chat.  :-(

  Citnumber:  267402    Citname:  TheONE

  Citnumber:  272680    Citname:  Evan

  Citnumber:  272775    Citname:  Baro    Name(s) used in the past include:  Moff Piett    Likes to compliment the gor worlds in places where children can hear.  :-(

  Citnumber:  274918    Citname:  Xenosul

  Citnumber:  276047    Citname:  RedSatin o    Once upon a time, I believed that this was a nice person, but like I said, I can be fooled.  She seems to like engaging in name calling in public worlds (like during the Av 2001 thing).  Pretty pathetic, and I thought that most people grew out of that after grade school.  Guess not, eh?  But I showed more emotional maturity and didn't retaliate.  Not going to sink down to their level.

  Citnumber:  278080    Citname:  Frosta    Said in open chat after someone asked why they don't shut down a gor world:    "Why should anyworld be shut down ?"  :-(

  Citnumber:  279791    Citname:  MoonGoddess Cyn1

  Citnumber(s):  279928 and 309709 (the latter is citname: Lady Nanette)    Citname(s):  Nanette (other names used: LadyAvalon).    I really don't like the way this... woman treats people, so she's on the list.  :-(  Was also told she likes to lie about people behind their backs, using any personal information she may've gotten from them to make it sound convincing, then really piles it on.  Guess if you have to be around this woman, you need to wear very high boots, because the manure would get really deep.  LOL

  Citnumber:  283754    Citname:  Somnus

  Citnumber:  284515    Citname:  P0t

  Citnumber:  285661    Citname:  Dogs    A gor 'sword' from gorworld.

  Citnumber:  286053    Citname:  Kurtz LR    Came into ThisIsIt on 6-22-2002 and after being warned by not just one bot, but two bots about talking like a gor, he was ejected when he continued.  While I personally don't condone name-calling, I can understand why so many people would start calling gors AKA goreans 'gorons', which is a word composed of the words gor and morons, as most pre-schoolers are capable of understanding the word no.

  Citnumber:  286496    Citname:  DarKur Wolfe

  Citnumber:  286847    Citname:  Adagiox

  Citnumber:  288140    Citname:  Serpent

  Citnumber:  288186    Citname:  Ra Al

  Citnumber:  288889    Citname:  tika

  Citnumber:  289374    Citname:  Pearl.    Name(s) used in the past include:  pearl TG    Another self-proclaimed gor.

  Citnumber:  289828    Citname:  praise SVI

  Citnumber:  290170    Citname:  il    Another gor mis-information specialist.  Came into ThisIsIt and defended the gors.  Tried using pokemon as an excuse for the gors to have slaves.  Think these guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel!  LOL

  Citnumber:  290871    Citname:  EzekieLX    Name(s) used in the past include:  EzekieL, Ezekiel

  Citnumber:  291909    Citname:  SparrowKnight    Name(s) used in the past include:  Dead Can Dance

  Citnumber:  294660    Citname:  Ladychats

  Citnumber:  295005    Citname:  ToriA

  Citnumber:  295708    Citname:  OldTimojin acc.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Timojin    Owner of gorean world.

  Citnumber:  296673    Citname:  SemiKat    Name(s) used in the past include:  semikat Ov

  Citnumber:  297447    Citname:  HempiA

  Citnumber:  297733    Citname:  Cattibre

  Citnumber:  297903    Citname:  Nissana

  Citnumber:  298875    Citname:  MelliSandrA    Name(s) used in the past:  AradhanA

  Citnumber:  299265    Citname:  ALexander o    A PK (Peacekeeper 74 citnumber 301420) who instead of trying to settle disputes, seems to want to start them!  Actually led a mob of gors to invade my world!  Because of that incident and other acts perpetrated against me for opposing slavery, serial killers and nazism, I started researching other 3D chat options and telling people in the ActiveWorlds program about better places with better prices.

