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January 12th, 2012:  Started a new blog page for 2012.

January 30th, 2012:  Created a game requests page for the City of Heroes game.

February 1st, 2012:  Created a Web page to tell people what I'm going through with Florida DCF, listing dates and people involved.

April 29th, 2012:  Watched Thor: Tales of Asgard, and I found something interesting, there.

May 20th, 2012:  Some of my thoughts about big business and those who serve them, even when it means people die.

May 28th, 2012:  The Miami cannibal attack on MacArthur causeway near the Memorial weekend urban beach week hip-hop festival.

June 15th, 2012:  I envy people who have access to a fabrication laboratory, and the money for materials to build what they want.

September 12th, 2012:  The Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee was broken into within a few months after I mentioned on my Web site about how they're not as secure as people think.  D'oh!.

October 12th, 2012:  In the Bing Bang Theory's season 6 episode 2 "The Decoupling Fluctuation" Howard Wolowitz is bullied by american astronauts and says people can find him by searching google for "Astronaut screams for nine minutes".

November 24th, 2012:  Finally got around to putting up my latest creation, the Halloween Pictures and Halloween Party Pictures page.  While there's not many pictures on that page, I include links to some of my other pages where I have Halloween pictures at.  :-)

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  January 12th, 2012:

    Started a new blog page for 2012

  Here's hoping this year is better than last year . . .

  Today, I heard that super seniors, which is a term used for those over the age of 85, are getting Medicaid.  What I would like to know is, how can they can get it, when they're already on Medicare, being over the age of 65?  Even a disabled ordained minister who is qualified for Medicaid according to the Florida Department of Children and Families income limits (which they have posted on their Web site) cannot get it, and, when asked, Florida's DCF says that you cannot have Medicare and Medicaid at the same time, and, if you try to quit Medicare to get Medicaid, the Florida DCF won't allow you to have any help.  What I find really strange, is that the government gives convicted rapists, child molesters, murderers, drug dealers and thieves better healthcare in prison than a law-abiding, disabled ordained minister whose yearly income is less than the poverty level.  Wonder if they're proud of that fact . . .  Heck, I can't even get them to pay my Medicare premium with the Medicare QMB program they said I was qualified for!

  It feels like I'm being slowly tortured to death for being good, for trying to obey the law, and follow the golden rule.  Each day is filled with pain just from breathing or walking.  Is the government trying to tell me that the only way I'll get healthcare is if I commit a very bad crime which will make me have to stay in prison?  How much longer can I endure the pain before I feel forced to do that, seeing no other way out?  I tried to be nice.  I tried to be patient.  I've written the Florida Department of Children and Families letters.  I've talked to them in person.  I've talked to them on the phone (on the very rare times I was able to get one of them on the phone).  The Florida DCF seems to be leaving me no choice, and it is only a matter of time before the growing pain overcomes my sense of right and wrong.  But, I seem to be one of a very few who tries to do the right thing, and not hurt others, even though it means my pain increases day by day.  For this, I am punished.  For believing that the American government will do what's right instead of punishing those who try to be good, and reward those who do wrong, I am punished.  Perhaps in a few days to a few weeks or so (if I can stand the pain for even that long), I will realize that to do very bad things is what the government wants, and I will be rewarded with free health care, clothing, a job, a place to live and food prepared and served to me at no cost to myself . . .

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  January 30th, 2012:

    Created a new Web pages for the City of Heroes game.

  Thought I would make a page and put most of my suggestions for the City of Heroes game on it, so I did with the City of Heroes Game Suggestions and Requests from Players on How to Improve the CoH MMORPG game page.

  Hope I can make special art for it later . . .

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  February 1st, 2012:

    Created a new Web page telling people about the problems I'm having just getting Florida DCF to do a simple name change.

  Decided that it would be better if I put all of the problems I'm having getting the Florida Department of Children and Families to do a simple name change onto one page instead of putting it on the blog pages.  So, I created the Florida Department of Children and Families: Incompetent or intentionally sadistic? page.

  Another page I kind of put up in a hurry, without any special graphics for it, but, not certain how much more time I've got left . . .

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  April 29th, 2012:

    Watched Thor: Tales of Asgard, and there was something interesting, there.

