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  Warning!  I am not responsible for anyone who tries any of this stuff! You are responsible for your own actions!  This section of my site is primarily created for informational and educational purposes, and to give me a chance to vent about things to get it out of my system.

  Also, if it's illegal in your country or wherever you live for you to do something on these pages, don't do it!

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  The opinions on the following pages are my own and they are formed from experiences and the information that I have gained through very reliable sources that I trust (which are very few, since it's hard for me to trust anyone).  If you don't agree with them, it's your right to have your own opinion (until your government takes it away from you, or punishes or kills you for expressing it like so many have before).

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  I strongly support parental controls on the Internet.  This and my other web pages like this one, and others like it in other places on the Web, were never intended to be viewed by minors.  I feel that the new security / monitoring programs being developed are good for allowing everyone to take part in the responsibility of moderating this new environment - instead of waiting for the government to step in and begin censorship.  If you are a parent and you want to block this site, please contact one of the following:
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  7:  That at no time, will minors be subjected to said material of any kind;

  8:  By coming to this page and the following pages, and/or by looking at anything on this site (or the sites that you find linked from mine) you are agreeing that the material contained herein is not obscene or offensive in any way nor could ever be construed to be so.  You are also certifying that the material presented here is not illegal or considered obscene in your street, village, community, city, state, province, country, planet, system, quadrant, galaxy, universe and temporal locus.  If you are unsure, do not continue.  Leave now!

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  By continuing, you agree to all of the above.  If not, then leave.  I've done enough yammering.



Your choices include:


Americans are sheep!


ID Chip Implants.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).


Banks may be spying on their customers and helping the government invade your privacy.


Political Honesty.


The price paid for Freedom and Liberty.




Snubbed News Story/Living Forever Young.

  Snubbed news story on longevity research, in particular cell cleaning, and the possibilty of doing it through teleportation.  With this, there would be a high probabilty that you'd be able to extend your lifespan at least a few hundred years, and by that time, new research may extend it a lot further.

The future and the changes to come.

  This begins my comments on America's ongoing transformation into a theocratic type police state by slowly making alcohol, tobacco, adult entertainment and guns illegal and by doing away with search warrants and the rest of your rights.  As I was reminded by someone lately, America was founded by puritans.  Most predictions of the future seem to be a little off, but my predictions are usually pretty close to what happens.  Not sure if it's because I see things differently, and have lived through a lot of scary stuff, and those experiences have made me cynical, or what, but for whatever reason, they usually come true.  What say we go down the list and see how well I can predict the future?

The return of alcohol prohibition.


The banning of tobacco.

  How it will gradually become prohibited.  Surprisingly, a lot of my predictions on this as well as the slowly increasing laws against alcohol are becoming true faster than I expected.  Scary thought, that.

Americans are prudes!

  The growing movement towards prohibiting all adult entertainment in America.

Gun prohibition is coming, but it's wrong!

  How to keep your family and yourself safe from armed home invaders.


  Mostly commited by the US government.  More to be added later on.

Freedom and Liberty links.

Here's the link.  I just wanted to have some fun.  ;-)  Links to things like musical artists' RealAudio files and celebrities' comments on politics, some pretty interesting.  Also banned books on-line and the world's smallest political quiz.


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