  Citnumber:  300153    Citname:  Sandar

  Citnumber:  301505    Citname:  Tahirah

  Citnumber:  301937    Citname:  Kaan

  Citnumber:  301966    Citname:  Ishtar.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Irish Lass, SheWolf

  Citnumber:  302071    Citname:  Kiri    Name(s) used in the past include:  kiri O, dawn K, Shahla S

  Citnumber:  302157    Citname:  Xargon

  Citnumber:  302201    Citname:  Percipient

  Citnumber:  302487    Citname:  Celine

  Citnumber:  302643    Citname:  avatara BTH    A gor AKA gorean slave, if the name didn't give it away.  Note:  This citnumber is also included in the ones that Seanchan was supposed to have owned in the past, so it may've been given to this person.

  Citnumber:  302654    Citname:  Syn.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Sapphyre

  Citnumber: 303843    Citname:  Sophia Deer    Name(s) used in the past include:  SophiA Deer    Acts like a nice person to your face, but behind your back, she stirs up trouble for you.  :-(

  Citnumber:  304042    Citname:  Sainte Who

  Citnumber:  304434    Citname:  I Left Be Well    Name(s) used in the past include:  Loran

  Citnumber:  304766    Citname:  music writer    Name(s) used in the past include:  avagenic, musica scrittore    This one defends the gors in AW's GZ.  Then got upset because I didn't want them in my world.  Gee, I wonder why?  Likes to lie a lot, saying things like I called them a moron, but I didn't.  Then, in true gorean style, calls me a liar.  I've noticed this trend before in goreans and most humans: They call people names that others feel would more likely fit the name-caller, or the names are what the name-caller thinks that people suspect or know about them.

  Citnumber:  305019     Citname:  WildSpirit    Tried getting tourists to go to GorSands while they were in AWGate.

  Citnumber:  305337    Citname:  Wolfi

  Citnumber:  305740    Citname:  Ovardian    Another gor PK (Peacekeeper 75 citnumber 301421).  :-(

  Citnumber:  305751    Citname:  Sabine    Name(s) used in the past include:  Sabina Z, Astarte    Confessed in AWGate that she's from a gor world.

  Citnumber:  306307    Citname:  Bard

  Citnumber:  306576    Citname:  Herlit    Name(s) used in the past include:  Bane o

  Citnumber:  306711    Citname:  BSL Builder 1    Name(s) used in the past include:  Brightstarlite

  Citnumber:  306732    Citname:  Gar El

  Citnumber:  306765    Citname:  BLackBLade    Name(s) used in the past include:  BLacqWyng.EXP

  Citnumber:  307212    Citname:  Khul    Name(s) used in the past include:  Khul K

  Citnumber:  307393    Citname:  Hawkwind    (Past?) administrator of gorworld.  Someone actually told me that he had felt left out when he didn't see his name on this list.  Am I missing something, here?

  Citnumber:  307739    Citname:  Saar rah    Name(s) used in the past include:  expired10012001

  Citnumber:  307883    Citname:  dulci B    Name(s) used in the past include:  dulcinea PWP, fiery KSSfg

  Citnumber:  308430    Citname:  ayme DR    Name(s) used in the past include:  ayanaSssS, ayana.

  Citnumber:  309584    Citname:  Ldy Scamp    Name(s) used in the past include:  ScampJGST    Was told that this is the owner of junggor world.  :-P

  Citnumber:  310380    Citname:  Veranda    Said in open chat that she likes gor.  Ugh.

  Citnumber:  311363    Citname:  Sierra Bryce

  Citnumber:  311748    Citname:  Enigma.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Phoebe    Likes to interrogate and cuss at people via telegram, but doesn't want to answer any questions that they are asked.  For example, when I asked them if they were of gor after they started interrogating me because the pattern sounded so familiar, they didn't answer.  Makes me think that they are one.  This is one of those people that you should reply to with "none of your business!"

