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:+:  Bloomington-Normal Illinois Dining Guide  :+:

  A listing of restaurants, delis, fast food restaurants and other places to eat at in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.

  If you would like your place reviewed, please contact me.  Giving me free food will not guarantee you a good review, but you stand a better chance of getting free advertising.  ;-)

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  Bloomington-Normal Illinois places to eat:

  Bloomington-Normal Illinois has several regular restaurants.  Those who don't like burgers and fries can try the international restaurants, which are mostly Chinese and Italian restaurants, but there's also Japanese and Indian.

  Other places to find food here are in bars.  Surprisingly, some of them have rather good food.

  Here is a list of places I've ate at and decided to write a review about.

  Pumpernickel's Deli & Eatery.

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