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  What is a MMO, MMOG, or MMORPG?

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  What is a MMO, MMOG, or MMORPG?

  An MMO is an acronym that some will claim stands for Massive Multiperson Online and others claim it means Massively Multiplayer Online.  The fact that it's a game is usually not said by either group and they assume everybody knows that it's a game without it having to be stated.  The difference between saying "Massive" and "Massively" is, IMHO, something people can argue about to give them something to do.  I'll just call it Massive to save key strokes in the rest of the definitions, but you're welcome to think of it whichever way you like.

  An MMOG is similar to the MMO acronym above, but with the mention of the fact that it's a game, so it's Massive Multiperson Online Game.

  An MMORPG is usually accepted to mean Massive Multiperson Online Role Playing Game (although some of my friends think of Rocket Propelled Grenade when they hear the acronym RPG . . .).  In a way, MMOs and MMOGs can also be seen as MMORPGs because you're playing a role of sorts, whether it's a wizard, warrior, amazon, werewolf, vampire, ghost, brute, corruptor, dominator, brute, tanker, scrapper, stalker, jet fighter pilot, soldier, or whatever.

  Role Playing Games were, in the past, like D&D, considered by many to be the kind of entertainment for 'nerds' or others who weren't considered to be perfect enough to fit in with the popular people in schools.  Yes, I'm talking about snobs.  Frankly, I prefer the company of the outcasts of society to the snobby because the company of the outcasts is far more enjoyable, and, in the case of those who pursue knowledge rather than playing sports, you learn things by conversing with them.  Whereas in the conversations with jocks, their conversations will likely pertain to mainly that of sports, players, scores, their job, and sometimes, the latest overly-hyped product, car, movie, or song.  But, that was before the introduction of personal computers to more and more homes, and now a great many more people are playing Role Playing Games on-line.  Have to admit, it's more enjoyable in most ways to the older RPG games where you had to roll dice, use graph paper to map out a dungeon and so on.

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  Why should you care about my opinion?

  Why should you listen to me instead of some reviewer in a magazine, on a TV show, or from some other Web site?

  I tend to be honest with my opinion.  If I like something, I say so.  If I don't like something, I say so.  Secondly, I'm not being influenced by a sponsor to give a good review on a program.  Thirdly, I'm not part of some corporation where I'm told by the boss to say one thing or another.  Finally, I don't base my opinion on other people's opinions.  I form my own based on my experiences.  Doing a review based on other people's opinions isn't very reliable, and seems even more sheep-like than I see most Americans.  But, then, I think that most Americans are sheep.  One of the more glaring examples of why people shouldn't form opinions based on other people's opinions (besides the fact that you should learn to think for yourself) that I can point to is the fact that many reference books and school books still list Guglielmo Marconi as the one who invented radio, copying that lie from older books instead of doing their own research, or respecting the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court settled that dispute way back in 1943.  For more information about Nikola Tesla, please see my Nikola Tesla page, then check reference books in libraries or bookstores.  Heck, I couldn't even find the word Internet in Webster's Dictionary, and the Internet's been around since 1969 (as ARPANET).  Unless you want to use the start of AOL as the start of the Internet most newbies know it as, which for them would be 1993, when AOL for Windows came out, even though AOL started as an on-line service called Gameline for Atari 2600 users long before that.

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  The MMO, MMOG, and MMORPG reviews:

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