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  Gun prohibition is coming, but it's wrong!

  Guns are slowly being taken away from all citizens.  Thus leaving us vulnerable to attack by a foreign power or criminals.  This is how:

  #1:   By banning anything (like assault weapons, automatic weapons, machine guns, machine pistols, semi-automatic rifles, et cetera) that might give you a chance against a large group of attackers like street gangs or Nazis so when (not if, but when) the government is taken over by a fascist government (so it would no longer be our government.  You know, for the people, of the people and by the people) they won't have to worry about you getting more than a few of them.  Of course, someone with enough intelligence and who's respectful of the destructive power of certain chemicals and powders could rig explosives under their front and back porches and inside the bottom of their window frames so that if someone did break in, it would go off and whoever was standing on the porch or coming through the window would become swiss cheese.

  #2: Banning the higher caliber ammo.

  #3: Finding more and more excuses to take away people's FOID cards, or to refuse them when they try to get one.

  #4: Banning clips that hold more than 10 or 20 rounds of ammo in them.

  #5:  By terrorizing gun dealers and their families even in their homes.

  #6:  By making it illegal to have a gun in your house that doesn't have a gun lock on it.  If it takes you longer than one second to deploy a weapon, you may as well give up on it.  A criminal breaking into your house that knows you're home probably already has his gun out and it doesn't have a gun lock on it.  How many members of your family can he kill in the time it takes you to find your keys, unlock a gun cabinet, unlock a gun lock and then load the gun?  If it had some kind of fingerprint scanner on it that would only fire if the owner put her / his finger on it and could do it in less than a second, then I think it would be good.  :-)

  #7:   Making people fear those with guns.  I saw one extremely shallow trick being used on the Cnet show a few years back.  They were doing one of those 'Talk to us' parts where they supposedly just went out on the streets and questioned people.  They asked them "Should people be able to buy guns online?"  One older woman said "I don't think people should be able to buy them anyplace.  Ever."  In the store window behind her, you see a postal service truck reflected in the window.  Can you say 'disgruntled postal employee' with me?  Also, they showed the people that didn't want anyone to buy guns online with the camera pointing up at them (so that viewers would be 'looking up' at them), and those that approved of people being able to buy guns online like one gentleman who said "Why not?" they had the camera pointing down on them (so the viewers would be 'looking down' on them).  Talk about your shallow tricks.  It's so easy to see through some humans sometimes, it's pathetic.  Doubt if many people notice this kinda thing though, so maybe it works on the general population, I dunno.  If you're reading this and don't know about it yet, wise up!  You should start paying attention to how you're being manipulated.  Also, when they film people on an eye level with the camera, they're trying to make you see them as an equal or a friend that you can trust.  Notice what camera level they film news reporters and people in commercials?  How about political and religious leaders?  Are we learning yet?

  #7:  Making you register all of your weapons, and tell them exactly where you store them at, so if (or maybe I should say when) someone gets those records and comes by to steal er, I mean 'confiscate' the weapons that you have to protect your family and yourself with, they know exactly where to find them.  But then, so does anyone else who gains access to their information.

  So how long at this rate do you think it'll be before most of the citizens are unarmed?

  My advice:

  First:  Get yourself a FOID card.

  Second:  Buy at least one each; pistol, rifle, and shotgun and lots of ammo as if you had to defend yourself from a siege.  You just might have to.  This is also a good idea if the government falls and the citizens have to fight a ground war against invaders.  You're not going to be able to run out to your local gun store and get more ammo after it starts.

  Third:  Train yourself and your family members on how to use them safely and with precision.  Remember what Lazarus Long said:  "Get a shot off fast!  It usually unnerves your opponent enough so you can make your next shot fatal."  Though I'm of the belief that you should train yourself well, so you develop excellent aim and you can draw your weapon faster then point it at one of your home invaders faster than he can and aim for the head because they might be wearing some type of armor.  Another good reason to increase the accuracy of your aim is because it saves you ammo.  This might prove of vital importance if you don't have much or it'll be a long time before you can get more.

  Fourth:  Hide all your weapons but one loaded pistol per responsible adult (if it's still legal for you to have one out that isn't locked.  If not, you may want to consider at least getting a big dog or two) that you conceal on your person for each one in your family that can be trusted with one) in a safe place that only those people in your family that you know can't be made to tell where they are know about (someone lying to kids:  Your daddy (or mommy) is sick.  You can't tell that they're sick because you live with them and don't notice it.  You're used to them behaving that way.  They're going to hurt people with those guns.  Maybe even little boys and girls like you.  Would you like it if Becky or Brian (they got names of their best friends while talking to them in a 'I wanna be your friend' way (so far as I know, cops, kidnappers, and con men probably pull the same trick on them. So parents, warn your kids before some jerk uses it on them or your kid might get kidnapped or killed!).  They know that the best way to get someone to talk is to ask them about their possessions, favorite sports, hobbies, friends, family, or accomplishments that they're proud of) got killed by your daddy (or mommy)?  Wouldn't you feel bad because they're dead and you were just as much to blame as your daddy (or mommy) because you let them keep the gun(s) that killed them?).  That way, you or another member of your family can defend the house for a short time while the rest of the weapons are brought out.

  Fifth:  Don't tell anyone that you have guns in your house or that you've rigged explosives in the access points.  Your neighbors, friends, or business associates could be the ones who informs others of your preparations.  You can learn a lot by studying history.  There were quite a few people betrayed by their neighbors during the American Revolution.  Actually, I wouldn't even rig the charges until after our country is taken over.  Of course, it's your choice what to do.  I can only advise.

  Sixth: Get yourself a good scanner if you can afford it.  One that can search in the 800 and 900 mhz range as much as possible without any breaks would be a good choice to look for transmissions by our police departments, fire departments, et cetera, because if we are invaded, they'll probably use the communication resources here if they're more secure.  And yes, the police department here in Bloomington, IL has already switched over to their new radio system.  It changes frequency with each transmission.  It makes me wonder if they're trying to hide something from the general public.  It's not like they did it to maintain secrecy about a drug bust because they could have planned it at the station then just went out and did it while maintaining radio silence or set up a channel specifically for the purpose of having secure transmissions by not telling anyone about it,  making it a scrambled channel, and staying off of it as much as possible to avoid any chance of it being discovered (and don't mention going to that channel while talking on another one).  So why are they making sure that the average citizen can't pick up even the regular police radio traffic?  Good question.  It makes me wonder whether or not they're going to turn into Nazi storm troopers themselves.

  That's basically it on that subject.  You may not agree with all (or any) of what I said, but it's your right to be a sheep if you want to be.  At least you know the government won't take that right away from you.  They love people like that.  My opinions may seem anarchistic (by the way, anarchy is not anti-government.  It's non-government.  There was no government originally, and that was anarchy so how can it be 'anti' of something that wasn't even here?  Duh!) or possibly paranoid to you but they're not.  I just believe that people should be free and to do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, damage another person's property or infringe upon another person's freedom.  And yes, censorship is infringing on another person's freedom to read, listen to, or watch whatever they want.  Besides, I've read a lot of history, and have seen humans at their worst, up close, and personal, so I know what they're capable of.  If you think that humans are kind, caring, and considerate, and that the USA is going to overnight turn into the land of liberty, that's full of hope and promise, and one that respects the rights of the individual that the signers of the Declaration of Independence envisioned, and that the government doesn't want to control every aspect of your life, I'm not the one who's deluded here.

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