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  I despise, loathe, hate, abhor, detest and am most vehemently opposed to censorship of any type that restricts me (an adult) from accessing whatever I happen to want to read, look at, listen to, study or watch whenever I want to.

  This is supposed to be a free country where Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are considered to be unalienable (not able to be taken away.  I won't even bring up the government's forfeiture laws.  Read  Lost Rights:  The Destruction of American Liberty  by James Bovard (ISBN 0-312-10351-4) for some shocking news!!) rights.  Surprise!!  Next thing you know they'll be doing lobotomies to everyone to insure obedience and restrict free will. Or maybe introducing a chemical into the water supplies that'll perform the same function, like stalin and hitler did by using water fluoridation in World War II, AKA WWII. That should take care of most of the population right there and the rest they can always just shoot.  Think I'm going too far?  Read your history (if they haven't re-wrote it again).  Hitler promoted book burnings.  Used by all of the greatest tyrants throughout history, censorship is the best way to control what people think.  It's one of the most powerful tools to control people ever!  Hitler himself used it with great success to keep people under control and the American government seems to be following in his footsteps.

  Do you ever wonder why you don't see too many satellite dishes that can pick up a lot of other countries' programming anymore?  Compared to a lot of other countries' programming, the United States of America is a country of prudes!  Hey, they even have women wearing monokinis (bikinis without the tops) in Moscow, naked people walking around in Great Britain (one woman walked fully nude onto a golf course during a live golf game on TV and the station televised it by keeping her on camera while security asked her to leave and walked along with her at a nice leisurely pace as she left, not even trying to cover her up or anything.  She smiled and waved to the cameras as she went.  If this happened in America the 'free country' (I made a funny!), she likely would've been covered with a blanket, handcuffed, and arrested for being 'obscene'!) and France, nude beaches in Germany, and some of the game shows in other countries have nude contestants!  No kidding!

  If you allow someone to control what you read, see on TV or at the movies, hear on the radio or in the music that you buy, you allow them to control how and what you think.  If you don't believe me, you're at least halfway there already!  Like we need any more mindless locked-stepped biological robots, or, like Alice Cooper said in his song Sanctuary: ?Zombies walk the street.?  Sometimes I wonder if the majority of humans are robots of some kind, biological or otherwise.  They seem to be bond by habits, even down to how they blow their noses.  It's like if they do something enough times, they do it the same way from then on automatically like they've been programmed to use a sequence of movements or words in response to certain events or stimuli.

  Did you know it's illegal to bark back at a police dog??  I didn't either.  I was once threatened with being taken to jail for barking back at a police dog!!  (This happened about 6:30 p.m. on Frigg's day, May 1st, 1998 i.c.c.)  As I was going east down west Market street (Bloomington, Illinois) on my bike and was passed by a Bloomington cop car with a dog in it, then both me and the cop car with the dog in it had to stop for the traffic light.  The dog barked like crazy at me while we all waited and I barked back at it, mainly because the cop couldn't be bothered to tell the dog to shut up, and there was little else I could do, except stay there like a good citizen and have my ear hurt.  Those dogs bark loud!  The light turned green and I waited for the cop car to move on.  It slowly began to turn right and I started to pass it.  As I did, the cop yelled out the driver's side window at me:  ?If you bark at my dog again, I'm gonna take you to jail!?  I couldn't believe this, but, I guess it only proves that America is actually a police state and that there really is no freedom of speech and that harassing a citizen is far more important to some cops than patrolling the streets for murderers, rapists and other serious criminals, as proven by how they spend their time when on-duty.

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