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  Disclaimer, sort of . . . This page, the truth about humans, is about my opinion of the human race based upon my experiences with schools, cops, government, human compassion, health care, cable companies, humans torturing people who seek help, doctors, politicians and governments who treat the world like their trash can, family members, what they do to the drinking water, et cetera.

  One of the biggest lies about humans is that they're kind, caring, and considerate.  There are excellent examples of this spread throughout the media, particularly the entertainment media.  One of the more glaring examples of this lie are in some television shows such as the V TV series (the new one which started in 2009), where, in season 1, episode 11, called Fruition the woman FBI agent obviously lies by saying that "the majority of humans are kind, good-hearted."  Hopefully, there are very few people who are stupid enough to believe that lie.  As most people have figured out, already, humans are only nice when they want something out of you, or, they're trying to get you to see them as a nice person, while, behind your back, they're screwing you over, or, they're representing some organization and are only being nice to improve their public relations or sell you something.  If you do not believe this truth about humans, perhaps you and I are living in entirely different worlds or you are one of those people who was born with a silver spoon in your mouth and have lived a very sheltered and protected life. Not so for some of us . . .

  Since I have started to avoid humans whever possible, the primary thing I measure human kindness with lately is how many donations I get on my Help CyberWoLfman page, where I ask people for only a single dollar, if they can spare it, to help keep this Web site, its help pages, blogs, picture pages, reviews and all the rest going.  Because there are thousands of unique visitors to this Web site every month, yet, there are only around one to two donations in an entire year, and, sometimes, not a single donation for almost two years, that tells me that I am correct in my opinion of around 99.99999 percent of humans.

  Speaking of the FBI . . .  Another good example about the lies about humans is the one where government agencies are supposed to do something about slavers and serial killers.  News flash for anybody who still hasn't caught on to this, yet:  The FBI only seems to go after serial killers and slavers when the media has embarrassed them into it.  For proof of this, I offer my Web page The Truth about gor, where I have been attempting to alert the public about them since the 1990's, sent the FBI numerous letters, and even listed the FBI on that Web page as someone people could contact about it to help out.  Apparently, the FBI doesn't think that stopping serial killers and slavers is that important . . .  This makes me wonder if they're either incompetent or they've been bought off.  Or, perhaps, both . . .

  Then there are organizations like some homeless shelters which use the homeless as a kind of chain gang.  In some homeless shelters, you're expected to work for them if you're there, and, if you're unable to work, such as having a severe physical disability, you're not allowed to stay for very long, perhaps 30 days, maximum.  This was one of the things I noticed when I was homeless in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois back in 2004.  In one of the shelters, there was only one person there who looked like he had an excuse not to work by pushing carts of donated clothes, toys, and books (that particular homeless shelter destroyed books by throwing away any that are donated and even refused somebody asking if they can keep a copy of the world almanac that the homeless shelter wanted to throw away, which makes you remember who else in history liked destroying books . . .) around, or hauling bags and boxes.  Although, he could've been made to clean toys by sitting inside in an air-conditioned room inside, but, I didn't see him there.  In the other homeless shelter, there were a few people there who were obviously not chain gang material, like one gentleman who was missing a leg.  Three guesses which homeless shelter they weren't welcome at because they couldn't use them . . .

  Businesses:  Do I truly need to remind everyone about the things corporations do, such as what Sony did to their customers who bought music CDs and installed rootkits onto their computers without their knowledge or consent which left them more vulnerable to attack to a hacker who could gain and keep access to your system without you knowing about it?  If an individual did this to a single computer, they'd be looking at serious prison time.  But, the same rules don't apply to big business as they do to regular people.  Or mention oil companies who have accidents and insist that they're not at fault and insist the government clean up their mistakes using taxpayer money?  Then there's the case of other businesses who collect personal information about their users claiming that they will protect their privacy, then, turn around and share that information with others.  Wall street fatcats such as CEOs of corporations who get paid with the taxpayers' money to help bail them out, and use it to pay for the upper management's bonuses, while these very same corporations are claiming they need to take away retirement benefits in order to save the company money.  These are just the most recent examples.  For a few more, please check out my blog entry about big business and those who serve them, even when it means people die.   I could go on, talking about other things like Wall street investment firms lying to their investors, and so on, but . . . you've probably heard it all, already, thanks to the mainstream media.

  The rich and powerful:  The rich and powerful can literally get away with murder, if they have enough money to afford the best lawyers.  And, they can take their family members out of police custody when they break the law, stating that it's a 'family matter' while regular citizens wouldn't be able to pull that off.  Some of us have to obey the law, while others seem to do what they want with no limits.

  One of the tricks humans use when they're trying to screw you over:  Pay attention when a humans compliments you.  It usually means that they are trying to distract you from something bad that they're doing to you, like not giving you a receipt for something they're telling you to pay for, or they're asking you to sign away your rights, or they're ripping you off, or trying to keep your attention focused on them while someone else is stealing something you have behind you, or they're doing something to screw you over behind your back while their friend is keeping you distracted.

  Sharing the world has never been humanity's defining attribute.  Humans are better at killing and torturing others than caring or helping.  Anyone who has studied more history than the sugar-coated slanted viewpoint crap they spoon-feed you in schools can tell you the same thing.  But, then, history is oft-times written by the victors, those who invade other countries, steal their lands, rape and kill, and, if they don't outright kill all of the indigenous population, will attempt to convert them to their way of thinking and behavior, making them accept the conquerers' culture, beliefs and languages while attempting to destroy that of their victims'.

  But, you don't need to study history to see proof of this.  Even in your own life you can find examples of what people are truly like inside.  Look around you or examine your friends and judge others by what they do when they think they can get away with something.  That is the true, un-edited person inside, not some facade created to fool others, hiding the cruel, sadistic monster underneath.  For humans, the Golden Rule is interpreted as "do unto others as you would have them do unto you, unless it's something you can get away with.  Then, by all means, kill, kill, KILL!"  Doing good for others instead of evil doesn't give them the things they want, demanded by their raging greed and thirst for power.

  Remember, others likely judge you on how you behave when you believe you can get away with something.  That is when the real you comes out.

  Now, if you've read all the way down to here, you'll begin to get a little clue as to why some of us are very un-trusting and don't believe all the bull about humans being fair, kind, caring, and considerate of others.  Seriously, what are we supposed to believe with all this proof to the contrary being shoved in our faces?  When somebody tells me to trust them, it sends up an instant red flag.  As I've said for a very long time now, trust is earned, not given upon the asking and I have an extremely low trust level for humans, and trust them about as far as I can throw a neutron star . . .

  Speaking of space, if there are any extraterrestrials out there studying humans (there's some humans who are so ego-centric as to believe that they're the only sentient life form in the universe, when, in the Milky Way galaxy alone, there are millions of stars) and have access to the Internet, and have found this page, please feel free to verify the things I've said, and look for more.  It's quite likely that you'll want to nuke the human species out of existence from orbit after learning more!  From my experiences with humans, I doubt if I would shed a single tear for the majority of those cruel and sadistic monsters!

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