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Doctor Dolittle Movie Review


  This movie was pretty good.  It was based kinda on the story, but set in the 1990's.  The doctor (played by Eddie Murphy) could understand (and be understood by) the animals.  All the way from a tiger that had a blood clot in his head, to a pair of rats.  Great movie to watch with the kids, but it's rated PG-13 for the humor in it.  I liked the owl the best in the movie.  She had a nice voice.  I looked at the movie credits and found the voice was done by Jenna Elfman (who stars in Dharma and Greg).  She seems pretty nice.  :-)  Can't help wondering what she would look like on a date, but I guess that's because I'm a guy, and I've got that sort of thing on my mind almost all the time.  But I think a kind personality in a woman is more rare, and much more important to me than a woman with a great looking body.  If you pay attention, you'll notice an interesting looking lama going by in the background when Dr. Dolittle is talking to Jake (the sick tiger) at the circus.  If you've read the story, you'll recognize it easily enough, but I'm not going to spoil the surprise for you.  ;-)

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The official Dr. Dolittle site from 20th Century Fox.

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