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Wanted:  True Love!


My version of a personal ad


  Important Announcement!  I am no longer 'taking applications' for this 'position', as I have already found someone.  I created this page years ago (the simple design and eight character file name should give you a clue as to how old it is) and will leave it up to provide information to people who are curious about me until I incorporate it into other pages.  Thank you for your interest, and please check out my other pages.  :-)

  I figured that this might be better than a personal ad because the woman thinking about responding to it would learn a lot more about me just by reading my pages.  Probably not a good thing considering what they're like, but at least she'll be able to see me at my worst.  LOL  So, here goes:

  Hello!  Here's some info about me:  I try to be honest (yes, I know, it's probably a character flaw), I like animals, bicycling for fun (used to ride in 100 mile bike rides), taking long walks (especially in the woods), taking pictures and putting them on the Web, sci-fi (watching it and reading it too), listening to rock 'n' roll music (mostly from the 1980's and classic rock but some others as well), watching movies (sometimes at the theater but usually at home.  I have over 200 movies in my collection, so if nothing else we can watch movies together.  About 60 of them are on DVD) then doing VidScans (honest movie reviews and honest TV show reviews) of them, star gazing (and wishing on one once in a while, too. Yes, I'm a dreamer...), writing stories, learning as much as I can and if I learn things that I don't think can be used to hurt people, I share what I learn with others like I've done on my Repressed Technology, Internet Help, and Email Privacy pages, and trying to have as much fun as I'm able.  I am responsible, but I absolutely refuse to 'grow up'!  :-)  I'm a good-looking (or so I've been told anyway.  I'll let you be the judge when we trade pictures or meet), non-smoking, disease-free, and drug-free single white male that's 6' 3" tall, and built large like a football player.  I have no children (and don't want any right now).  I am a kind, gentle person and I'm very shy.  I have problems just looking into people's eyes (especially women).  No kidding.  It's depressing.  :-(  That's one of the main reasons I like to wear mirrored sunglasses whenever I leave the house.  Well, that, and too much light makes me sneeze.  LOL  I'm a casual dresser and I love wearing jeans and T-shirts.  If you want to date a guy in a permanent tuxedo, you should try a penguin, not me.  I am of above average intelligence, though I try not to act that way because I want to make friends, not intimidate people.  I hate snobs and mean, cruel people with a passion and I'm not into watching or talking about sports.  About the only thing I like that's connected to sports is watching the ProDance AKA Pro Dance teams.  But, they don't put that on televsion anymore.  Or at least not in my area...  For any women who are looking for a rich husband, I am not rich.  In fact, most months I can barely afford rent.  I'm also not violent, dominant or aggressive.  IMHO, any man who hits a woman (unless she's attacking him and he has reason to fear for his life) isn't any more mature than a grade school bully.

  I'm interested in finding: An honest (that's a must!), healthy, disease-free, drug-free, single, white (open to debate on this for the right woman) female that speaks English and is a non-smoker.  I don't care if she drinks a little because I do too on occasion.  :-)  She's got to be kind, caring, considerate, understanding, likes to dress in jeans and T-shirts on a regular basis and be fun to talk with.  A little risqué conversation would be nice too, but mostly I'm just looking for a nice (okay, maybe a little naughty) woman that's going to make me feel good inside, and I'll try to do the same for her.  So, no, I'm not looking for something along the lines of a nymphomaniacal gymnast, and a kind heart and warm smile is more important than anything else.  :-)

  I know you're out there somewhere. I'm hoping that it won't be too much longer before I find you.  Can you feel me searching for you somehow?  It feels like I've been waiting a long time for you.  I'd like to say that I'll wait for you forever, but, to be honest, none of us knows how long we have.  Someday soon, we may find each other and be together.  I'll be honest, I've always felt a little different from other people, and I never really fit in anywhere, but, I'm certain that I'm not the only one that feels that way.  My spirit is wounded and scarred.  My heart is scared to trust.  Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.  Does true love really exist?  Kind of hoping so, as that hope is the only thing that keeps me going, some days.  Perhaps we will find each other soon, so we don't have to be alone forever.  Spending eternity together would be better, yes?  :-)



  Some contact information is on the front door of this Web site (send me a friend request on Facebook if you want), but, in the past, you could have met me in my 3D world (hoping to create another one, someday):

  Check out This Is It, my 3D world, where you can fly, chat, play trivia, see live vidfeeds (click here to see a still picture of about half the VidFeed Pavilion) from all over the world, listen to streaming music (no waiting for big downloads), and lots of other things.  Best of all, you can do it all for free!  :-)

  Click on the picture below to see it full-sized, or go to the information page for This Is It, where there are more full-sized pictures, as well as information on the world itself.

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