  Citnumber:  311749    Citname:  Karly

  Citnumber:  312003    Citname:  Kodiax Ch    Name(s) used in the past include:  Kodiax CH

  Citnumber:  312244    Citname:  ZetA

  Citnumber:  312447    Citname:  Cardskid    Name(s) used in the past include:  Sorciere

  Citnumber:  312686    Citname:  dina BT    Name(s) used in the past include:  natayla

  Citnumber:  312900    Citname:  jinifre RC sg    Name(s) used in the past include:  jinifre    Actually sent me a telegram on December 19th, 2004, telling me that they're gorean, even though the PKs and AW inc has declared that they're not allowed to contact me.  :-P  And they wonder why people call them "gorons".  The word "no" just seems too difficult for them to understand.  LOL

  Citnumber:  312941    Citname:  Karten.    Name(s) used in the past include:  is no more, Karten

  Citnumber:  312942    Citname:  Dunstan    This guy's supposed to be a type of gor security officer.  From what I've been told, he may also be a propaganda type of person.

  Citnumber:  312980    Citname:  MaDD HaTTeR

  Citnumber:  313035    Citname:  Zoie

  Citnumber:  313347    Citname:  KeithB    Yet another gor PK:  Peacekeeper 54    Citnumber:  284786  :-(

  Citnumber:  313464    Citname:  StrangrB4U

  Citnumber:  313809    Citname:  Olias    Was telling a tourist in AWGate (in the presence of a GK, no less), to try a gor world.  :-(

  Citnumber:  314314    Citname:  Baerchen

  Citnumber:  315184    Citname:  Karten    Was told that this is another gor who is also a PK now.  Peacekeeper 40    Citnumber:  280232.

  Citnumber:  315287    Citname:  Kimariaus    Name(s) used in the past include:  Kimari DM, amaraUTfg

  Citnumber:  315312    Citname:  Tigerlady    Name(s) used in the past include:  Tigerlady o

  Citnumber:  315363    Citname:  Verus Tor    Came into ThisIsIt on 6-21-2002, started talking like a gor, and continued to do so even after two of my bots warned him not to.  *Sighs*  Monosyllabic words like "no" seem to be just far too difficult to understand for some people.

  Citnumber:  315633    Citname:  Lady Claudia

  Citnumber:  316036    Citname:  Tyberius 1    Name(s) used in the past include:  Tyberius

  Citnumber:  316052    Citname:    Name(s) used in the past include:  Sassysha

  Citnumber:  316286    Citname:  ElinoR

  Citnumber:  317281    Citname:  Anduin    Name(s) used in the past include:  Anduin Lothario    Admitted during open chat that they owned the world GorSJ.

  Citnumber:  317678    Citname: Cookie    Name(s) used in the past include:  Cookie C

  Citnumber:  317821    Citname:  citexpiring..    Was once conned into thinking that this wasn't a gor until I was convinced by someone that they were indeed one.    Name(s) used in the past for that account include:  Astira, Sariana o    Other citnumbers used:  348847 (citname: Sechen has gone    Name(s) used in the past: Sechen C) and 348785 (citname: OTSridesAway    Name(s) used in the past: Nanjunge).

  Citnumber:  318156    Citname:  Hir0 Protagonist

  Citnumber:  318383    Citname:  Corbee

  Citnumber:  318480    Citname:  xTrissa    Name(s) used in the past include:  Trissa

  Citnumber:  318984    Citname:  Zenon

  Citnumber:  319130    Citname(s):  Kraiden    Name(s) used in the past include:  Dranak

  Citnumber:  319152    Citname:  Koxinga

  Citnumber:  319273    Citname:  melina. RKN    Name(s) used in the past include:  meLina DRA    Came into ThisIsIt and asked to be placed on the list, so here she is.

  Citnumber:  319626    Citname:  Sirrus

  Citnumber:  319760    Citname:  TaziA

  Citnumber:  319984    Citname:  WhisperA.    Name(s) used in the past include:  LavenderWhisper

  Citnumber:  320171    Citname:  VerusCouncil    Name(s) used in the past include:  Lady Nichet    Came into AWGate, then told a tourist in open chat how to change their settings for X rated worlds, then told them to go to GorVerus.  Wonder how many kids heard that?  *Shudders*  Naturally, the GK Frosta did nothing to stop it.  In fact, Frosta was the one that called Lady Nichet to AWGate to do it.  :-(  Still think it's safe for your kids in ActiveWorlds?  I don't!

