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  Come on in and howl with me as the full moon rises and let your spirit soar to Luna's warm embrace.  :-)

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Welcome!  Here you'll find information on werewolves, wolves, some of my thoughts on each, instructions on how to howl (mostly for the benefit of some of the humans out there whose amateurish attempts are driving a few of us absolutely crazy.  Think fingernails on chalkboard and you'll begin to get the idea) and whatever else I think might look cool here.  The howling tutorial is good for those who want to learn how to howl for the fun of it, or if they just have this odd urge to howl at the moon on occasion...  ;-)

Werewolves have been known throughout history.  There are tales of werewolves in the earliest records including the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Werewolves have been called many names including, but not limited to Werwolf, Garou, Veerwolf, Oberoten, Shifters, Lobizón, Loup-garou, Mactire, Bisclaveret, Varulv, Vargr, Shape-shifters, Wendigo, Kelpie, Pouka, Botu, Selki, and many others.  (Just don't confuse them with the likes of the Navajo Yea-Naa-gloo-shee , a kind of witch who practices the Witchery Way, that can change into any animal form.)  Have you ever looked up at the moon all full and bright up there in the sky, and wanted to howl at the moon?  To send a song from your heart up to her in a way that others have for centuries?  Why fight it?  She's beautiful!  All silvery and bright, and smiling down at me as I feel her in my blood.  I dance under her light, feeling it wash over me and into me like a cleansing wave.

olves have been displayed as ruthless killers in countless movies and books, but this isn't true.  They are beautiful animals who are far less violent as humans make them out to be.  They're more likely to run away from you than to come near you, let alone attack you.  Most of them have learned not to trust humans.  (Rule #1: Never trust a human!)  I also want to say that their howling is one of the most wonderful sounds I've ever heard.  Someday in the future, I hope to be able to put some of their howls on here for everyone to enjoy.  :-)

How to howl:  You shouldn't try for volume but quality.  First, take a few deep breaths.  Then, just part your lips slightly, let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth and let the howl come from inside you, and try to let it be like a long drawn-out song that gently tapers off towards the end.  It sounds better than the way some of the humans do it.  You should really wait for the feeling that you have to howl before you try to howl.  It seems to sound better if you don't force it.  :-)  If you need some music to get you in the mood to howl, I suggest King Harvest's Dancing in the Moonlight.  You should try to put all that you are and all of your emotions into the howl.  At least, I really enjoy it more that way when I do it.  I dunno, maybe it's like playing a musical instrument or 'touching your inner puppy' or something.  Lately, I seem to want to howl more, especially whenever I get around humans or have to deal with some of their tech.  If you need a place to howl at, you can try parking garage stairways or other enclosed structures that have good acoustics.  Just remember to be careful in your choice of some of those places.  Humans aren't exactly known for their tolerance and most of them are far more monstrous than any lycanthrope is.  Read or watch the news if you don't believe me.  The older horror movies can't compete with what's on the news.  :-(

I saw a show called "Witches, Werewolves and Vampires" on TV once that was put out by Landau Entertainment Inc. with Annette Cortez being credited with doing the research for it.  In the show they said that the 2-legged type of werewolves were invented by Hollywood.  I hate to tell them this, but the 2-legged type of werewolf has been around a lot longer than Hollywood (or Hollywoodland).  In a news sheet from 1660 for example, there was a drawing of a 2-legged werewolf that was supposed to be "an exact representation of the wild beast now in France in the act of devouring a young woman".  I got a good laugh out of it because at the time, the people thought that if they wore a rosary it would protect them from "changeling monsters".  Sure it will . . .  ;-)


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  A Wolf's Tale.   My first story to be published on the Internet (Shadow Feast published it too.  Whoo-hoo!).  Okay, so it was pretty much my first story ever and it's probably not very good because I didn't have any writing experience, but I tried.  :-)

  The Wolf That Fell Into a War.  The second wolf story I wrote.  It seems better than the first.  Maybe I'm just getting better at putting my thoughts down or something.




  Moon Phases

  Luna, or as some people like to call her, "the moon", has phases.  This picture shows them to you.

  The names you see are what some of us call the phases.  And, as you may suspect, some of us have moods that are influenced by what phase Luna AKA the moon is in.

  These range from Ragabash, which is called "new moon" by the humans, to Ahroun, which is their "full moon".  There are also supposed to be different types of people for which phase of Luna or the moon they were born, kind of like Zodiac signs but for moon phases.  Those born during Ahroun are more militant or warrior types.  Those born during Ragabash are . . . well, considered crazy, practical jokers, over the top comedians . . .  You get the idea.  ;-)  Because most people probably don't care about this sort of thing, and some think of it as (and I quote) "hogwash", "utter nonsense", and... other things I won't say here, I won't go into detail about it.

  But, if you're curious to know what phase you were born during, here is a nice page where you can find out that information.


  Full moon dates.  For those of us who need to know.  ;-)  Remember, don't ride in any elevators during this time just in case it gets stuck, especially if you're in it with some humans who smell like they bathed in cologne or perfume!  Ack!  BTW, in case you don't know already, they have two sets of doors.  One on the car itself, another on each floor.  Don't feel bad if you didn't know it.  I didn't really think about it until a certain incident a few years ago, when I got to see a wall going by my face when I opened up the doors in a hurry.

  I have to apologize because I felt I had to remove the link to the Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures page.  Seemed that everytime someone tried to go to the page, it shut down their Internet connection.





  If you want to be listed here, you can drop me an e-mail and I'll probably do it.  :-)


  The Lycanthropete Experience.  No, I didn't misspell lycanthrope.  It's a werewolf comic strip I found on the Web about a guy named Peter Stumpe (obviously the guy has read at least some of the more famous parts of werewolf history) who is pretty open about being a werewolf.

  The werewolf costume making link died on me, so I removed it.  But, you can learn how to make one for yourself, if you study the costume making information there is available on the Web.  Besides, that place, Verdun, wanted to charge $7,000 for a costume.  LOL  Some of the costumes you can make would look like mascot costumes, if you've ver seen pictures of them, but they won't pass for real werewolves, of course.

  Because the site is now for bears and no longer about lycanthropes (I didn't undertand that, either), I've removed the link for it.  This was the same site that used to have the Werewolf and Shifter Handbook, but I guess it's gone forever now.  :-(





  Ralph Maughan's wolf report  Wow!  This one's got tons of stuff on it for those curious about how the wolf is doing!  The historical stuff is here.  It's even got a link to a visual representation of the Yellowstone wolf packs.  :-)

  Wolf Recovery Foundation Den Site

  The red wolf (canis rufus) fact page.

  The Searching Wolf - Wolf Pictures.  It's even got some cute pics of 4 and 6 week old puppies in it.  :-)

  The gray wolf.  Info, a couple of pictures and a bunch of links from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

  The International Wolf Center.  Pictures, re-educating humans that wolves aren't the monsters that they've been told they were, et cetera.

  Lonewolf's Web Page.  Not bad.  Some basic info and a few pictures, but it takes a few seconds to load the page.

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