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Web Asylum?

    This is my asylum away from all the commercialism that seems to be taking over the Web.  You don't need any plug-ins except JavaScript (which most browsers have anyway and even if you don't have it, you'll still find lots of interesting stuff here) to enjoy this site, and, un-like some other Web sites, you won't get a blank page if you have JavaScript off.  I guess that's one way to lose Web site visitors.  LOL

  You can stay here and explore this Web asylum that I've built, and I will try my very best to entertain and help you with datafeed while you visit.  If you're not careful, I might even teach you a few things as well, so watch out!  I'm sneaky.  ;-)

    If you'd like to make a small donation of a dollar or so, you're more than welcome to click on the picture below and do so, and it would most certainly be appreciated, but it isn't expected of you.

    If you can't afford to make a donation, maybe you can tell others about us.  It may help somebody out who needs information that can be found here, and, unlike most other sites, I'm not trying to sell you anything, and do everything I can to keep this Web site as ad-free as possible.


Linking to my Web pages:

  You are more than welcome to link to any of my Web pages that you like, as well as give out links to others in e-mails or in other Internet programs, but, you might also wish to link to the front door of the site just in case I re-name the page you wanted people to check out.  In the case of a Web page on my Web site with less than eight (8) characters in it, it's a very good idea.  The Web pages on my site with scrunched up file names are the oldest pages on my Web site, before the days when we were able to use more than eight (8) character file names.  As I am slowly re-naming them to longer file names, those people who have linked to the older Web pages get dead links on their own Web pages.  Even though visitors are taken to a special Web page I have created which shows the more recently changed Web page names, it's still nice to have a Web page that has all the links working upon it.

  And, yes, I've been on the Internet for a very long time, and used various computers prior to the Internet, which I still think is very awesome.  It's very much my prefered method of doing most of my regular research, now, as opposed to the past where you had to go to a library and look in the card catalog for a book and then go to the shelves, hoping it's there.  Even if it was there, you still had to look in the back of the book to find the page numbers for what you were looking for, which was oft-times more than just one page, and then, read on average, about half the page to find what you're looking for.  Now, we just use search engines with advanced searches and when we go to a page, use Ctrl+f to find what we're looking for on the page.  Very cool, and much faster!  :-)

  Don't get me wrong, though, I still like books; the smell of them, the feel of them in my paws er, hands, and the fact that when there's a power outage, we're still able to use them when most of the other things that people depend upon in their daily lives have become little more than expensive paperweights.

Why don't your Web pages all look the same?

  I make Web pages with a text editor, not a WYSIWYG HTML program or something like it with a single template for all Web pages.  Although, sometimes, I simply alter an existing Web page and save it with a new name for a completely different subject.  If you prefer a Web site where no matter which Web page you're on on that Web site, you have to look at the text and the picture to see that you're on a different page and prefer they all look the same, scram!  You're not going to get that here.  LOL

Are you the original Cyberwolfman?

  Yes.  You've probably already found some of the Cyberwolfman impostors.  They're a pale imitation, at best.  While many of them restrict themselves to only one field of study, I would grow extremely bored with that, and like to study almost everything.  Some would use a fancy name like polymath or renaissance man to describe me, but, I just see myself as having a lot of useless junk in my head, and a nigh-insatiable need to fill it with more.  LOL  Want a sample?  Come into my 3D world, This Is It, and play a game with my almost always running triviabot.  ;-)

  I suppose that I should feel flattered that all the impostors want to be me.  LOL  Or, maybe I should feel pity for them because they lack enough imagination to think of an original name that nobody else is using?  *shrugs*  One of them that I was recently told about is certainly in that latter group.  They have to use other people's content on their Web page.  The majority of pictures you find on my Web site are my own, and I have over 100 Web pages, while my impostors can usually only make one, and of course, none of their stuff is original.

