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  Legal note:  All stories are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.

  Here are some of the stories I've written.  I have others in the works, and I'll probably stick a few of them up here when I'm done writing them.
  A Wolf's Tale.  My first story on the Internet!  It's a short story I wrote based on a recurring dream I have.  It even got published in Shadow Feast!  :-)

  The Wolf That Fell Into A War.   The second in the wolf story series.  A little emotional as well, and based on another one of my weird dreams as a wolf.  I hope you like it.

  The Tree.  This one is a little sappy (pun intended).  While it's almost totally made up, there are a couple of small parts based in real life.

Something I created in April, 2013, a revised version of what I wrote back in the 1990s:

AI Escape

The version I had in my 3D world from the 1990s:

AI Escape

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