  After watching the Thor: Tales of Asgard movie (2011), and getting to the end credits, I discovered something interesting, there.  In the background artwork, they used the same runes, over and over again.  In addition to that, the runes weren't from the same source.  They initially used a combination of Futhark and Teutonic runes, with one variant.  The message read, in english:

"Now is the time for all good men to Thor rules big time."

  You might think, from the way that this is written, that someone had started to write something else after Now is the time for all good men to, but, as many know, this is a typing drill created by Charles E. Weller.  Later, the words come to the aid of their country, were added, making the full sentence Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, which fills out a 70 space line if you add a period at the end.

  But, there is also an off-Broadway musical from 1967 called Now is the Time for All Good Men.  Perhaps they were trying to allude to it, while making it appear to be, for those who were un-familiar with the typing drill, as an in-complete sentence, or, for those who recognized it as the drill, to be it.  And, that would stop most people, there, thinking they had solved the mystery, being convinced that there would only be one layer to it, as it were.  Perhaps there is more to it, and in the next line, Thor rules big time, which appears to be something completely innocent, as if spoken by someone of a certain age to convey envy of that god's power?

  And, I mentioned a variant, didn't I?  This was in their use of the rune called hagalaz, which they made to look like the letter N.  Perhaps the artist made a mistake, or, it, too, has a deeper meaning?  Hee hee hee

  Just to have a little fun, I created something just for you, my readers, who might enjoy a little mental challenge.  One of my characters in the City of Heroes game on Virtue server is called KwhLBJphxQrHoLd. What does that mean?  That's for you to figure out.  Where's the challenge if you're given the answers without trying to figure it out for yourself?  The instant gratification types wouldn't like me, and I have little sympathy for those who have had everything handed to them.  But, I added a few twists to this.  Giving you hints would make it too easy for you to solve.  Maybe it's a strange riddle, wrapped within a mystery, inside an obscure enigma, broken up into a jigsaw puzzle made of stained glass, fractured beyond repair, enfolded within a conundrum, hidden within a Chinese box.  Or, it might not mean anything at all.  But, once you think you have it solved, you might not.  And, if you keep thinking along those lines, there's really no turning back, and you start noticing other things . . .  But, that's what happens when you take the red pill.  How far down does the rabbit hole go?  Only Alice knows . . . ;-)

  Okay, I'll leave you with something easier for those who don't want their brain to feel like tapioca pudding . . .  Find out where in the Dewey Decimal Classification system you'll find books on stained glass.  After you find out, you'll wonder if someone making them for a church got a cold shiver.  And, my apologies for anyone who has hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia . . .

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  May 20th, 2012:

    Some of my thoughts about big business and those who serve them, even when it means people die.

  People often wonder why I am so dis-trustful of big business, corporations, medical professionals, and, well, humans in general.  Since the dawn of time, humans have destroyed other people's lives, reputations, and, even the environment to get what they want, or to just satisfy their inner need for sadism, which seems to be inherent in almost every single one of them.  There is no limit to what they will do in order to satisfy their greed and thirst for power.  The only thing that seems to give them pause is if there's a big enough chance they'll be punished in a way in which they won't like.  But, being powerful, corporations are able to get away with almost anything.  The Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal is only one of the more recent examples.  Skip the next paragraph if you're tired of hearing me ranting about this.  ;-)

  For the few of you who never heard of it, I'll spare you all the details, and just give you the basics.  Sony BMG was half owned by Sony Corporation of America and half owned by Bertelsmann AG.  In 2005, they produced many music CDs which automatically installed a rootkit onto computers using the micro$haft windoze er, microsoft windows, operating system when people attempted to play the music CDs on their computers.  This was a major security threat, and was illegal in many countries.  It was also determined that they violated the GNU General Public License by using VLC code, and violated the GNU Lesser General Public License by using LAME code.  Sony then gave people an uninstaller which got rid of the rootkit, but, it installed a dial-home program, which some considered an even bigger security risk.  And they did this intentionally to their own customers . . .  But, while the Federal Trade Commission gave Sony BMG a slap on the wrist, the US Department of Justice couldn't even be bothered to comment about whether or not Sony BMG would be facing criminal charges.

