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  Americans are prudes!  The growing movement towards prohibiting adult entertainment in America.

  Adult entertainment will soon be illegal.  This is how:

  #1:  By slowly but surely banning it from the internet.  I've heard that AOL has already banned all bondage material.  Not sure if this is true or not because I don't like to use ISPs that censor people.  But I guess some people don't mind their liberty being taken away from them.  Soon the only way you'll be able to view nude pictures of women is through an adult verification service that probably keeps records of what you view or having to subscribe to a pay site.

  #2: By banning more different types of it in a city, county, state, or in the nation so eventually there will be nothing left to get anyone exited.  About the only thing that'll be legal anymore in the way of sex is missionary position between a man and wife under the watchful eye of a video camera that's monitored by the government (very soon.  You're living in a police state, remember?  So, it's only a matter of time.  Even one of the congressmen (Democratic congressman James A. Traficant (Ohio) ) came right out and said that "We have developed a stone cold police state in America, believe me, from Waco, Ruby Ridge, to Miami, Florida," Traficant said. "Every American knows it, [but] no one is doing anything about it."). Boring!

  My advice:

  Move to a free country.  There's only a few countries that I've found to be more strict about nudity (prudish) than the United States.  One of them is Iran (which of course, we're turning into anyway).

  Additional comments on adult entertainment:  I personally believe that it's the parent's job to control what their children have access to on the Internet and that they should share that time together as much as possible.  Who knows, maybe they'll learn something while they do it.  :-)  I think that adult entertainment should be left alone.  If there are any restrictions on it, I think that the only types to be restricted should be 'kiddy porn' or anything that gets someone hurt.  It should be left to the individual to decide what is right or wrong for him (or her).  Sites should warn visitors that they contain adult content and if possible, give brief descriptions of what type of adult content so those who would just prefer to read a bondage type of story between two consenting adults that love each other (my kind of story.  :-)  ) won't be sickened when they instead read one that describes in explicit detail someone being hurt, humiliated and killed or pictures that show the same thing.  :-(  That's about the only kind of censorship I approve of.  If you've to sadistic tendancies, maybe you should seek help.

  It's not the government's job to say what is right or wrong in the moral sense when all you're doing is viewing two or more adults making love (I personally don't think that the government should outlaw material that shows a man and woman making love with one of them tied up if they're both consenting to it especially if your female partner is a kind, caring and considerate sort who wouldn't do anything to hurt, humiliate, embarrass you, or make you do anything gross.  I personally am not into pain (giving or receiving), cruelty, or harshness, but I can already hear you saying that I'm a sick puppy.  Hey, different strokes for different folks!  Besides:  "Genetics + environment = 'this is your life'".    ;-)

  I am really fed up with these christian, moral majority, enough is enough, et cetera, groups that want laws passed banning adult entertainment because they don't think that people should have a right to enjoy themselves by getting sexually aroused in their own private homes.  These people wouldn't even have been born if their dad hadn't gotten turned on by looking at their mother in the first place.  I get the feeling that these people suffer from the fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time.  It's like they're afraid that someone is going to get sexually aroused, turn into a sex-crazed maniac, come to their house, break in their door and rape them.  I hate to tell them this, but if I was so turned on that I just had to have sex and I had a choice between a prudish, bible-thumping fascist (YUCK!!!) and doing without, I'd do without!  I would run out the door and keep searching until I found a reasonable and willing partner.  I don't care how many miles or days I'd have to search.  Almost anyone would be better than her!   Like the director of  The People vs. Larry Flynt  said: "Banning pornography is just the first step toward tyranny and oppression."  Besides, he lived through it in Europe so I tend to believe he knows what he's talking about.

  One more comment on adult entertainment (specifically bondage):  I think it's a sign of a very sick community, state or country that considers bondage in a sexual situation (just sex, no pain or even emotional abuse) where the people are receiving pleasure from the act to be illegal, but yet they have movies and shows even on the TV on non-premium channels where people are tied up against their will and hurt and/or killed!  (Some places even televise executions of criminals!!  You don't even have the illusion that it's just a movie and that the person isn't really being killed!  And you know for a fact that this isn't consensual!  Heck, I even saw one scene where a couple of little kids had wrapped an adult up in a blanket, secured it with chains, then threw him into the river with him begging to be let go.  It was on the Highlander series, so I guess the guy was an immortal, and wasn't really going to die, but still!  Some little kid channel surfing wouldn't know that!)  So basically that community is saying that violence is good, but pleasure is bad.  I'd rather have it the other way around, but maybe I'm the only one in the US who does.  I think that restraining someone and hurting them is one of the most cruelest things to do to somebody, and to be honest with you, makes me feel physically sick to read about things like that.  :-(  I'd like to learn if there's anywhere I can find a list of communities in the world where an individual is respected enough to be given the liberty to view whatever she or he wants to (not just on the Internet but also in the book stores, on television, and in the video stores) and can find it easily where they live, among other information about the area.  Upon finding such a list, I will happily put the URL up on this page!


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