Who's to blame.  Or, the credits portion of the Web site.  ;-)


  My 'loving parents' for giving birth to me and for making me extremely untrusting of people.

  The comic book industry who gave me such interesting friends to play with in my mind like Wolverine, Deadpool, and Rahne.

  The schools that I was forced to go to with the sadistic robots that passed as students there that tried to make me into one of them, or at the very least, a robot so that I would fit in and walk in mindless lock-step with all the others out there in the world.  Obviously, it didn't work.  ;-)

  The authors of the literally thousands of Science Fiction stories I've read that enabled me to escape for a time when I desperately needed to in order to keep what little remains of my sanity.

  The Rock & Roll artists (mainly Alice Cooper) who opened up my eyes, entertained me, and overall just gave me something cool to listen to.

  Radio stations like WBNQ and WIHN for playing in such mind-numbingly excessive heavy rotation the excessively boring garbage on the air  that sounds so similar, it's hard for me to tell one group or artist from another.  It made me start my rather large music CD collection, and to look elsewhere for better radio stations to listen to.

  The few people that I've met on-line that I am extremely proud and honored to have as my friends.  :-)

  Others too numerous to mention here, but are probably on several government lists of watched people.  ;-)

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