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  English words to Japanese:

  Ambulance = Kyukyusha

  Chair = Isu

  Cheap = Yasui

  Cigarette = Tabako

  Coffee = Kohhi

  Coffee with milk = Kohhi gyunyu

  Cold = Samui

  Enlightenment = Satori

  Fire = Kaji

  Fruit = Kudamono

  Girl / Woman = Onna

  Good = Yoi

  Help = Tasukete

  Hot water = Oyu

  Hotel = Hoteru

  How? = Ikaga?

  Key = Kagi

  Large = Ohkii

  Left (direction) = Hidari

  Man = Otoko

  Money = Okane

  New = Atarashii

  No = iie

  Old = Furui

  Paper = Kami

  Pencil = Empitsu

  Please = Nanitozo

  Police / cops = Omawarisan

  Right (direction) = Migi

  Room = Heya

  Small = Chiisai

  Stamp = Kitte

  Station = Eki

  Store = Mise

  Straight ahead (direction) = Massugu

  Taxi = Takushi

  Tea (black) = Koh-cha

  Tea (green) = Ocha

  Telephone = Denwa

  Thanks (informal) = domo

  Ticket = Kippu

  Water = Mizu

  When? = Itsu desu ka

  Where? = Doko

  Who? = Dochira?

  Why? = Naze desu ka

  Yes = Hai

:+:  Japanese Phrases:  :+:

  Hello (only say on telephone) = Moshi moshi

  Do you like it? = Suki desu ka?

  I like it = Suki desu

  I don't like it = Kirai desu

  It's beautiful = Kirei desu

  Do you speak English? = Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka?

  Yes, I speak a little = Hai, sukoshi hanashimasu

  Do you understand? = Wakarimasu ka?

  No, I don't understand = Iie, wakarimasen

  Please say it again = Mo ichido itte kudasai

  Please speak slowly = Yukkuri hanashi te kudasai

  Please wait a moment = Chotto matte kudasai

  Yes, I understand = Hai, wakarimasu

  Excuse me (pardon me) = Gomen nasai (or Shitsurei shimasu)

  Excuse me (to get somebody's attention) = Sumi masen

  Excuse me, I am lost.  I do not speak Japanese.  Please show me how to get __________. = Suminasen, michi ni mayoi mashita.  Nihongo o hanasemasen.  __________ e no ikikata o oshiete kudasai.

  Good afternoon (day) = Konnichiwa

  Good-bye = Sayonara

  Good evening = Konbanwa

  Good morning = Ohayo gozaimasu

  Good night = Oyasuminasai

  How are you? = O genki desu ka?

  I am fine = Hai, genki desu

  And yourself? = Anata wa?

  How much? = Donnani?

  How much is it? = Sore wa ikura desu ka?

  I will take it = Sore kudasai

  I am sorry = Gomen nasai (or sumi masen).

  I'm very sorry = hontouni sumi masen

  I'm sick = Byoki desu

  It's a pleasure = dou itashi mashite

  Let me see = So desu ne

  Let's go = Ikimasho

  Listen up! (to get someone's attention) = Anone

  Oh, I see = As, soo desu ka

  No, thank you = Iie kekko desu

  Please (when you offer something, like an invitation to sit down or drink some tea) = Dozo

  Please (when asking for something) = Kudasai

  Please call me a taxi = Takushii o yonde kudasai

  Please give me this = Kore o kudasai

  Please show me = Misete kudasai

  Please write it = Kaite kudasai

  Pleased to meet you = Dozo yoroshiku (or Yoroshiku onegaishimasu)

  Thank you very much = Domo arigato gozaimasu

  Thank you for taking care of me during my stay = Osewa ni narimashita

  Thank you for your kindness = domo go-shinsetsu ni

  Thank you, it was delicious = gochiso sama deshita

  Welcome (what you say when you invite somebody into your house) = Irrasshaimase

  What is your name? = Anata-no namae wa?

  My name is _______ = Watashi no namae wa ________ desu (say your name in the empty space)

  What time is it? = Nan-ji desu ka?

  Where is it? = Doko desu ka?

  Where is the toilet? = Toire wa doko desu ka?

  You're welcome = Do itashi mashite

:+:  Phrases to use on a date:  :+:

  A beer please = Nama biru o hitotsu onegaishimasu

  Cheers! = Kampai!

  Drink up! = Ikki! Ikki!

  I'm hungry. Let's get something to eat. = Onaka ga suita. Shokuji ni shimashoo.

  Let's go to the park = Kooen ni ikoo

  Let's see a movie = Eiga o miyoo

  Thanks for the delicious meal (it was a feast) = Gochisoo sama deshita

  Where do you want to sit? = Doko ni suwaritai?

  Will you dance with me? = Issho ni odotte kureru?

:+:  Numbers:  :+:

  1 = Ichi

  2 = Ni

  3 = San

  4 = Yon

  5 = Go

  6 = Ro-ku

  7 = Na-na

  8 = Ha-chi

  9 = Kyu

  10 = Ju

  100 = Hya-ku

  1,000 = Sen

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