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Titanic Movie Review


  I think this movie was okay for the most part.  It was of course, based on the ship Titanic and its sinking.  The two main characters were Jack and Rose.  Jack was an artist who traveled around the world, and enjoyed seeing new things and meeting people.  He didn't have much money, but he enjoyed life.  Rose was an actress that got engaged to a wealthy young man who was cruel, possessive, and violent.  She had second thoughts before boarding the Titanic, and thought of herself as being taken back to the United States as a type of slave to her fiancé.

  I bought the vid of this movie after one of my friends told me to see it.  It's why I was able to make this vidscan longer than the others.  I could do it while watching the movie, instead of trying to write a review of it based on what I remember about it over an hour or more ago.  When I do it that way, I usually only remember the bad things about a movie and little else.  Anyway...

  The colors look pretty dull in the vid, though that may or may not have something to do with making it hard to copy for pirates.  At any rate, the colors don't look as good as they should.  I really liked the sound in this movie, except for the constant hum I hear on all vid tapes.  I could understand what people were saying fairly well, and there were two parts of the movie where the sound had a nice effect in it.  One was when Rose and Jack were hiding in one of the cargo areas, where you could hear a little echo of their footsteps and voices, and the other was in one of the main stairways that had the big glass dome overhead, and the clock built into the wall about at eye level.  In there, the music seemed to waltz through the air, along with the almost - understood pieces of conversation of those standing or walking nearby.  Everyone was in their most expensive clothes, in an attempt I guess to make themselves look better than those around them.  Kinda like strutting peacocks, I suppose.  Jack had been invited to have dinner with the 'upper class' of the people on the ship after saving Rose's life.  Her fiancé invited him, probably believing that he could humiliate him in front of the other snobs.

  Jack did something in the movie that I like to do myself.  Star gaze.  He was lying down on one of the benches on deck, just relaxing and looking up at the stars.  Gotta admit, he probably saw them a lot better on the Titanic than people do in some of the big cities. Way too much light pollution, so you can't see that much.  The ones he saw didn't look as good as they should've though, and looked pretty dull, and more like very dim, white stars with no color in them.  Maybe it was cloudy or something, I dunno, but even when Rose and Jack are hanging on to the back of the ship's rail, with the ship going down into the water front first with no lights on, the stars still looked bad when they shouldn't have, or at least, they should've looked better than what they did when the Titanic had lights on her.  Considering how much they probably spent on special effects for this movie, I'm kinda surprised they didn't do a better job on the stars.  Speaking of special effects, they coulda used more work in this movie in other areas as well.  For instance, the scenes where there was darkness behind the characters looked a little too fake.  One part of the movie where this really stands out, is when Rose is on the back of the ship hanging onto the rail.  She's thinking of jumping off, and the dark waves of the ocean and part of the night sky are behind her, only it looks like she's standing in front of a fake backdrop.  She wanted to kill herself because she didn't like the idea of having to put up with the rich people all the rest of her life, saying in her own words, "always the same narrow people and the same mindless chatter."  I don't blame her.  Ugh!  You want a change?  Make me rich!  LOL  With what I know, and what I can do combined with my imagination...  Well, I'm pretty sure things won't be boring!  ;-)

  One of the interesting things I saw when I watched the movie, was on the cart a waiter was pushing around during dinner.  On it, you could see oranges that had already had their skins taken off of them.  Guess the rich people are too important to have to peel their own fruit, or perhaps they're so incompetent they don't know how?  ;-)  I liked the real party that Jack took Rose to after dinner with the snobs.  The Irish there were far more fun than the snobs!  They played a type of bagpipe that didn't have to be breathed into to operate, instead being pumped under the arm, fiddles, drums (I like the sound of drums), spoons, and an accordion, while some danced and others drank and talked.  One guy even got 'falling down' drunk, and instead of stopping him from drinking more, they just gave him another beer.  Course, he didn't have to worry about driving home afterwards since he was on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, either.  ;-)  The Irish party was full of energy, life, and looked like fun.  The snobs can keep their caviar and champagne, I'll go where the real fun is!  :-)  I think the 'steerage band' that played at the party was actually Gaelic Storm, or at least that's what it says in the credits.  Doubt if you were allowed to see the credits if you saw the movie in the theater.

  About the only two of the 'upper class' on board this ship that seemed to have good hearts were the overweight woman from America's southwest and Mr. Andrews, who supposedly built the ship.

  The movie had some very sad moments in it, like shots where an older couple were laying in bed, fully clothed, holding each other, waiting for death.  And another, where an Irish woman was sitting on a bed that her two children were laying in, telling them a fairy tale, while they too, waited for death.  I think the most sad moment for me, was when some of the ship's crew finally decided they'd go back and look for survivors after some of the screams for help had died down (because they had died from the cold water) of those people that weren't fortunate enough to be taken in one of the few lifeboats Titanic had.  When the flashlight of one of the sailors moved among the bodies, it shone on a mother holding her baby to her, and both were frozen from the icy chill of the waters.  I wish that Rose's fiancé had died in the cold waters instead.

  I liked the shot of the statue of liberty as the ship Carpathia passed under it with the survivors of the Titanic on board.  I don't think that liberty really means anything anymore to the citizens of the U.S., and those that've died for it believing others would have it because of their sacrifice died in vain, forgotten, but maybe the statue gave hope to people that came here from other lands.

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