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  Why a Web page giving the details about my encounters with jerks in CoV (City of Villains)?

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  The 1st Respec mission with .violet, AKA six. (the periods are part of their names), lady hajna and salvador on Triumph server.

  Dr. Spliffy on Triumph server.

  Loved or Loathed SG on Triumph server.

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  Why a Web page giving the details about the jerks I've encountered in the MMORPG CoV (City of Villains)?

  The primary reasons I created this page about the jerks in CoV are:

  Originally, I was working on it because I kept having to explain why people were complaining about me defending myself against verbal attacks.  However, when I dared to question the fairness or rather, the lack of it in the SG Loved or Loathed on the Triumph server, I was 'kicked' from the SG.

  But, there are people who are curious about what went on, so to save time trying to explain it all over and over again to everybody one at a time, I'm just going to give them the URL to this page.

  When it comes to sadistic people who either insult others, or screw them over, I don't really see any difference between them and the Nazi guards at the death camps in World War II who tortured and killed millions of people.  The only difference, really, is one of degree.  They enjoy hurting others, and gain pleasure from it, so in their hearts, they are the same.

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  The details of my encounters with jerks in the MMORPG City of Villains (AKA CoV):

  .Violet AKA Six. (with the periods), Lady Hajna, and Salvador on the Triumph server  These were the people I had teamed up with to get my 1st Respec (it's a thing in the game where you get to re-pick your powers if you're not happy with them).  During the mission, I attempted to ask questions.  They were ignored.  I asked them again, and was insulted for doing so.  Trying to work things out, I asked for an apology, then got more insults.  Near the end of the 1st Respec mission Six. AKA .Violet apparently thought it would be funny to kick me from the team, so I wouldn't get credit for doing it.

  Dr. Spliffy  Dr. Spliffy was in the SG Z E R G - S C O U R G E on Triumph server at the time of this incident, May 28th, 2006.  On this day, as on just about every other day, I was trying to help people.  This time, I was trying to help them earn their 1st Respec.  I had formed a team, then asked others if they would like help in getting their 1st Respec.  Dr. Spliffy was one of those who joined.  He started to insult me in less than ten minutes of starting the mission.  When I asked him not to insult people he's teaming with, and instead, try to work with them, he insulted me some more, then insisted on bragging about having started an SG, a scant couple of years ago, and stating that it was old.  *Rolls eyes*

  Loved or Loathed SG on Triumph server  This SG, in particular, an individual character named Xunx, got me to join them, claiming to be a friendly SG, and I earned them lots of Prestige, which is a kind of currency that SGs use to buy things for their bases in the game.  It seems that most of the time I was in the SG, I was doing something wrong in their eyes.  When I asked the same question more than a couple of times because I didn't get an answer, it was wrong, and people like Democrat told me to shut my mouth, and that I was pushing my luck.  So, no asking questions, no freedom of speech, and they gave me a thinly veiled threat.  When I defended myself against verbal attacks, it was wrong.  Because I didn't like somebody like Six. (AKA .Violet) because of the sadistic thing (s)he did, it was wrong.  Yet, there were worse things being done to me, and yet, they didn't seem to have a problem with it.  When I tried to remark on that, I was called, and I quote, a smartass.  Towards the end, in the late evening of May 28th, 2006, somebody was asking for help in the Coalition channel, that's used for higher ranking characters in the SGs to talk to each other.  They asked the same question more than a couple of times.  I half-jokingly / half-advisingly said that they'd get into trouble for asking too many questions... But not from me.  This was because unlike many other people, I like helping people.  I was instantly kicked from the Loved or Loathed SG at that point.  Just like Stalin, Hitler, and others in the past, they don't seem to like it when people point out un-fairness.  Or, the fact that people who ask questions because they're needing help are doing something wrong in their eyes.

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