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About this page:  This page and the other opinion type pages on this site reflect my views of Star Trek Online.  The opinions here are my own, formed by my experiences, and not dictated to me by any sponsors, since I have none.  This site is not ad-supported, whereas others are.  Draw your own conclusions, but, if you want to read an honest review, you're at the right place.

  Star Trek Online Review:

  The only difference I could see between this game and other MMORPGs out there was the eye candy of the ship fighting.  The rest of it was about the usual, but, there was little you could do in the way of costume variation or character appearance editing.  Certainly not as much as you could find in the City of Villains game or City of Heroes game, where you could even make a character resembling a werewolf.  Here's a picture of me as a werewolf there, for proof.  And, yes, I know, I'm not wearing any clothes.  LOL

  Details of the game:


  Speaking of clothes . . . In the Star Trek Online game, the clothing appeared to closely match the uniforms of Star Fleet in some of the movies, with some minor variations such as glowing stripes and the like, here and there.  However . . . the overall sameness to them was kind of dull.  Except for one special case, where someone made a uniform that would only work on women, keeping the female shape even when a male wore it . . .  But, words fail in describing what I saw when I looked at my Vulcan science officer and saw that he had . . . boobies?!

  See the cross-dressing Vulcan for yourself!  LOL  It made me wonder exactly what kind of . . . relationship Kirk had with Spock.  ;-)  And, as you can see in the picture, this Vulcan didn't have limp wrists, he had no wrists!  LOL  I'm guessing that Star Fleet is rather relaxed when it comes to the appearance of their officers, also, based upon the visible amount of stubble on the faces shown here.  In almost any other outfit, you'd be looking at some serious KP duty!  LOL Vulcan Boobies

  Character Slots:

  Only three.  LOL  Even in the City of Villains game, you get 132 character slots (11 servers, with 12 character slots on each server, and you can buy an additional 24 slots per server, for a grand total of 396 character slots, with the option to move characters to another server, if you want to), with just the basic monthly fee for playing the game.

  Space Combat:

  Here's where the eye candy part starts . . .  The shields and phaser effects were cool, but, even with a good video card and a lot of RAM it wasn't very smooth.  A little word of advice for MMORPG developers: just because you're using a computer with a $2,000 video card in it, don't assume that all the people playing the MMORPG will have one, too!  It was pretty, but, maneuvering was tricky, at best.

  This is one of the pictures taken in the game.  You can see the shield indicators floating near the ships.  As they weakened on each side, you had to take power from the others to boost shield strength to the side about to fail. STO space combat


  Because events in the movie Star Trek (2009) altered the time-line of the Star Trek universe, the Klingons and the humans don't live in an un-easy peace.  They are at war.  In the game, you can play a Klingon, but, it's not as fun as you probably think it is . . .  All the missions seemed to be combat missions.  The only cool thing about it was the cloaking devices on the Klingon ships, which didn't work that well when you were around certain Star Fleet ships, anyway . . .

  This was my Klingon ship in Star Trek Online.  As you can see, I named it the I.K.S. Shakespeare.  ;-)  On the bottom section of the image, you can adjust your power levels with sliders to go towards things like weapons, shields, and for other uses, but, the weapons and shields were the things most people would want to put the majority of their power into during combat. STO's Klingon Ship


  Despite the fact that I'm a long-time Star Trek fan, and have been since I watched the Star Trek Original Series or ST:STO when it first aired on television several years ago (a few missions referred to some of the original series' stories), and wanted to like the Star Trek Online game, there were several problems with it.  In addition to what I've mentioned before, the chat channels were far too busy for most people to keep up with the chat, unless they had Renshaw training.  ;-)  The stop-and-go action of the game was frustrating, as were the frequent server outages.  The characters looked just like the characters in many other MMORPGs, bland and ordinary.  In another year or two, I may return to the game, but . . .  I'm hoping they get it fixed, or it'll be a very short visit.

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