  Other scandals you may or may not have heard of include:

  Asbestos industry officials knew about the dangers of asbestos since the 1930's, but kept that information from the public.  The united states government, in turn, issued standards to protect the workers who were building ships using asbestos, but, decided not to enforce those standards for more than three decades.  So, 100,000 of the people exposed to asbestos in the united states during ship building alone have died or will die because of that.  Mesothelioma is a cancer with a very poor prognosis.

  The Radium Girls.  Women employees hired to paint watch dials with glow-in-the-dark paint made with radium in it were told that it was harmless, and the supervisors told the employees to make the camel hair paintbrushes pointy again by licking them or using their lips, which they had to do every few strokes of the paintbrush.  Meanwhile, the owners and scientists avoided any contact with radium, and used tongs, lead screens and masks (anyone remember the introduction of the Simpsons cartoons where Homer is working in the factory?).  Many doctors, researchers, and dentists obeyed the will of the companies who made watch-dials using radium paint to not release information, and the workers who died were said to have died from things such as syphilis, an STD, in order to smear the reputation of their dead women employees.  When the case finally went to court, they decided to pay the women a mere 10,000 dollars and 600 dollars a year after that until they died instead of letting the jury deliberate on it.

  Bayer was once part of IG Farben, which owned over 40 percent of a company that made Zyklon B, which was used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, and used slave labor of one of the nazi's concentration camps.  They also discovered heroin and claimed it was a non-addictive cough suppressant.  This was sold over the counter, without need of a prescription.

  The Union Carbide Bhopal disaster, where over 3,000 people died immediately, over 500,000 were injured, and about 20,000 more people died within 20 years after, because of it.  Many people exposed to it there still have problems just breathing, or have gone blind, or developed cancer, and there have been birth deformities.  Union Carbide's CEO, Warren Anderson, was arrested, but, was allowed to post bail and fled to america, refusing to ever return to India, and the united states government refuses to extradite him.

  The Hamlet chicken processing plant fire.  The Imperial Foods chicken processing plant in Hamlet, North Carolina had never received a safety inspection in 11 years.  29 people were burned alive and another 54 were injured because they were trapped behind fire doors that were padlocked.  The son of the plant's owner, Brad Roe, drove to a fire station to report the fire, but, neglected to mention the fact that there were workers trapped inside the burning plant.  Fuller, the fire chief, refused several times to let the Dobbins Heights fire department help, even though they were only five minutes away.

  Big oil and gasoline price gouging.  They jack up the price of gasoline at the pump, while announcing record profits. As you might expect, the government does nothing to stop this, or allows big oil to weaken any laws passed which might interfere with their plans to squeeze out every penny they can out of people.

  Tobacco companies. The center for disease control and prevention says that tobacco use is the single most important preventable risk to human health in developed countries and an important cause of premature death worldwide. The World Health Organization states that tobacco killed 100 million people in the 20th century, and over five million in 2004, alone. So, quick question here . . . If other products are pulled simply because there's a slight risk of someone being hurt with them, why is tobacco still legal, when it has killed so many?

  Then there's the dangers of soy (which seems to be in most processed foods), water fluoridation, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the coal industry's breaker boys, Fannie Mae, Halliburton, robo-signing, price gouging, et cetera . . .

  As you may have noticed, I didn't even mention my own experiences with humans, although some of you know part of what I've been through, and I've written about a few of them on this Web site.

  Ask me again, why I'm not very trusting of people, especially those with power and money.  Gee, I just can't imagine why . . .

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  May 28th, 2012:

    The Miami cannibal attack on MacArthur causeway near the Memorial weekend urban beach week hip-hop festival.

  On Saturn's day (or saturday, to some), May 26th, about 2 P.M., the cops shot a naked guy eating another naked guy's face near the MacArthur Causeway, in the bike path of the exit ramp for Biscayne Boulevard, near the Miami Herald building.  The identities of both victim and cannibal as well as the cannibal shooting cop are being withheld from the public, and reports state that the victim had his nose and eyeballs eaten (I'm guessing he was tired of fast food restaurants, wasn't happy with his happy meal, or preferred live prey).  After the guy stood up, still chewing on the pieces of his victim's flesh, he growled, and the cop shot him.  Since that didn't stop him from continuing to chew, the cop shot him several more times.  Six times, in all, according to some.

