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  Why a Web page about Nikola Tesla?

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  Nikola Tesla's inventions, and what he gave us:

  AC Power.


  Remote control.

  Spark plug.

  Tesla coil.

  Nikola Tesla warned the world about the dangers of X-rays.

  Electric Sleep AKA electronarcosis.


  Controlled magnetic harmonic resonator.

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  Why a page about Nikola Tesla?

  The primary reasons I created this page about Nikola Tesla are:

  Most people don't know who Nikola Tesla is, and have never heard of him.  Those that have heard of Nikola Tesla do not take him seriously because of the way he's been presented to people in books and the media when they can bother to talk about him at all.

  Since most people don't have a clue who Nikola Tesla is, I'll try to fix that, although I'm certain that most people who wander through my Web site and have played This Is It's Trivia know who he is.

  This page will (hopefully) inform people of who Nikola Tesla is, inform them of what he was responsible for giving the world, and dispel some misinformation about Nikola Tesla.

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  Nikola Tesla's inventions and what he gave us:

  AC Power:  Nikola Tesla gave us AC power.  Although many believe he invented it, also.  Even if Nikola Tesla didn't invent AC power, the systems we use today are based on what Nikola Tesla created, and without his persistance, we would not be using AC power, but instead, be using DC power.  There was a 'war of currents' with him and George Westinghouse on one side with AC or Alternating Current and on the other side, there was Thomas Edison with DC or Direct Current.  AC power was better because with DC power, you had to have power stations every mile or two because the voltage would drop over distance.  Edison, not liking capital punishement, but wanting to get people to use his DC power so he could make money from his patent royalties, went so far as to hire some guy named Harold P. Brown to help him create an electric chair in an attempt to get the public to see AC power as being dangerous.  Together, they electrocuted dogs and cats (mostly strays) in front of the press, even an elephant named Topsy from Coney Island's Luna Park.  She was considered 'dangerous' because she killed a few guys like some jerk who was training her who tried to feed her a lit cigarette.  Edison even recorded the execution of Topsy the elephant with a motion picture camera.

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  Radio:  Nikola Tesla invented the radio, and got patents for his work.  In 1904, however, the US Patent Office reversed its decision and gave a patent for radio to Guglielmo Marconi, but the US Patent Office may have been influenced by Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie.  In 1943, after Nikola Tesla died, the US Supreme Court finally upheld his patent for the invention of the radio, patent US645576 A, filed in 1897.  AM radio and FM radio came later.  When Marconi did his transatlantic radio transmission, Tesla noted that he used 17 of his patents.

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  Remote control:  Nikola Tesla invented remote control (it used radio waves) in 1893, got a patent for it (US patent 613809  "Method of and Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vessels or Vehicles"), and demonstrated it by showing the US military a radio controlled boat.

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  Spark plug:  Nikola Tesla invented the spark plug.  Although many will try to dispute this, Nikola Tesla is the one who was awarded a patent (US patent 609250), which is how many people and organizations determine who gets credit for inventing something.

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  Tesla coil:  Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla Coil, if you didn't already figure that out from its name.  The Tesla Coil is the predecessor of the flyback transformer that gives voltage to a CRT, which some TV sets and computer monitors use.  Many people believe that without Nikola Tesla's inventions, we would have no modern-day TV.  The modern-day variant of a Tesla Coil can be seen in a 'plasma globe', where long sparks dance around inside a globe, sculpture, or flat disk.  Those who have seen some of the later Star Trek shows have seen the latter behind individual Borg recharge stations, where they 'sleep'.

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  The dangers of X-rays:  Nikola Tesla investigated X-rays, invented and developed a special single-electrode X-ray tube and tried to alert the world as to the dangers of X-ray exposure.  His warnings fell on deaf ears, and later, one of Thomas Edison's employees, a glassblower by the name of Clarence Madison Dally (1865-1904), contracted cancer (and later died from it after they attempted to save him by amputating both arms) because he kept testing the X-ray tubes on his hands.

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  Electric sleep:  Nikola Tesla invented electric sleep, or sleep from electricity, which is known in some circles as electronarcosis.  This is a good example of repressed technology.  He talked about it during a lecture delivered before the Americin Electro-Therapeutic Association, in Buffalo, New York on September 13, 1898.  It was called "High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes".  He mentioned this in a letter to the editor of the New York Times on October 16th, 1907.  But, for some reason, hospitals prefer using gas anesthesia which is dangerous both because of the potential of a fire and for possible infections.  Most of the fires happen on or near the patient, and the patient is usually strapped down if they're put under anesthesia, so they can't escape the fire, even if they regain consciousness.

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  Robotics:  Nikola Tesla invented robots, and created the first working and remote controlled robot.  Although many believe that robots weren't even thought of until Karel Capek wrote the play "R.U.R." (Rossum's Universal Robots) in 1921, it was Nikola Tesla who first mentioned them, and not only said what they were, but created and demonstrated a working robot in 1898.  After a writer for the New York Times tried suggesting to Tesla that he should make his robot submerge and carry dynamite so it'd be a weapon in war, Nikola Tesla was the one that exploded (emotionally) telling them that "You do not see there a wireless torpedo, you see there the first of a race of robots, mechanical men which will do the laborious work of the human race."

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  Controlled magnetic harmonic resonator:  Nikola Tesla's work in things like controlled magnetic harmonic resonance has been talked about at length in some circles, and some believe that thomas edison was the one who stole Nikola Tesla's notes and equipment relating to things such as controlled magnetic harmonic resonance after his death, but, if we stick with the facts instead of rumors, you have to ask yourself what the applications of a device would be?  Seriously, would people think of anything more advanced than a wall that could act as a phase-shifted door to a secret lab which would be entered only by generating a series of tones?  LOL  Well, I could, but . . .  Haven't I dropped enough hints already with some of the things mentioned on the Repressed Technology page and elsewhere on this site?  But now, somebody might also have a clue on how to get access to one of the secret areas that I built in This Is It years back . . .

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