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  Repressed Technology:  Repressed technology is technology that is being repressed for one reason or another.  Some suspect that it's because releasing it to the general public would have too large of an impact upon society.  Others think that certain technology is repressed because the inventors of it have been either bought off or threatened so their tech is not used.  On this page, you will learn of repressed technology and be informed of what exists even though you ordinarily wouldn't learn of it through mainstream media sources.

  Note:  I have removed the stuff that I placed upon this page as well as links to other... things after getting some comments about them, and from fear that they may be misused to hurt people, and yes, that includes the hidden stuff I put in, after somebody found it.  I'll add more information on different types of repressed technology later, if I deem it safe to do so, but for now, there's still some information here that'll give you an idea of what you're not being told about.



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  Similar subjects include (but aren't limited to):  Alpha sleep, electroanalgesia, and electronarcosis.  Electric sleep would allow people to get 8 hours of sleep in about 1 hour.  Maybe the sleeping pill companies and/or the mattress manufacturers don't like it because then you wouldn't need a mattress (at least for sleep).  Or maybe those in control want to repress anything that might give people more free time to enjoy life (such as it is).  This technology has been around since at least 1905 (I found a book written on it from back then.  See below)!  Why isn't it being used?  I saw a doctor on 'The Web' show's August 3rd 1997 episode that actually said that those in the medical profession don't have any secrets or hide things from the public.  Puh-leaze!

  Is this the technology that was hinted at in the James Bond movie 'Die Another Day'?  I suspect it is.  Although they called it a 'dream machine' in the movie.  One of the characters supposedly never slept, yet later on in the movie, he stated that one hour in that dream machine helped him to keep his sanity.  Which, if it was an electronarcosis device / electric sleep set, would've given him the equivalent of eight hours of normal sleep.  Odd, that they made no reference that I was able to see on the DVD disc which contained the movie.  Naturally, they had to make it look pretty to ooooh and aaaah the viewers.  LOL

For books on this subject (sorry, I couldn't find much information on the Internet that didn't require a password to access it and in those places, my wanderings would've been noticed, I'm sure.  What a surprise, huh?  But, I was able to do some digging around in other places that weren't protected by passwords) try reading these (if your local library doesn't have copies, ask to get them through an 'Inter-Library Loan', or whatever your local library calls it when they get books from other libraries.  I even put down where you can find copies, though there are other places besides these):


  (These books are presented in the spelling that I found them in)

  1st book: Title:  Electrosleep and electroanesthesia: (electronarcosis) /.  Publisher:  Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technical Information.  Year:  1970 1966.  Notes:  Translation of the Russian-language book, consisting of six parts, entitled Elektroson i Elektroanisteziya (Elektronarkoz), prepared by the U. S. Joint Publication Research Service.  Subject:  Electric anesthesia -- Collections.  Alt Title:  Elektroson i elektroanestheziya (elektronarkoz). English.  Tell the librarian that it's at:  California State University Sacramento.

  2nd book: Author:  Sergeev, Georgii Vasil'evich.  Title: Electric sleep therapy of hypertension.  Publisher:  U.S. Joint Publications Research Service.  Year:  1966.   Series:  JPRS: 36; 279.  Notes:  TT:  66-32712.  Translation of selected portions of Lechenie elektrosnom bol'nykh gipertonicheskoi bolezn'iu.  Subject:  Hypertension -- therapy.  Central Nervous System -- Physiology. Electronarcosis.  Tell the librarian that it's at:  Univ. of California, LA.

  3rd book: Author:  Robinovitch, Louise G., Dr.  Title: Electric sleep.  An experimental study with an electric current of low tension. Year: 1905.  Notes:  A preliminary communication.  Reprint from the Journal of Mental Pathology, Volume VII, No. 4, 1905.  Pp. 1-6.  Tell the librarian that it's at:  American Museum of Natural History.

  4th book: Author:  Giliarovskii, Vasilii Alekseevich.  Title: Electric sleep;  a clinical - physiological investigation.  Publisher:  U.S. Joint Publications Research Service.  Year:  1960.  Series:  JPRS: 2278.  Notes:  Photocopy (positive) Translation of Elektroson;  kliniko-fiziologicheskoe issledovanie, Published in Moscow in 1958.  Subject:  Electronarcosis.  Mental Disorders.  Other:  United States.  Joint Publications Research Service.  Tell the librarian that it's at: Missouri Institute of Mental Health Library and (under the series number OTS:  60-11,294 JPRS (Series):  2278) at:  The University of California, LA and (under the series number OTS: 60-11,294 JPRS (Series): 2278) at:  Medical College of Wisconsin.

  5th book: Title:  International Symposium on Electrotherapeutic Sleep and Electroanaesthesia  (Note from me:  This was the first one and it was held in Graz, Austria, in 1966, and the book has info on what researchers in different parts of the world were doing and how different they were in how they did it.  Shows frequencies, wattage, apparatus used, etc.).  Publisher: Excerpta Medica Foundation.  Year: 1966.  Series:  International congress series ; no. 128. Notes: Abstracts in English, German, and French. Subject: Electric anesthesia -- Congresses. Electrotherapeutics -- Congresses. Sleep disorders -- Congresses. Tell the librarian that it's at: The University of Minnesota, Bio Med Library.

  6th book: Title:  International Symposium on Electrosleep and Electroanaesthesia (3rd : 1972)  Other Title:  IIIrd International Symposium on Electrosleep and Electroanaesthesia: (summaries).  Year:  1972.  Subject:  Electric anesthesia -- Congresses.

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