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Cyberwolfman's Pictures #5!

  Like my last pictures page, almost all of these are pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois.

  Yes, you'll no doubt realize that my skills are improving.  ;-)

  Just like on my other pictures pages, these are pictures that I've taken myself.  Some of these are cool, some might seem a little weird to you, and some might even get you to smile.  Which is one of the main reasons for me putting them up here in the first place.  Enjoy!   :-)

  Please do not copy any of these pictures without my permission.  If you would like to copy one or some of them to use somewhere, please ask me first.  Depending on where you plan to use them (on a page of your own for example), I'll more than likely say yes anyway as long as you give me credit and a link back to my main page (this one's address might change).

  Okay, for those who want to nit-pick, these are older pictures, ranging from June to October of 2002.  Most of them were taken in Bloomington-Normal Illinois.

  A few can be called Springfield Illinois pictures but most are Bloomington Illinois pictures.

  If you want to see a bigger picture of something you like, click on the little picture beside each description to see it full-sized.

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  Nice-looking lady at Lizard's Lounge

  This is one of the nicer people that go to Lizard's Lounge in Bloomington Illinois.

  There was a Jurassic Park pinball machine next to her, but I cropped it out.

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  Roswell band

  For a while, I kept thinking the name of this rock band was Area 51, but then I saw the name of the band on the drums.  LOL

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  Same band but caught in action

  If I remember right, the guy with the red shirt was a bit of a show-off and had a cool tattoo of a dragon or a snake on his arm.

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  Jamming in IWU's Quad

  Yes, I'll admit it, sometimes I tend to wander around at night.  On one such evening, I came into Illinois Wesleyan University's Quad and found a group of people banging on drums or whatever they could find as well as playing a couple of cool looking wind instruments.  Sounded cool, so I hung around for a while.  :-)

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  A better picture in IWU's Quad

  Was kind of hoping they'd do something like Alice Cooper's song 'Black Juju', but it didn't happen.

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  A fountain in Springfield Illinois

  Back in 2002, I got invited to a military kind of graduation ceremony thingee.  But I kind of got bored, and wandered around.  That's when I found this fountain.

  It's a bit Spartan like, but the water was nice.

  What was really kind of scary to me was the fact that I couldn't even walk two blocks down the street in a town I haven't been to in over a decade before somebody recognized me despite the fact that I wasn't wearing anything with my name on it and came up to say hi and talk with me for a while.

  Maybe I'm getting too famous?

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  Wide angle shot

  This is a much better way of looking at it.

  The Springfield Illinois police station was to the left.

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  Showing the water falling

  This was almost relaxing, just standing there, listening to the water fall into the shallow pool below.

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  Laying down in front of the Springfield police station

  That's what I had to do to take this picture.  But I wanted to get that huge hotel in the shot, so I did it.  Gee, I wonder what the Springfield cops thought when I was laying down in front of their doors taking a picture of their security camera?  ;-)  Was only there for a second, but I'm sure someone was watching.

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  Big hotel!

  Walked over and took a picture of it near its base.

  Hey, when you look at it from this angle, it looks huge!  Just glad nobody had the urge to throw things off the roof while I was down there.

  Wonder what kind of patterns you'd get if you filled up water ballons with different colored ink or paint and drop them off of the hotel roof onto an empty parking lot?

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  Hey, Sarge!  You gonna share??

  This NCO was about as bored as I was during the graduation ceremonies.  But while I wandered around, some of us went to the snack bar to get nachos.  Usually don't see too many military types munching on nachos.

  See?  I told you I'd put it up on the Web!  Hee hee hee

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  Military teams

  Aw, did I scare somebody?  LOL

  You can see the freaked out looks on their faces.

  Gotta have some fun once in a while...

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  How many can I pick off?

  IMHO, most military security sucks.  The MPs and the cops can't seem to get it right.  Their perimeter has holes in it that I could've pushed a woolly mammoth through!

  That's probably my camera strap in the right side of the picture.  Sorry, I screw up once in a while.

  Oh.  And FYI, there were a couple of generals there.

