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About this page:  This page and the other opinion type pages on this site reflect my views of Aventura Hospital in Florida.  The opinions here are my own, formed by my experiences, and not dictated to me by any sponsors, since I have none.  This site is not ad-supported, whereas others are.  Draw your own conclusions, but, if you want to read an honest review, you're at the right place.

  Aventura Hospital Review:

  When I injured my foot, I went to Aventura Hospital emergency room believing that they would help me.  I was wrong.  Upon entering the emergency room, I gave the woman at the computer terminal there both of my health insurance cards from two different health insurance providers, and gave her my name.  Aventura Hospital not only got my name wrong, but, they also messed up on how to bill my health insurance providers, so I received letters from both of them saying they weren't paying the hospital bill.

  Because I had a foot injury, and it was bruised over half my foot and I was barely able to walk upon it because of the severe pain in it, I was expecting them to put me in a wheelchair and take me to an exam room, where they'd have me keep it elevated with an ice pack on it so the swelling and pain would diminish, and possibly give me a local anesthetic as I had learned a long time ago, was the way a foot injury was supposed to be treated.  My mistake.  The Aventura Hospital treatment for those with foot injuries seems to start with having the patient walk to the back, not even offering the patient the temporary use of a cane, and they're asked to sit in a hallway and wait to be examined.  The examination consisted of a nurse named Christine (or Cristine) poking my injured foot in the highly bruised area of it and asking me if it hurt.  After poking my foot for a few minutes, she led me back to the chair in the hallway to wait.

  After that, an x-ray technician that I think was named Caja asked me to walk down the hall to the x-ray room so he could take x-rays of my foot, and started off towards it at a fast walk, looking back occasionally with an impatient look as I limped along the hallway trying to keep up and grimacing from the pain.  Ignoring my questions, he proceeded to take two x-rays which I never received my copies of, nor was even allowed to see, thus making me believe that he messed them up.  After that, he escorted me back to the hallway and the chairs there to sit and wait, again.

  During my time waiting there in the hallway, sitting in a chair there, one of Aventura hospital's registration guys named Alex came over to ask if he could get my health insurance cards from me to make copies of them.  Handing them over to him, I told him that the woman in front already had my health insurance information, but, he ignored me and left with them.  He later brought them back, but, it seemed to take him a while to make a simple copy of two health insurance cards.

  After they left me sitting on that chair in the hallway for a couple of hours, a woman who claimed she was a physician's assistant and never gave her name or wore any identification and ignored my questions or showed me the x-rays of my own body that they charged me for, came over and told me that they were done and handed me the After Care Instructions papers which were printed up by someone named Stasha Martella, that had somebody else's name written on them instead of mine, with the time it was printed up at stated on the papers which was shortly after I had arrived at the hospital and printed on the papers were things like "Elevation is VERY important.  Elevation (above the level of the heart) will help to reduce pain and swelling.  Elevation is recommended for the first 24 hours after the injury."  LOL

  Aventura hospital charged over $600 for the x-rays, tests by people like Christine (Cristine?) who simply poked my foot and asked me if the bruised up and very sensitive to pressure foot hurt when she poked it, and 'accident care' (which I'm guessing was the part where they had me sitting in a chair in the hallway for hours and billed me $559 for) and you don't even get to see a real doctor but a physician's assistant.  And, on top of all of that, despite showing my insurance cards with my real name on them at least three times, to people like Alex, as well as the woman by the computer terminal at the Aventura Hospital's emergency room entrance, and, again, to a hospital registration woman (who didn't think I knew anything about computers despite the fact that I've been doing almost all of my own computer repairs and upgrades for several years, now) near the main entrance to the hospital where the fountain's at inside of it, they still screwed up my name on things like the After Care Instructions which I strongly suspect they printed up before they even took the x-rays.

  For those thinking that this type of service at a hospital is due to a lack of insurance, it wasn't.  I had two types of health insurance.  But, they even screwed up on that, billing the wrong one first, when the other form of health insurance I had was the primary health insurance.  What would they do to a person who comes in with heart problems?  Force-feed them macaroni and cheese?  LOL  I'd advise seeking medical help anywhere but here, for yourself, and for your loved ones.

  Aventura Hospital Review Ratings:

  Competence Rating:

  0.  The staff at Aventura Hospital in Florida didn't even get my name right after they looked at my health insurance cards three times, and even made copies.

  Empathy Rating:

  0.  The staff at Aventura Hospital seemed to have very little compassion or empathy for their patients, and in some cases, they appeared sadistic, making a patient with a severe foot injury walk around making them hurt even more.  It rather defeats the purpose of going to a hospital to get medical help and do something about the pain you're in when the hospital staff inflicts more pain on you.

  How I felt after leaving this hospital:

  Felt even more pain than I arrived with, the feeling that they didn't listen to me, or even knew what they were doing, and were incompetent and sadistic, forcing a patient to walk around with a foot injury which could have involved broken bones, which I learned to set myself, before I was a teen-ager, much to the astonishment of x-ray technicians several years ago who are quite likely dust by now who thought it was passing strange.  They would have thought it was even stranger if I had told them how I learned such things . . .

  Cost of the visit to this hospital:

  Over $600.

  Information I could use that I received after their testing:

  0, zero, zilch, nada, none.  Getting a form letter with instructions from Aventura Hospital's emergency room on the After Care Instructions papers that even Aventura Hospital didn't follow while I was in the emergency room (the instructions said I should keep the foot elevated, yet, they had me sitting in a hallway instead of in an exam room) seemed rather silly, especially being told that I shouldn't allow my wound to be soaked in water by doing dishes and the like when it was a foot injury.  But, perhaps, I'm the only one in the world who doesn't wash dishes with my feet?  LOL

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