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  You can find me as Cyberwolfman on Facebook.  But, just so you know, you'll likely need to add me as a friend before you can send me a message.

  You can also find me as Cyberwolfman_1 on Twitter, too.  Just don't count on me using it all that much.  I'm a rather wordy fellow, and a text limit of under 200 characters is incredibly limiting.

  Set up something on Google, too, but, after months of waiting and even after sending them a copy of the court order to change my name to Cyberwolfman, they still didn't do it.  But, corporations have always been above the law, especially in a corporatocracy . . .  Why is it such a hassle, when I can use my real name (Cyberwolfman) without having to confirm it with other social networking Web sites?  Would like to put up some of the videos I've taken onto YouTube, but, why give them content if they won't even allow me to have a profile in my real name?  I might put the link to my profile there if they ever get around to putting it up, but, until then, I recommend you use anyone else but them.

Email Cyberwolfman

  Just keep some things in mind:

  I rarely check my email.  Sometimes, it's months before I get around to it.

  I don't reply to most e-mails.  I can't, no matter how much I want to.  There's just too many.

  If you're writing to me in order to ask for help on how to run a program, you should instead contact the people who created the program.  Or, you can do a search in a search engine or Internet directory for the specific problem you're having.  Most of them will work well with phrases that you border with " marks, or, you can try their advanced search page, if they have one.

  If you're writing to me to thank me for something, you can donate a dollar to keep me going.  It's the best way to encourage me to do more.  :-)

  If you still feel you need to contact me, you can use my new e-mail address, that I'll spell out for you below:

The 1st letter of the device used to enrich uranium.

The 2nd letter of the chromosome that determines the male gender.

The 1st letter of the opposite of treble on an equalizer that only has two bands.

The 2nd letter you read on the front of a U.S. one dollar bill.

The 1st letter that describes the type of technology that electronarcosis falls under on my site.

The 1st letter of what Ron Weasley likes to say instead of words like "cool" or "awesome".

The 1st letter of a word that describes something that eats both meat and vegetables.

The 1st letter of the proper name for Sol III's natural satellite.

The 10th letter in the very long word used in the Mary Poppins movie.

The 1st letter of the other name for spice used in the Dune books written by Frank Herbert.

The 2nd letter of the name of the city located in Peru believed to be built and later lost by the Inca.

The 1st letter of the 1st name of the guy who invented robots, remote control, radio, VTOL, the spark plug, and electronarcosis.

The last number of the year in which I became homeless.

The 2nd letter of the name of the female character who was the product of genetic engineering in one of Robert A. Heinlein's books that was also the name of the book.

The 2nd letter of the name of the band that wrote the song "Drinking Again" back in the 1990's.

The 4th letter of the name the computer called himself in the movie "Electric Dreams".

The 1st letter of the name of the country where the guy who built the Coral Castle in Florida was born.

An ampersat.

The 4th letter of the name of the element in the periodic table that follows tantalum.

The 3rd letter of the name of the country where they created the 1st written language.

The 7th letter of the name of the political party that the 1st woman in the history of the US to receive an electoral vote belonged to.

The 2nd letter of the 1st name of the real life guy they based the movie "Rain Man" on.

The 1st letter of the name of the character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who wears a blue mask and is named after an Italian artist who bought animals from the market and released them back into the wild.

Stick a .com on the end of it and you've got it.


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