  As for who has been using the name Cyberwolfman the longest, all you have to do is realize that I've been using the name Cyberwolfman and using computers a long time before the Pentium CPU was made (1993) or Web sites like myspace were founded, and even this site was created long before myspace was.  But, then, anybody who's smart enough to know how to find out the date myspace was founded (2003) and compare it to a whois look-up for this domain name will quickly figure out who the original Cyberwolfman is and who are the lame impostors.  You're busted, guys!  Hee hee hee  When someone uses my name and people can obviously see that they're not me, they may as well tattoo the word newbie on their forehead, because that's what they're declaring themselves to be to the world.  LOL

  If you see somebody using the name Cyberwolfman on the Internet and I don't state that I'm using that program or Web site on this site, it's not me.  Feel free to call them newbies, impostors, or liars if you wish, but, in all honesty, what's important to me is that you know the truth, and you can tell others if you so desire, but the impostors already know they're fakes, so they don't need to be told.

    However, for those who friended them on those social networking sites, and lack even the most rudimentary skills required to figure out which Cyberwolfman is the first Cyberwolfman, I feel it's only a matter of time before they get bombarded with e-mail phishing schemes (is there anybody out there who has yet to figure out that clicking on links in e-mails is a no-go?), and, I truly hope that none of the people in the off-line world such as their fellow employees, friends, or schoolmates ever find out that they're that gullible . . .


What happened to Grok Wolf?

  Quite some time ago, I decided to start using my real name (Cyberwolfman) instead of the Grok Wolf name that I used on the Internet for a little while several years ago.  You may still find pictures and Web pages that have Grok Wolf on them upon this Web site, but I'll slowly change them to reflect the Cyberwolfman name.  Still the same person, just using my real name, now.



  Where are the frames?

  If you've visited here before, you're probably wondering what happened to the framed pages I created with all the buttons on the side that glowed when you put the mouse over them, and launched a page into the main window.  They have been replaced by more or less normal pages (if anything can be called 'normal' on this Web site).  The main reason for this being that older Web browsers (like Internet Explorer version 3) tended to crash upon encountering framed pages, and I didn't want to exclude anyone because they may not be able to upgrade their browsers for one reason or another.  Another reason is that  I consider my 'frames' pages to have been part of a stage I was in when I wanted to try out something that I taught myself.  As Web browsers evolve, and are able to produce more interesting things, you may find that I will incorporate them into my pages if I feel like doing so.  Which brings us to . . .

  Future plans for my Web pages

  More Web pages on various subjects, and, I'll attempt to put up more of my pictures and decide which of them I want to share with the world and which of them I want to keep in my private collection, and whatever else I can come up with. About the only thing limiting me is my lack of knowledge in how to do some things.  Once I learn how to do them, I can really start having some fun.  :-)

  Lately, I have discovered some of the Web pages I created around 1994 still have spots in the code where I had used one color for a blinking asterisk or some other text before changing to another color for the rest of the text on that line.  When on-line advertisers started to abuse the blink tag in order to get your attention, I had removed the blink tags from most of my Web pages, not wanting to be associated with them, but, I had neglected to remove the extra font color stuff in the code.  So . . . one of the things that most people will likely never notice is something that I'm trying to fix.  LOL

  Another thing that most people will likely never notice that I'm trying to fix is the text formatting in the Web page files from when I was silly enough to use micro$haft's windows and an inferior text editor program to code with.  This will never happen again . . . *GROWLS*


  What happened to the counter?

  The counter stopped loading on the main page, so I removed it.  If I can find a free Web page visitor counter in the future that's fairly good, I may put it up, but for now, we are counter-free here.  Hey, look at it this way.  There's now one less ad to load on the Internet.  :-)



  The werewolf part of the pictue on the main page was given to me by Christy Goldenwolf Grandjean and the rest of it was done by me, taking a picture of one of my builds in a 3D chat program, then pasting most of the picture she gave me onto it.




  If you'd like to know a little more about who's to blame for the way I am and in a way for what you're seeing on these pages by influencing how I think and feel, you can click here.  It uses JavaScript and will give you something that looks like movie credits.  If you can't read it the first time through, you can just grab the scroll bar on the side and put it back up to the top.  If you're having problems getting it to work, you may want to update your Web browser.