  Citnumber:  320328    Citname:  Timpted

  Citnumber:  320347    Citname:  Da Devil    Was asked four times if they were of gor when they came to ThisIsIt and since they chose not to answer the question while saying other things, we have to assume that they are.

  Citnumber:  320414    Citname:  AsharA

  Citnumber:  320572    Citname:  Trond

  Citnumber:  320817    Citname:  Argus

  Citnumber:  320959    Citname:  Tharl

  Citnumber:  321696    Citname:  ShanKahtus

  Citnumber:  321697    Citname:  kali GORold    Name(s) used in the past include:  Kutaituchik

  Citnumber:  322955    Citname:  SkyR

  Citnumber:  323018    Citname:  xxxxx    Name(s) used in the past include:  nuraya ROG, Neivah

  Citnumber:  323151    Citname:  Lord Domination    Name(s) used in the past include:  Talena

  Citnumber:  323177    Citname:  alarra TM 

  Citnumber:  323249    Citname:  Thal

  Citnumber:  323552    Citname:  Tarmen

  Citnumber:  323605    Citname:  Cheryl K

  Citnumber:  323747    Citname:  Shaisha AL    Name(s) used in the past include:  Shaisha

  Citnumber:  323843    Citname:  PAKnightsfreak    Tried to get people to go to the world gorisles.

  Citnumber:  323883    Citname:  BodhiTah    A gor 'master'.

  Citnumber:  323924    Citname:  Thera

  Citnumber:  323947    Citname:  DoctorD

  Citnumber:  324351    Citname:  Sohraiyah    Name(s) used in the past include:  SynFulPaSSion

  Citnumber:  325337    Citname:  expired12122002    Name(s) used in the past include:  Saar rah, Asantewaa

  Citnumber:  325345    Citname:  AineasAingeal2    Name(s) used in the past include:  Saar rah

  Citnumber:  325466    Citname:  .Maldoror Ghost (may be only temporary)    Name(s) used in the past include:  Maldoror Ghost, Maldoror    Likes to cuss at people in telegrams, and even in french, though he can't seem to spell right.  LOL

  Citnumber:  325922    Citname:  CoraR

  Citnumber:  326112    Citname:  Rook

  Citnumber:  326818    Citname:  Starys    Claims to be a PK, but isn't listed on the PK's members page (as of 1-24-2002), so I'm forced to conclude that he's a liar, but he also says that he's into Ds (domination submission), thinks that my warning people and trying to keep them and their kids safe about things that can hurt them is a bad thing, insulted me, and then he tried whispering to me about child exposure.  Ewwwww!

  Citnumber:  327234    Citname:  KharSul Degrim

  Citnumber:  327561    Citname:  MerKrel    Name(s) used in the past include:  Lokai

  Citnumber:  327831    Citname:  RR.    Name(s) used in the past include:  RRayonis

  Citnumber:  328138    Citname:  The Beast    Told someone in AWGate in open chat to try the gor worlds.  :-(

  Citnumber:  328887    Citname:  Johnnymon    Name(s) used in the past include:  GaIan Savon, SuperSaiyan4Goku, MagmaDragoon

  Citnumber:  330307    Citname:  Britmar

  Citnumber:  331348    Citname:  Miss Vixen

  Citnumber:  331464    Citname:  Mongo    This one seems to think that by insulting me via telegrams, it'll improve my opinion of the gor worlds.  Ever get the feeling that some people never matured past being the bully in the grade school playground?  LOL

  Citnumber:  331596    Citname:  Lace.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Sula

  Citnumber:  331641    Citname:  Stormz    Name(s) used in the past include:  Kro Samoz, Kro Samos    This one actually came into ThisIsIt and asked to be put on the list.  LOL  Other citnumbers used:  338067    Citname:  Zarra Beth

  Citnumber:  332419    Citname:  Kalder    Name(s) used in the past include:  morganM, TaylA

  Citnumber:  332682    Citname:  Lady Chasca SIN    Names used in the past include:  ShaHanaS, ShaHana STR    Seems to be switching between that and ShaHanaS    Came into ThisIsIt and said "i think everyone should be a slave or a master"  While you are entitled to your opinion, you'll find that many people will disagree with you.  One of them is me.  Grr!!