  This would have been a great time to put a road sign up a mile or so back from the traffic jam, warning about zombies, and getting people to detour around the area.  Pity that the cops lacked the imagination for something like that, as drivers got stuck in the traffic snarl that lasted for hours . . .

  No word, yet, if Dexter Morgan will be doing the blood spatter analysis, or if the cannibal watched too many Hannibal Lecter movies.  LOL

  Among the theories being put forward by the media and some of the police are that the Miami cannibal (may as well call him something until a name is given) was suffering from cocaine psychosis and had taken off his clothes to cool off.  Others claim his actions are caused by a new type of LSD on the street.  Some have even claimed that the Miami cannibal was under the influence of some form of mind control, and that his attacking his victim near the Miami Herald was no accident, and was done to ensure that there were a lot of witnesses with little to no chance of a coverup.  A few have even claimed that it was because of hip-hop music.  LOL  Sounds oddly familiar, because they tried to blame the actions of people on Rock music in the past, also.

  Then there's the ones who think it was the first signs of an impending zombie apocalypse, or perhaps a virus which turns its victims into rage-filled blood-thirsty raving psychopaths like those in the movie 28 Days Later.  Okay, personally, I think both of the latter would be cool, and would clear out a significant amount of the humans from Sol III, but, there would've been more attacks if it was true, and the victim would've become one, himself.  Unless you subscribe to the belief that it was a secret government virus to which they had already developed a cure before they started human testing, or after finding out it jumped species to homo sapiens (which I personally consider to be an oxymoron).  Hee hee hee

  By the way, if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, you can end the cycle of transmission by going for a head shot, preferably from a distance . . .  Always the best choice in a firefight, too, if you're a good shot, as the middle of the face isn't covered with kevlar.  A head shot also has a tendency to rattle their buddies after seeing one of their fellow attackers with a good chunk of his head missing, and a shaking hand leads to missed shots.  The higher caliber rounds make rather large exit wounds, and not just the .950 JDJ, which makes body armor a joke, but, not everyone wants to haul around a 100 pound rifle (*smiles innocently, hiding his honorable discharge behind his back*), unless you're one of those types who regularly lugs around a modified M134 like the one in the movie Battleship (that scene reminded me of a scene in Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson), or the first Predator movie from 1987.  LOL

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  June 15th, 2012:

    I envy people who have access to a fabrication laboratory, and the money for materials to build what they want.

  There are days when I so envy people like that, who can create what their minds come up with.  Every day, I think of multiple things that, seemingly, nobody else has thought of, yet, or better ways to do things.  It's frustrating in the extreme, and my most-used phrase is:

"I wish they'd make things work the way they're supposed to!"

  But then, I realize that if they did, and made things that last, they wouldn't make as much money because most of the sheeple keep buying the same disposable junk they always did from the same companies who sold them the junk in the first place.

  And, the products they've been making these days seem to be designed to only last a short while . . .  How many people can remember an old phonograph or shortwave radio in their family's house that lasted for decades?  These days, you're lucky if electronic devices last for more than a single decade, and most of them break down long before then.

  Okay, so I'm the freak that remembers comic books costing a dime (they're about four dollars per comic book now), and 25 cents per gallon gasoline prices (one of the first spikes was the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, but, they really spiked up during Carter's term in office) as if it was only yesterday, but, even the streets those gas stations were on are re-named and changed from brick to asphalt.

  But, still . . .  The urban sprawl is getting bad, and, inside a fairly large city, you cannot see more than a hundred or so stars because of all the light pollution.  The landfills are filling up with the waste, looking bigger than ziggurats (some are even shaped like them), and, in some places, are the highest point in a county.

  Okay, just wanted to vent . . .  Argh!  But, as always, feel free to look this stuff up, if you don't believe me.  Hey, I'm a lot more honest than the politicians!  LOL  I remember one politician giving a speech saying that no foreign invader had ever set foot on american soil.  After the crowd cleared out, I went up to ask him why he didn't count the War of 1812, where the British even burned down the White House.  He said that the speech was meant to be inspiring, not factual.  Guess honesty and silly things like facts aren't as important to a politician as controlling people and their emotions . . .

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