  On some of my pages, you may find that I like to use the name origins as the days of the week instead of the more boring normal way to do it.  I use:

  Sun day for Sunday (named after 'The Sun' (Sol) )
  Moon day for Monday (named after 'The Moon' (Luna) )
  Tiw's day for Tuesday (named after Tiw, the god of battle)
  Odin's day for Wednesday (named after Odin, god of poetry and the dead.  Also known as Woden)
  Thor's day for Thursday (named after Thor, god of thunder)
  Frigg's day for Friday (named after Frigg, goddess of married love)
  Saturn's day for Saturday (named after Saturn, god of fertility and agriculture)

under construction

  This site was started back in the early 1990's, and while it has moved from place to place since then and undergone a few name changes, it is always under construction (and while this is probably redundant in some nit-picking human's eyes, it basically means I move stuff around, add new text, use new techniques that I teach myself on it, a new link (or updated one if someone tells me the old one doesn't work and I fix it.  Hint, hint!) or whatever when the mood strikes me.  So the 'final form' will probably never be achieved) like almost all pages out there.  But at least if I tell you that it's still under construction, I might get you to come back every once in a while to see what I've added.  It might be tomorrow, next week, or in a few months.  Depends on my mood and how much time I have to play with it.  The site isn't exactly normal, but then I never said that I was sane did I?  Maybe someday I'll toilet paper the white house or run off with a fighter jet and do loops above and through the St. Louis Arch.  Hmm . . .

  Be wary, Mr. President.  Trust me on this.  Human security is no match for someone with a lot of training in naughty things who possesses an imagination, has read literally thousands of sci-fi books (along with other things I won't mention here), and a rather odd sense of humor.  Hee hee hee

  What happened to the 'Bad humans' list?

  While I feel that most of the humans on this planet are bad, and I've only met a few in the 'real world' that weren't, making them famous by putting their names up on the Internet would be a bad thing.  Perhaps in the near future, I will re-think this, maybe deciding that warning people of particularly viscious and cruel people is more important and again have one, but for now, it is no more.

  If you are like one of the sick people who I used to have for neighbors who kept asking me if I have any child porn on my pages, the answer is an emphatic no!!  As far as I am aware of, there are not even any links to such things here, and if there are, I didn't put them there (unless the page was about something else when I put the link up, and later on, the person who has the page decided to add such things later on) and if I find them, they will be removed as quickly as I can get to them.  In fact, if you're one of those people who are looking for such things, I'd prefer it if you would leave.

  Web page appearance changes

  Back in 2013, I changed the front door page because many newer computer monitors can now handle more than 640x480 resolution (the same resolution as analog broadcast (NTSC), that is currently being replaced (by those rich enough to be able to afford it) with HDTV, which is along the lines of 1280720 and up to 19201080), and the background images weren't going all the way over to the other side.  However, there are a few people out there who are using mobile devices with lower resolution and the top banner didn't look right on them, so, I thought I would be nice and make it smaller so it would fit better (but, if you have low resolution, you might want to look into getting a tablet - some are fairly inexpensive but, make certain you get the one that fits your needs such as the kind of connection you want to use with it - with better resolution than your smartphone or pad).  As I am constantly thinking of ways to make Web pages look different (most of the time while I'm halfway through working on one), don't get used to them keeping the same look for very long!  LOL  One of my most recent changes combined some old school Web page stuff (for one thing, the gray background was reminiscent of the older Web pages back in the early 1990s), and some new stuff, as well.  Will I make a 'mobile' version of this Web site with no images whatsoever on it?  Don't count on it.  Sounds too much like the first Web pages with nothing on them but text and not a single picture.  If you're using a wireless data plan that limits how much you can download so much that even a few images may put you over your limit, you should seriously consider switching to another provider.  Ditto if your connection is so slow that it takes longer than a few seconds to download most of my Web pages since few of them have extremely large files on them.

  Flash Movie:



Some final words before you go riding off into the sunset . . .

One of my sunset pictures.  You can find more of my pictures on the CYBERWOLFMAN'S PIX pages.

  Well, that's about it for the basic intro.  Just remember, if life gets to be too much for you sometimes, just tilt your head back and howl!!!  If anyone asks you why you did it, tell them that someone named Cyberwolfman said it's a great way to relieve stress (at least it works for me most of the time, but not always).  Just don't be surprised if someone (or something) howls back.  And remember:  Don't get programmed by anybody but yourself!!  I heard that in the last part of the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey soundtrack CD.  It sounds like great advice!

  Now that you've satisfied your curiosity and you now know the basics for this Web site's existence, you can go back to the front door, or the main page (if that window isn't still open) if you like.

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