  Citnumber:  332902    Citname:  MirusM    Name(s) used in the past include:  Mirus

  Citnumber:  333496    Citname:  Jenara    Says they like talgor.

  Citnumber:  333919    Citname:  Disco Man    Name(s) used in the past include:  LongJohn, Grace Mace    Not from gor, but likes to go into people's worlds and cuss at women.  :-(  That's probably the fastest way to make my world's eject list.

  Citnumber:  334703    Citname:  Infinate

  Citnumber:  334977    Citname:  Kitta    Name(s) used in the past include:  KittaRunRunRun    Admitted in open chat that they were from a gor world.  Then they tried to defend the gor worlds in an open chat in AlphaWorld's GZ in front of a PK.

  Citnumber:  335007    Citname:  Fire Dragon

  Citnumber:  335074    Citname:  LadyTess    This one was smooth.  Tried to convince me that the people who have memorials near AW's GZ aren't really dead, that gor isn't a bad thing, that she's deeply religious, et cetera.  Deja moo:  The feeling that you've heard this bull before.  LOL  Then she telegrammed me with a death threat.  Also seems to be using the citname Lady Gabrielle (Citnumber: 289659) because the citname for it was Lady Tess before it was changed, or at least they sound similar.  But I think I've heard better insults when (s)he was using the latter account in grade school.  LOL

  Citnumber:  335226    Citname:  Colve

  Citnumber:  335586    Citname: Neisie    Name(s) used in the past include:  Tiarra

  Citnumber:  335603    Citname:  Crow.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Archeron

  Citnumber:  335642    Citname:  SpunSilver    Name(s) used in the past include:  SpunSilver o (they like to change between the two names)

  Citnumber:  335698    Citname:  Garlex    Name(s) used in the past include:  Garlex M

  Citnumber:  335729    Citname:  Kystaria    Name(s) used in the past include:  Merrique N    Another gor, probably from gortreve.  Came into ThisIsIt and said that goreans coax wives of others into their power, that she wanted to coax a couple of slaves into treve, and admitted that she's a slaver.  :-(

  Citnumber:  335736    Citname:  Azure.

  Citnumber:  335871    Citname:  Gryffyn    Name(s) used in the past include:  GryffynC, Gryffyn C    Admitted that he is 'a captain' of treve, and then started lying, saying gor was about 'honor and bravery'.  Riiiiiight.

  Citnumber:  335930    Citname:  eheartGRarii    Name(s) used in the past include:  LadyEHeart    A gor misinformation person.  This one thinks I should be tolerant of slavery.  Wrong!  Claims to not be a gor, but to have been in gor for over a year, and didn't listen to me when I told her that gors aren't allowed to contact me.  Another one who can't quite comprehend the meaning of simple monosyllabic words like 'no'.

  Citnumber:  336170    Citname:  Setzer Valorin

  Citnumber:  336211    Citname:  Mordecai

  Citnumber:  336392    Citname:  kaela GP    Name(s) used in the past include:  kaela, kaela MGR    Told me I had forgotten them, and even gave me their citnumber.

  Citnumber:  336498    Citname:  Mongobackinmonth  (probably a temporary name)    Name(s) used in the past include:  Santa Claus (obviously not the real one!), Sparkee

  Citnumber:  336523    Citname:  Domionnus RR    Name(s) used in the past include:  Domionnus, Domionnus KM

  Citnumber:  336626    Citname:  Funny GirI    Name(s) used in the past include:  Funny Girl

  Citnumber:  337104    Citname:  LightningStrike    Name(s) used in the past include:  LightningSt    Was heard complimenting a gor world.

  Citnumber:  337122    Citname:  Netstar    Name(s) used in the past include:  LaughOutLoud, drunkin dude    Came into ThisIsIt and said "gor is good".