  Yes, I learned some very, very bad things since I was a little kid, but I don't use them for evil.

  Lucky you.  WEG

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  Oh, now you see me??

  The MPs didn't spot me until I started using the flash on the camera.  Of course, so did the entire graduating class down there...

  Needless to say, I kind of moved to another area after that shot.  ;-)

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  New brickwork on a downtown Bloomington building

  Corner of Jefferson and Main streets.  Looking nice, but I think it needs some windows.

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  Bloomington cops downtown

  Trusting, aren't they?  WEG

  Aw, they know I'm not a bad guy.  A little nuts, maybe...

 This was during Harvest Bloom 2002, one of those little festival things they have in downtown Bloomington in the summer.

  The street to the left is Center street, and the next street past that concession stand is Jefferson.

  You can see the 'little Eiffel Tower' in the distance.

  The big grass lawn to the right belongs to the McLean County Historical Society, which took over the old McLean County courthouse in downtown Bloomington, Illinois.

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  Got them to pose with the bikes

  This is where I really should've used the flash, but didn't.  Was using a different kind of film, and thought it'd be okay.  My mistake.

  Not going to name the cops, sorry.

  I think the bike on the left was made by Mercedes Benz, or some other fancy company.  Probably one of the Bloomington Illinois cops seeing this will recognize it.  Was told they liked the other one better, and the disk brakes weren't that great.  Hey, any improvement over the pull brakes that are almost useless when it rains is a good thing, guys!

  Especially when there's moronic humans who drive past you just to get ahead of you, then turn right in front of you, expecting you to stop instantly.  Those are the times that I hate humans the most.  *Growls*  Yeah, I'm the guy who stood up and picked up his bicycle and took it to the curb after an 'accident' with the bone sticking out of my arm.

  Btw, that's the McLean County Historical Society building behind them.

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  The kids section

  This is Main street during Harvest Bloom 2002.

  That's a rock climbing wall to the far right.

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  The stage

  The stage at the corner of Jefferson and Center streets.

  After I saw the sign saying that it cost $3 for a beer, I kind of lost interest.

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  Big mixing board!

  I pity the poor guy who has to lug this around from gig to gig in hot weather!

  Hmm...  Is that a laptop I see over there?  ;-)

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  Juju's during the daytime

  Asked the lady bartender there at Juju's to pose and she did, giving me a big smile.  :-)

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  Michelle Ryan from WBNQ

  On October 5th, 2002.

  Michelle Ryan from WBNQ was doing a remote broadcast at Juju's.  There's the equipment.  Would've been easier just to call into the station and had the DJ patch you through on his board, or record it and play it back if they like what you recorded.  Less stuff to haul around that way.

  Last I heard, she was doing the 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. show with Fazik (sp?).

  To be honest, though, I don't listen to WBNQ very often because they never play my requests.  :-P

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  The band Alter Ego

  In Juju's the same night.

  Think that's Fazik playing up there.

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  Lizard's Lounge ladies


  Matt seems to be happy for some odd reason.  LOL

  I'd put some of the other pictures I took up here, but someone would likely get upset with me.  ;-)

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  Ladies drinking at Juju's

  You know, a few more of those, and you may not care if the guy you take home is human or not.


  Yo, ladies!  Can I buy you a keg?  LOL

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  A sled in the ceiling at Juju's?

  Not sure what this is all about, but I'm hoping that it's secured well.  Wouldn't want some sled bonking me on the head while I'm drinking!  Ow, ow, ow!  I wonder if the sled is named Rosebud . . .

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  96.7 I-Rock at Daddios

  Hey, it's Reverend Derek Moody from the Church of Rock on 96.7 I-Rock!  Or is that IRock?  Whatever.

  Derek, you still drinking PBR?  LOL  Some people will drink anything.  I'll stick with Miller Lite and Icehouse.

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  Moody, Stone, and Taz of 96.7 I-Rock

  Yeah, this is the kind of people I like haning out with.  They're a heck of a lot more fun than the suits!

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  Moody, Stone, and Chandler?

  Not sure if that's Chandler up there or not.  Stone's got his big hand in the way.  LOL

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