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  Y'know, I didn't care about all that political stuff before, but now...  It seems like we're getting to the point where all of our freedoms are being systematically taken away from us.  A law here, a law there...  And it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

  Already it feels like we're living in a police state where you have to show identification to any authority figure that asks you for it.  Have you ever seen one of those old black and white movies that they show on certain channels late at night where the nazis are running around asking everyone that they see on the street for their papers?  Think about the last time a cop stopped you when you were walking down the street at night and (s)he asked you for your I.D.  See any similarity there?  Nobody seems to notice this sort of thing.  Why?  Is the government's P.R. that good that you only hear the pretty speeches but can't see the broken and bleeding person on the sidewalk that 'resisted'?  These are civil servants?  They're not very civil, and as for the 'servant' part (your taxes are what they're paid with so basically, they're working for you and the rest of us), they act a lot more like masters.

  The president seems to be caught up in playing to the cameras and trying to look as nice as possible.  He made cuts to the welfare system which I think was really stupid and unkind to those who are probably having enough problems staying alive day by day.  Maybe he's trying to re-introduce the serf system?   I wonder what kind of effect that's gonna have on those people that hear their kids crying because they're hungry and they can't afford food.  Or how many bodies are going to be found in houses with no heat because they couldn't pay the bills or in an alley curled up trying to keep warm by huddling together for warmth maybe with the kids inside of their final embrace not understanding why they were dying.  Then he raises the minimum wage up a little more like that's gonna make a difference. Ha!  The prices are still gonna go up on everything and some stores, landlords, and other greedy people are gonna see this as a good reason to raise the rent or prices on food and whatever else they can get away with.  I hope he learns about noblesse oblige before it's too late.

  I wonder how bad it's going to get for some of these people with no hope anymore, maybe with their kids taken away from them by the courts because they can no longer care for them or utterly alone in life with no kids, wife, or family to help, no place to live, no one that will hire them because they look and smell bad, the teeth rotting in their mouths into black, painful stumps with unceasing pain, and the people they meet on the streets giving them dirty looks, laughing at them, and sometimes even beating them up for kicks before they feel that the only way to escape this living nightmare is suicide or violence (maybe getting a brick and coming up behind one of those guys in a suit that just gave him one of those looks that said "Don't even try to talk to me!", bashing his brains in and taking his wallet?)?  Of course that could be what the government wants so they can order martial law and really put the screws in!  I wouldn't put it past them.  They might've even planned it from the start.  Creating this much misery and being this cruel to people without knowing about it or planning it in the first place seems a little too much to believe.

  Some people even get killed after having their houses broken into by the government.  Like the old guy who got gunned down after running from his bedroom with a gun in his hand after hearing his wife screaming when she saw heavily armed intruders smashing their way into the house.  They were cops and after they killed him they searched the house for drugs while his body laid on the floor growing cold in a pool of his own blood.  They didn't find any illegal drugs and so far as I know couldn't even be bothered to apologize to his widow (found the information in one of James Bovard's books if you wanna look it up.  He even has worse things in them that the government's done to people and tells where he got the info himself).  I really hate it when cops kill innocent people.  It's like the cops are Nazis are something.  I read in the Liberator online that they even arrested some guy dying from cancer and 'confiscated' his computer because he was writing a book the government didn't like and then threw him in prison and didn't let him have his medication for days.  His doctors said that his life would be in danger if he even misses a single one of his six doses of medicine a day.  Free speech in America?  Yeah, right!  What bull!

  Me?  I vote Libertarian.  I know it probably won't change anything, but what the heck.  I only wish that we had a true democracy so that everyone can vote (maybe by way of permanent voting booths in city centers that were all hooked up through the Internet, a toll-free phone number or whatever.  That would make the US government truly "for the people, of the people, and by the people" wouldn't it?) on every issue instead of counting on some politician who is probably more concerned about how the corporations who are backing him or her would like them to vote.  But then, the politicians probably wouldn't like that because it would put them out of work, and they would come up with some excuse for not making it possible like saying that the American people aren't informed enough to make the right choice.  Of course, since the government decides what we should and shouldn't be told in the first place, there isn't much chance of that happening.  So whose fault do you think it is that the voter isn't informed enough?
  About certain politicians' misconduct or illegal activities:  I personally wouldn't put it past them, but even if they're found guilty of such things, they're probably not going to have to serve any jail time (if they do get sentenced to jail, you know it's going to be a nicer jail and they won't have to go through what regular people have to experience in jail!).  Do you remember your American history?  If not, you should look this up (you shouldn't believe everything people tell you.  I personally always try to be as honest as I can, but there are other people out there who aren't like me.  Okay, so there probably isn't anyone like me, but you've probably already figured that out if you've been wandering around on my pages).  Nixon resigned as president on August 9th, 1974 i.c.c. after his support began to erode after he released 3 tapes admitting he had originated the idea of having the FBI stop its probe into the Watergate break-in for political as well as national security reasons (Clinton was using pretty much the same excuse when the Monica Lewinsky investigation was going on.  The guy wasn't even original).  Gerald Ford got sworn in as president and on September 8th, 1974 i.c.c. he issued an unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon (at that time ex-president) for all federal crimes that he committed or may have committed while he was president.

  I haven't found too many politicians that I can trust yet. The majority of them will lie to the public over and over again claiming that they're innocent of any wrong doing up until the point that they're caught.  Then they make a big deal out of apologizing to people through pretty speeches thinking that'll make things better.  It's like Will Rogers said:  "The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office."  Even if they did something against the law and they're caught, they won't be punished.  Everyone knows that politicians (including, and perhaps especially presidents) get off (please, no more Clinton jokes about that last comment.  I've pretty much heard them all).  But, I'll let people find out for themselves.  They'll see it in action, be shocked that the person gets off and then they'll promptly forget about it, trusting again just as fully in the next politician that smiles for the cameras and gives them more bull to swallow.  :-(  The thing you've gotta remember is, if they're gonna lie to you about something minor, what else are they lying about?  Are there much bigger cover-ups that we may never learn about?  Maybe something important that the public won't be allowed to know about until decades or more than a century later when of course the politician who lied to them is safely dead and there'll be nothing anyone can do about it?  They only seem to care about how much power they can have over you now and keeping you ignorant of the truth.  An ignorant public is an easily manipulated public.  You are nothing more than sheep or robots to them.  They use you and they make you pay them through your taxes.


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