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Alice Cooper

My favorite Rock n' Roll artist of all time and the king of shock rock!


  I'll make changes on this page when I have time and I have something I want to add.  It might be weeks or months before the next change.

A picture of Alice Cooper.


Alice Cooper

  Hello, Hooray!  This is the page I've created to pay homage in my own humble way to Alice Cooper the person who has most influenced my life!  (If you think I'm kidding about that, you really don't know me.)  Here you'll find my comments on Alice Cooper links to pictures, text files and links to other Alice Cooper pages.



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have heard people state that they only really like certain Alice Cooper albums or songs and the rest of them don't do anything for them.  I'm not like that.  I like to throw in a lot of his CDs into the CD player and then play whatever songs I'm in the mood for.  Sometimes it's Cold Ethyl or Escape from his Welcome to my nightmare album, other times I wanna listen to Sanctuary, I never cry or Wind-up toy.  It all depends.  When I was a young kid, I only had a phonograph to play vinyl records on and only a couple of albums to listen to.  I'd listen to them almost all the time in my room by myself with the door locked (my parents got off on inflicting pain and yelling at me all the time so I tried to avoid them as much as possible).  Sometimes I'd even lock myself in my room, put his albums on the phonograph along with a few others, turn it up, sneak out of my window and walk the streets and alleys of the city until dawn.  It was fun and a lot safer than home anyway.

ometimes Alice will tell a story with an album like in Alice Cooper Goes to Hell or The Last Temptation instead of just throwing a bunch of songs on an album.  I think that's so cool.  It's kinda like being read a story to you by someone but it's a lot better because the teller in this case has music to wrap the words in.  :-)  Also, I like Alice because he's one of the few Rock n' Roll artists whose lyrics I can actually understand and a lot of what he sings about makes sense to me.  Okay, so that's probably a little scary considering what some of his songs are about, but I've had a bizarre life so far and that's probably why.  But hey, enough of why I like him.  Why don't you give him a shot and find out for yourself?  Who knows, maybe you too will discover that Alice Cooper is one of the best Rock n' Roll artists ever!  :-)  If you can't afford to buy one of his albums, call up the radio stations in your area and request some of his music to listen to.  Of course, if you live in a place that has snobby, prudish, anal retentive DJs that'll only play a couple of songs like No More Mr. Nice Guy or School's Out (you're telling me that those are the only two songs they have??) but nothing else (ask for something more recent from Alice's A Fistful of Alice, DragonTown or his Brutal Planet albums and see what kind of reaction you get.  If they say they don't have them, change the station!  You're wasting your time listening to these lamers!) like some of them here in Bloomington/Normal Illinois, you're out of luck!  Oh man, do I ever wish I owned a radio station and was allowed to play whatever I wanted to!

  Y'know, what's really sad is that I heard one of the disk jockeys on WIHN here in Bloomington/Normal Illinois saying right before he got off the air at 3:00 p.m. that he thought that Alice Cooper is probably working at a McDonald's somewhere.  Guess he doesn't know that Alice is still rocking and putting out albums like A Fistful of Alice that came out in 1997 that had Rob Zombie, Slash, and Sammy Hagar singing and playing with Alice on some of the live songs.  And he didn't stop there!  He did another one called Brutal Planet (came out in the year 2000) and then went on to DragonTown (came out in the year 2001)!  Makes me wonder just how far out of touch the disk jockeys here can be with the music scene and still keep their jobs.  Guess very far as proven by what he said.  I feel sorry for him and the other disk jockeys like him, but I guess I feel even more sorry for the radio station that hired such a sorry excuse for a disk jockey and the listeners who have to put up with his extremely obvious lack of knowledge of the Rock n' Roll world.  :-(  Maybe he should just wash dishes for a living, since he's proven he can't do a competent job as a disk jockey.

  Alice Cooper music videos are some of the cooler I've seen.  This guy was making music videos before MTV got started, and they were like little movies, not some band up on stage.

  Hey, VH1 also named Alice Cooper as one of the 100 greatest men!  Took them how long to realize that?  *snickers*


Sword picture.


  The Alice Cooper albums (on CD) that I own, not in any order that I'm aware of.

  And I'm sorry, but no (!!!!!!!!), I'm not interested in selling any of them!  That'd be like selling out to me and that's not something I do!  Grrrrrr!!!

  Pretties For You.

  Freak Out.

  The Alice Cooper Show.

  Snakes and Dead Babies.  An interview with Alice.  Bad sound quality though.

  Trash This is one of the more well known albums, because it has such songs as Poison, House of Fire, and Bed of Nails on it.

  Da Da.

  A Fistful of Alice.  Has the song Is Anyone Home on it!  :-)  This album came out in 1997.

  Billion Dollar Babies.


  Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits.  About the only album most radio stations have in their 'vaults'.  If that's an indication of how 'extensive' their music library is, I truly pity them.  :-(

  Love It To Death.

  Classicks.  It has one of my favorite album covers, too.  :-)

  Welcome To My Nightmare.

  Raise Your Fist and Yell.

  The Last Temptation.

  Alice Cooper Goes To Hell.

