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  Some of this stuff might make you a little angry, but I thought it would be a good idea to share it with others, so they know what's going on.  This list is short at the moment, but there's some other things I'll be adding to it later.  From what I've observed of humans, I believe that they will continue to do bad things and that they'll be covered up over and over again.  About the only time they don't cover stuff up is when it's something truly horrific, and many people are already aware of it, but I suspect that later on after the event that not all the truth is told to the general public regarding how it happened or why.

  Abner Louima.  Remember the story of the guy who was taken into a police department bathroom and had a broken off broomstick shoved up inside of him?  It was pretty bad and that was only part of it.  Here's a bit more detail with some opinions thrown in.  I won't say how I felt when I read about this, but some of you already know...

  Shannon Smith.  Shot in the back by a cop while sitting in his car.  It happened at the Money Creek bridge on I-55.  He was unarmed, too!  This happened in central Illinois.  The community and businesses raised thousands of dollars for the cop, but only $400 was raised for Smith's family.  A judge lowered the cop's bond so he could be released and get back out onto the streets.  Even with videotape evidence, the cop got off.  You've got to wonder...  Is there any real justice in America or is it just BS?  Oh, here's the worst of it:  The cop returned to duty, and was again allowed to walk the streets with a gun, to 'serve and to protect' like he did on July 24th, 2000, I'm sure...  This seems to be a problem in other parts of the country, as well.  Here's a page worth reading for more information on this, and for formation of Parents against Unjustified Police Shootings (PUPS).  Seems humans only 'get involved' when they lose a family member.  Strange, but true.  If you want more of the same, you can try the Cop Crimes page for Illinois and while there's several others out there, I'll leave it at that.  Besides, some of them are a bit more opinionated, and don't bother with the facts.

  Susan Cummings.  States how she got special treatment and only a small jail sentence for killing her lover.  She was also fined $2500, but for the daughter of a billionare, I don't think this was any big deal.  She even loaded the gun upstairs and came down to the kitchen to put four slugs into him while he was eating breakfast but only had to serve a little time in jail.  'All are equal in the eyes of the law' my arse!  :-(


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