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  Alcohol Prohibition is Coming Back!  :-(


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  This page discusses the upcoming return of alcohol prohibition.  While people may disbelieve that alcohol prohibition will return after all the hoorah the last time they tried it, by all means, look around and see what's going on.  But, I'll cite examples for you here.  Alcohol prohibition may seem like a good thing to some people, but let's be honest, here.  If they prohibit alcohol, you can imagine what people will do to get to an altered state of consciousness.  At least with alcohol, the effects are understood, the police can spot signs of alcohol abuse in people through physical characteristics and so forth, and, if the cops position themselves near the main bars in a town, they catch most of those who will try to drink and drive before they do it.

  It's better, IMHO to let people drink beer and other forms of alcohol in an almost controled environment as opposed to returning to the days of alcohol prohibition where some may just start their own moonshine stills, but with the growing prevalence of illegal drugs out now, the odds are that many of them will instead start using something far more dangerous.

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  Alcohol is on its way to becoming prohibited again.  This is how it starts:

 Part 1:  Here in the US, the blood - alcohol limit has gone down to .08 from .10 in a lot of states so it's harder to have a couple of drinks at a bar and drive home without taking a chance that you're over the limit and having to fear that some cop will pull you over and bust you for DUI.  This also effects bar business because some people won't come to one if they can't at least have enough drinks to relax enough to howl or whatever and others don't drink as much because they'll be afraid of getting too close to the legal limit.  Obviously, getting drunk and driving isn't something you should do because you have a lot less control over your vehicle than you think you do.  I don't care how much experience you have with driving while you're drunk.  Your reflexes are slower, your reasoning is different, and your brain sees things differently when drunk than it does when you're sober.  Please don't do it.  Call a cab, call a friend for a ride or ask someone you have been drinking with at the bar for a ride home.  You can always pick up your car tomorrow when you've sobered up.  I don't go to bars very often because of the cigarette smoke and the lousy music but I feel it would be bad if they went out of business.  When I do go out to a bar (or bar hop which I prefer to do over going to a single bar), I walk or take a cab.

  Part 2:  It'll soon be illegal (if it isn't already) to have it in an Illinois State University or Illinois Wesleyan University fraternity or sorority and many others around the United States. Thanks to films like Animal House these have been the places where most people expect to see the biggest and baddest parties.  Dunno if that's true or not because I've never been to one in a frat or a sorority (never been invited to one and I'm not sure if I'd go if I were.  They probably wouldn't like me there anyway.  I doubt if they like people that howl after they've drank a few beers.  Besides, I like drinking out of my liter-sized glass beer mug.  Hate drinking out of those little plastic cups they give out at keg parties.  Besides the fact that I feel like I'm gonna squish the thing, and I hate drinking beer out of plastic glasses, I keep looking down at it, seeing the yellow liquid within, and have to fight the feeling that I'm walking around with a urine sample, looking for a nurse to give it to.  ;-)  I just feel sorry for these men and women because they're being deprived of what I consider to be a basic right!).   I've been to a lot of after-hours parties that kicked arse though.  ;-)

  Part 3:  By raising taxes on it.

  Part 4:  By making it harder to advertise anywhere.  For instance, how many hard liquor ads do you see on the TV?  But yet, they can advertise phone sex ads, right?

  So how long do you think it'll be before they make it illegal everywhere?

  My advice:

  Learn to brew your own before they do make it illegal, then make sure you have a few trusted suppliers for the materials you need to do so.  Either that, or move to a free country.  BTW, use returnable beer bottles and don't put too much sugar in the bottles or you're gonna have exploding bottles later on.  D'oh!  Hasn't happened to me yet, but I hear it happens to lots of first time home brewers.


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