  Citnumber:  337473    Citname:  Freakern

  Citnumber:  337496    Citname:  falarina FH    Name(s) used in the past include:  emerald GVA

  Citnumber:  337562    Citname:  Jaxiam

  Citnumber:  337603    Citname:  De De    Name(s) used in the past include:  De De Cyber Mom    Complained about people who try to help people protect their children in AWGate, sending me telegrams about them and calling them 'trach', which I can only assume is some kind of gor way of saying trash.  If she wants to defend slavery, she's not welcome here.  :-(

  Citnumber:  337612    Citname:  SpunSilver..    Name(s) used in the past include:  TZshal.    Also seems to be using the cit TZshal and the citnumber of 301389.  One of the mob of gors led by a Peacekeeper who invaded my world.

  Citnumber:  337879    Citname:  Aether Eclipse    Name(s) used in the past: AethereA

  Citnumber:  338023    Citname:  Dr.Nykus    Recommended a gor world in AWGate.

  Citnumber:  338540    Citname:  Master Q

  Citnumber:  338820    Citname:  KeoKotah    This one asked me to put him on the list.  Says he's of gor, and that's what he wants, so here he is.  Since I've also had contact from cits named SpiritWarrior (citnumber 325503) and KeoKotah Isbu (citnumber 325336) that sound just like him, I have to assume that they're the same person.

  Citnumber:  339685    Citname:  Volt    Name(s) used in the past include:  SiIent Bob (often changes between the two names)    Defends the gors in open chat in places like AW's GZ.

  Citnumber:  339949    Citname:  Smokey360j    Name(s) used in the past include:  Slim Smokey    Came into ThisIsIt on 6-10-2002 and started talking about gor, and ignored not only one, but two of my bots' warnings about bad words.  Later came back in and called my bots dumb.  In an attempt to try and reason with him, I telegrammed him, asking him about his actions in a nice way, not using a single cuss word or insulting him, and he replied cussing and insulting me.  If it's true that people tend to try and insult others with what they fear others think about them, then he must be very, very stupid, since he constantly tries to insult others (and even bots) by calling them idiots and dumb.  Since he also felt threatened by bots so much that he insulted them, too, he must think very low of himself if he sees them as being superior to him in intellect!  I feel nothing but pity for this guy.  :-(  From his last telegram to me, he sounds extremely gullible, too, believing that if something like the gor worlds are as bad as many of us know they are, AWC would remove them.  Probably never heard of greed, or realize that some of those who are working at (or own) AWC may themselves be of gor, is ignorant of double standards, and likely believes that there's no gors in the PKs, either.

  Citnumber:  340581    Citname:  koral DKMfg    Name(s) used in the past include:  koral DKMfgT

  Citnumber:  341844    Citname:  bruno2    Name(s) used in the past include:  Success    Actually told somebody in open chat in AWGate how to change their options so they could go into a gor world.  Wonder how many children heard that description and tried the same?  *Shudders*

  Citnumber:  341971    Citname:  Kane.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Daq Kane, Daq Kane MFire    A gor who doesn't seem to like ThisIsIt being non-gor or a bot that ejects for gor words so we can keep the world safe for kids.  Gee, too bad!

  Citnumber:  342066    Citname:  LeA T    Name(s) used in the past include:  Lea V    Was in AWGate recruiting for gorverna in open chat.

  Citnumber:  342305      Citname:  Torrin    Talked about gor worlds in AWGate.  :-(

  Citnumber:  343015    Citname:  elfWolfieKaz e    Goes to gortreve.  Other name(s) used:  Benny Boy, FireMystDragon, Space19 (sometimes spelled out like SpAcE19 to make it look different.)

  Citnumber:  344906    Citname:  Dranak    Name(s) used in the past include:  ShuKan    Came into ThisIsIt, claimed he was some kind of assasin, described tying someone up and slitting their throat.  Kind of typical of what I believed the gors to be like hurting someone who is helpless to them.  As they left, they admitted they were of gor.  Which is odd since they're not supposed to be talking with me.  Think this guy's pretty disturbed, but I get the feeling the FBI is probably looking for him.