  Special Forces.

  Flush The Fashion.

  Hey Stoopid.

  The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper.  A 4 CD box set with some cool pictures in it.  The songs begin with his really early stuff, and go on to a couple from A Fistful of Alice, covering everything in between, and even putting in a few never released songs.  If you're an Alice Cooper fan, you'll love this one!  :-)

  Brutal Planet.  Whoo-hoo!  This is one of the best albums that he's ever put out!  The song Sanctuary is pretty cool on here, too!  If you wanna listen to it, call up your d.j. and ask for it!  It's worth it!  :-)

  DragonTown.  One of his latest.  Haven't really latched onto a favorite song yet.

  The Alice Cooper albums that I'm hoping to get, someday, listed in the order that I'm hoping to buy them.

  Might be a while before I can buy these, but I'm sure they're worth the wait.  :-)  They're luxuries, and I need to buy things I need, first.

  Muscle Of Love (1973).

  Lace and Whiskey (1977).

  Eyes of Alice Cooper (2003).

  Prince Of Darkness (1989).

  Live at the Whiskey (1969).

  Easy Action (1970).


  The Alice Cooper videos I own.

  Brutally Live.  Got this one on DVD.  Fellow Alice Cooper fans, if you only buy one video of Alice Cooper, I suggest this one!  I'm not sure, but I think he was performing in London, England, or at least he mentioned it a lot.  Regardless of the location, I could tell from looking at the auditorium where he was playing at when the lights hit the crowd, he was playing to a packed house!  And let me tell you, he was in pretty good form.  :-)   Did some songs from the album Brutal Planet plus some older stuff, too.  There was an error in the song list on the DVD, though.  Right after the song Only Women Bleed, he did the song You Drive Me Nervous which wasn't listed, then went on to introduce the guitarists, drummer, and keyboard guy.  Okay, so I was kind of expecting someone to put his chopped off head on top of the Frankenstein's monster he put together and watch it come to life because he had left an empty space where the head should be and he's known for getting his head chopped off, but it was still pretty fun to watch when it happened and he chased the nurse.  Other interesting stuff I saw in it includes:

  The woman in blue in the front row.  Yum!  One of the cooler spots in the DVD was when Alice touched her hand for a brief moment during the song Poison and then when the camera showed her mouthing the words to Only Women Bleed while Alice was singing.

  The drum solo with the flaming drumsticks.  I think Alice said the drummer's name was Eric Singer.  If you've got the DVD, it's on track 12.

  The woman with the whip during the song Go to Hell.  Interesting moves on that one.  Alice, where have you been hiding her?  ;-)  Maybe this is Mistress Kitty from the Nights with Alice Cooper radio show?

  Watching the crowd tossing those big colored ballons partially filled with confetti around during the song School's Out and watching Alice pop them with his sword when they came near him.

  When Alice came back up onto the stage for the start of the song Billion Dollar Babies, he was wearing a T-shirt saying "BRITNEY WANTS ME".  While I was starting to wonder if someone would really want Britney, he turned around and on the back of the T-shirt it said "DEAD".  "Britney wants me dead" get it?  LOL

  During the song Elected, people come on stage from the back that had on masks of the US presidents.  Nixon and Bush had on white shirts and ties that looked like the US flag, then came a couple of people wearing rubber masks that made them look like Hillary and Bill Clinton.  'Bill' seemed to be missing his pants and was only wearing boxers.  After he shook hands with Alice, he approached the front row of the crowd and looked over the people and acted like he was pointing out someone in the crowd and handed Alice some money.  That's when 'Hillary' stomped out of view of the camera in the direction 'Bill' was at.  After that, all four of the rubber mask crowd wrestled on stage while Alice waved a flag that had the British flag on one side, and the US flag on the other.

  Alice giving his cane that he was using on stage to a kid.  :-)

  The Alice Cooper videos I'm hoping to buy, someday.

  Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare.



  Here's some links to other Alice Cooper stuff on the Internet for all you Sick Things (or potential Sick Things)!

  Removed most of the links on May 18th, 2005 in a kind of Spring cleaning urge I had, after finding out that most of them were pointing to sites that weren't what they were when I originally put the link to them, but if you want your link up here, let me know.  But, if you're going to be snobby, and don't want to link back to my page, don't bother.

  If you want to link to this page, or the other pages on this site, you are more than welcome to.  Just remember to put the title of the page in the link in case I re-name the page's file, so that when they try it and it's not there, they'll know what to look for.  The Internet's constantly changing, people, so let's try to keep it as user-friendly as we can.  :-)


Frank Zappa interviewed by Playboy.  One of the people who helped Alice launch his career.  All text, but worth reading. And I love his comments on politicians!!  ;-)



A few of my favorite Alice Cooper pictures


The ax.  It's a tough job but oh, so satisfying!

Alice the bloody showman!  O.k., so it's probably only cherry syrup.

Tried to cut on the dotted line?  Alice's Kurgan (the main villain in the original Highlander movie) impression.

Yuppie Hate.Go forth and bag me some yuppies!

A regular nurse.  Hospital 'care' as it really is for the mentally ill!

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