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  How not to tell others about this site:

  Don't use spray-paint to put my site's URL on anything that you don't own, especially public property.  I can pretty much guarantee that somebody will try to blame me for it even if it's in another country on the other side of the world.

  Things you can do to help tell others about this site.  :-)

  You can give the location of your favorite pages on this site out to others in chats.  There are several help pages I've created which may prove helpful to the person you're chatting with.

  Put the location of a page on this site that you like into your e-mail signature.  Many Web-based e-mail services allow you to use signatures.  Some people put in funny lines or quotes, you can do that, and tell others of a page you found here that you want to share with them.

  Here are a few you may use, the first one is something I put in to my own e-mails to do my small part to help others who need it.  :-)  You're also more than welcome to write something else about the pages, or put in something to a totally different page.

Help others around the world for free! :-)

This Is It! Streaming music, video, trivia, 3D chat, pictures, and more!

Internet Help!
E-mail privacy, free bandwidth tests, Web browsers review, Internet security and privacy.

Cyberwolfman's Web Asylum:

Modern-day slavery is alive and well, and serial killers are using the Internet to find victims!

  Do you have a blog, or post to forums or newsgroups often?  You're more than welcome to put a link to one of my pages which you think would be similar to that which you're writing about.  However, if you put in a link to one of my pages that doesn't have any bearing on what you're writing about, you're likely to get people irate with you for being off-topic.  :-P

  If you have a Web page of your own, somewhere, you can make a link to your favorite page or pages on this site.  If you do this, it would be a good idea to make the text link say the title of the page that you're trying to get people to check out.  That way, if the name of the Web page file is changed, later, they can still look at the links to see which page is the one they were trying to find.  If you don't have a Web page and want to make one for yourself and get free hosting for it as well, you can try things like Yahoo Geocities and Angelfire.

  Telling people about the site in the real world:

  You're welcome to tell people about this site in the real world, as well.  One way to do it is to write down the location of it onto small pieces of paper that are business card sized, and give them out to others.  It's good to put that scrap paper you may have around the house to good use.  You can make business cards for it, if you want to, but why spend the money, when a piece of paper or card paper will serve the same purpose, and will save you money?

  Create a flyer, and, if you own a business, put it up inside your window, or on a wall somewhere that others can see it.  You can use double-backed tape, small pushpins, a stapler, staple gun, or tacks to stick it to the wall.  If you want to put it on an outside wall, you may want to cover it in some kind of plastic film, first.  A clear plastic comic book bag made to protect individual comic books works well for this, if you get the wider sized ones.

  You can use chalk to write the URL on a public sidewalk if it's legal where you live.  If you can write it in chalk on a sidewalk near a busy intersection, all the better.  Just use caution of vehicles.  You could also use chalk on a sidewalk at your house, on the steps facing people walking by, too.  Chalk isn't permanent, and should wash away after a good rain  If you're feeling especially bored and want to blow your neighbors' minds, you can spray-paint it on an outside wall of your house or garage with paint.  LOL  But, that'd be near-permanent unless you paint over it or put siding over it.  Please don't use paint on anything you don't own, because, more than likely, I'll get the blame for it if you do.

  This page may not look right to you

  Look at the pictures below to see if your Web browser is displaying this page correctly.

  To see the pictures full-sized, simply click on them, and they'll open in a new window or tab if your Web browser is capable of that, and you have it set to do so.

  If you don't see the page the way it looks in the pictures, check out CSS and the History of Web Browsers for more information, and to learn where you can download something better for free.

  Here's one of my favorite things, which you may want to tell other people about, yourself:

This Is It!

Click picture to see it full-sized!  :-)

  This Is It is my virtual home on the Internet.  It's where you can find me most of the time that I'm on-line when I'm not busy, or doing stuff in the real world.

  Click on the small picture to see it full sized, or click the link to read more about the world, and see pictures taken in it:  This Is It


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