  Citnumber:  346036    Citname:  Super Sonic    Name(s) used in the past include:  KiLLeRShEeP, Metal Luigi    This person likes to cuss at people and insult them in places like AlphaWorld's GZ (like they did on 1-25-2002 just before 9:00 p.m. VRT).  Maybe they have such a low opinion of themselves they have to put others down to make themselves look good?  I feel so sorry for them.  :-(

  Citnumber:  347563    Citname:  Raine..    Name(s) used in the past include:  Kreed.    Came to ThisIsIt on 3-6-2002 started saying gor words then cussing.  Ignored the warning the bot gave him so he got ejected.  And they wonder why people call them gorons?

  Citnumber:  348398    Citname:  Sir Tom

  Citnumber:  348664    Citname:  Kismet o    Insults people and accuses people like me of hurting others, but the only 'hurting' of people I've done is to tell the world about those like the goreans who are trying to bring back slavery, are into abusing women, and believe that those who are weaker than they are should be (and I quote) "diminished and controlled."  Maybe Kismet o likes this kind of people, or is involved with them?  Either way, insulting others, then, after goading me into an argument about what I've been trying to do and mentioning the gors / goreans, they tell me we shouldn't talk about them in AWGate, but mentions them, themselves.  Wonder if the word hypocrite means anything to them?  Ah, but I forgot, GKs and PKs in AW are allowed to have double standards, like PKs such as ALexander o (citnumber 299265) that are supposed to keep the peace leading a mob of gors into a person's world where they know they're not wanted, and ActiveWorlds claiming it's okay for them to do things like that, provided they didn't do it as a PK.  So, using the same logic, cops can break the law, go out and shoot and rape people as long as they're not in uniform?

  Citnumber:  348939    Citname:  .readd LevanA    Name(s) used in the past include:  Levana    Telegrammed me on October 20th, 2002, telling me (s)he was a 'gorean'.

  Citnumber:  351187    Citname:  RavenMist T    Name(s) used in the past include:  Tiger of Dawn

  Citnumber:  351435    Citname:  bina GE JG    Name(s) used in the past include:  bina JG

  Citnumber:  351491    Citname:  Pandora.    Name(s) used in the past include:  Sandra.    Self-proclaimed gor.  Came into ThisIsIt on 4-25-2003, saying they were 'gorean', said that they were unaware of the edict that the PKs created which states that gors are not allowed to contact me, and when I told them of it, and said that coming to a world that was owned by the person they're not supposed to contact and talking with them seems like an intentional contact to me, and asked them to leave, they didn't, so I was forced to eject them.  Yet another example of why the gors are called 'gorons'.  The word 'no' is just too complicated for them to understand.

  Citnumber:  355318    Citname:  garron CC    Name(s) used in the past include:  garronbartender

  Citnumber:  357255    Citname:  Trystan    Reason they're on this page:  They're some jerk who likes to block other people's stuff from view.  If you own a world, never give them build rights, because they mis-use them.  Talked with a few world owners about them after they approached me asking me why I didn't think this person could be trusted and showed them examples.  That convinced them.

  Citnumber:  357444    Citname:  24hours    Reason they're on this page:  This is yet another jerk who likes to block other people's stuff from view, even going so far as to block older builds from 1995, thus keeping people from seeing parts of AW's history.  If you own a world, never give them build rights, because they mis-use them.

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  Citnumbers in numerical order



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  Under Probation:

  Citname(s):  Rossyboy    Citnumber:  329993    Swore that they're more mature now and that they'll behave.  Peacekeepers and world owners, take note!  We'll see if it's just an act, or not.  LOL

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  The following are not gors, or at least someone has convinced me that they are not.  I publicly apologize to them (which is far more than an 'honorable' gor can do!).  The 'unconfirmed' list has been removed, as well.  World owners, please remove these from your bot's 'eject on sight' list if you have already added them.  Thank you.  :-)  Haven't even got a 'thank you' from the first one, yet.  *sniffle!*  Makes me wonder if I was conned again...


  Citname(s):  Blaize  Citnumber(s):  312839

  Citname(s):  Gothgirl   Citnumber(s):  323415

  Citname(s):  Late   Citnumber(s):  328277  Was telling someone how to get to the gor worlds in open chat in AWGate, but I've been convinced that he was ignorant of what the gors were when he did it.

  Citname(s):  Skraelingr   Citnumber(s):  323189

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