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  Secretive doctors

  Just ask one of the secretive doctors sometime if you can look at your x-ray.  Most of the time they'll give you the excuse "You won't understand it" (now there's a snob response!) or maybe "It doesn't concern you".  Huh?!  Excuse me?  Doesn't concern me?!  My own body is not my concern?!  Yeah, right!  Sometimes when you ask the x-ray technician if you can look at it, they give you the "I'll ask the doctor if it's okay for you to look at it." bit.  Let's see, it's your own body that was x-rayed, you're paying through the nose for it, and they have to ask permission of the secretive doctor if you can see it or not, and tend to get upset that you want to look at the x-ray.

  Some secretive doctors even go so far as to flash the x-ray up near the light for perhaps 10 seconds and say cryptic statements such as "there's nothing there that shouldn't be there" while ignoring your repeated requests to see your x-rays and any direct questions you ask them about what's on them.  This produces two suspicions; The first being that they're making a very pathetic attempt to cover up their own ignorance over what the x-rays showed, and perhaps are relying solely upon what a x-ray technician may've mumbled to them in passing.  That could cost you your life.  The second is that they're hiding something the x-rays show that they don't want their patients to see.  Perhaps by order of the insurance companies to cut down on costs while the doctors 'lose' the x-rays that showed something like cancer that could've been treated at the time the x-ray was taken.  That could also cost you your life, and guarantee you a very slow and an extremely painful death courtesy of the doctor you just trusted with your life, in case you needed reminding of that rather important fact.  Another possibility is that there's something showing in the x-rays like something another doctor may've left behind from an earlier surgical operation or one of those ID chip implants that were originally created to keep track of pets by such agencies as the local animal contry offices, but, are now being implanted in people, some with their permission and consent, while others have it shot into them behind their backs and into their backs.

  If you've got a doctor like this, you have to ask yourself this question; "what else are they not telling me about?"

  I think for the most part that the people in the medical profession (not just the secretive doctors, all of them give you the run-around these days) are afraid you'll find out just how truly ignorant they are about the body, how it works, and how to repair it.  Then there's the high cost of medicine and the fact that I've heard a lot of the main drug companies are harassing herb stores that sell things that witches, (No, they don't worship satan.  They don't even believe in him.  Satan came along with the christians and catholics thousands of years after such things as sympathetic magic, herb lore, et cetera) shamans and midwives use to treat pain and illness.  I think Jello Biafra said that a drug that uses all natural ingredients can't be patented, so that could be why the main drug companies don't like herb stores since they could see them as a threat to their business of getting large sums of money from sick people.  Makes me wonder; if a cure is ever found for the common cold, AIDS, and cancer, will it be released, or will a drug company buy the rights to it so they can keep it from the public's use?  Seems to me like they might if they were really greedy, so they can keep making money from treating the symptoms of the diseases, but never curing them.  Frankly, I think that if such a thing ever happens, it should be considered a crime worse than murder since those who could've been cured are suffering through intense pain and usually die, which, to me, sounds very similar to torture.  Also, that the money that the company made after that event should be given to the surviving relatives of the people that could've been saved.  Now, how's that for a law?  Think it'll ever be passed?  Doubtful, since it makes more sense than some of the other laws, and it'll force the pharmaceutical corporations to do the right thing, which would cut into their profits and their executives might get smaller bonuses.  But hey, if you want to have an exercise in futility, you're welcome to ask your elected politicians.  *snickers*

  I can't wait until they replace human doctors with autodocs or whatever they're going to call them in the future.  I really hate it when doctors hurt you when they're fiddling around and write down crap like "The subject exhibited a pain response" like we're some sort of creatures or things that they can poke, prod and experiment on to their heart's content because we're not up to their standards of something that they can feel for (they treat their pet cat or dog better than they treat us!).

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