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3D Chat Name:  OuterWorlds

Time of visit:  Updated:

  8:00 p.m. (central time zone in the US) Friday, February 11th, 2004.

Do you recommend this program to people?

  Yes, with reservations.  Don't think there's any gor stuff in OuterWorlds (sometimes just called OW) or if there is, the gors are trying to hide or pass it off as something else.

  However, due to their policy of punishing those who defend themselves against attacks, I recommend that people only use the privately owned worlds like ThisIsIt (my world).

  On reflection, however, this seems somewhat inconvenient, so you may want to just try one of the other 3D chat programs.  Preferably one that treats their customers with fairness.  I consider OuterWorlds' policy to be injust, so I cannot recommend this program whole-heartedly.  :-(

  For more information on this policy, and their official response to us complaining against their unfairness, please see the OuterWorlds Buzz page.


Can the program be used for free?

  Yes.  Worlds that a tourist (people who use the chat program for free) can't get into are few, and are those like Citizens world, where citizens (registered and paying users of the program) build.  But worlds are set up by default so that tourists can enter them, unlike other 3D chat programs where world owners have to pay a greedy company to make them accessible to tourists.

Cost per year for a full user if they sign up now:

  $39.95 per year.

  But, I do not recommend that anybody buy a citizenship or a world from them until they start treating people more fairly.  So, please, save your money, and for now, only use the OuterWorlds program as a tourist.  Your builds are not permanent, but then, neither are those of a citizen.  OuterWorlds routinely deletes builds in worlds like Citizens world.

  The following is written for those who feel they absolutely must have a citizenship, and don't care whether or not the program's owners have un-fair policies.  :-P

  If things don't improve in OuterWorlds, or get worse, I'll probably remove the following information about how to get a citizenship and other links to their site.

  If you try and register in the OuterWorlds browser you only register monthly, and you end up paying more than that.  To get a year's citizenship, please click here and go to the official OuterWorlds shopping page.

  They also accept credit cards over the phone, or you can pay with a money order through the mail.


How many people in the universe at the time of the visit?


Cost of a world:

  P-20: 15 Simultaneous users will cost $140 a year, plus a (one time fee) of a basic world license of $69.95 for a total start up cost of $209.95.  Note: You shouldn't use Internet Explorer for Web-surfing.  To learn why, please see the CSS and the History of Web Browsers page.  It contains information you won't find anywhere else.  ;-)

  Can't afford that much at one time, or don't know if you want it for a full year?  They also have worlds you can get on a monthly basis.

  In fact, I recommend only getting a monthly world if you absolutely have to buy one from OuterWorlds.  It will give you an idea of what's involved with running a world.

  But, if you can find a better 3D chat program with better prices and a company that treats their users with fairness and justice, by all means, use that program and not OuterWorlds!

  Your world comes automatically set up so tourists (users who use the program for free) can enter and they don't charge you for that.  Unlike other chat programs, OuterWorlds seems to like tourists.  But, like many businesses, they may only appear to like them until they get money from them...

How many worlds are there or were seen in the world list at the time of the visit?

  132.  Of them, 83 were public, and of them, 12 had people in them.

Is there gor (people who are into slavery) stuff there?

  Didn't see any in the list, but some of the things I saw and heard there made me wonder if they were underground in this universe.  If I find any, I'll let you know, and of course, I'll remove my recommendation for this 3D chat program.

If you create your own avatar, can you use it in all the worlds?


Can you customize the avatars they provide to you for free and use them in all the worlds?


What about privacy?

  Your IP address is known to whoever is running the universe and whatever world you're in within the program whether you're a tourist or a paying user (citizen), and anyone who has eject rights for that world.  If it's one of the main worlds, that could be a long list.  If you're a citizen, you are given a citizen number.  This is your account.  You can change your name, but not this, unless you buy another one and anyone can see your citnumber just by right clicking on your name in a chat or if you're in their contacts list.  Also, your contacts list is stored on their server now, so there's no telling how many people can find out who you have on your contacts list.


Can I get a tour of the program?

  Haven't heard of one there, yet.  But I've given unofficial tours to individuals.  However, after finding out about OuterWorlds' un-fair policy of punishing the victims as well as their attackers, I don't recommend their worlds, anymore, and will only give a tour through my own.


Are they fair to everyone, or do they have double standards?

  On the surface, they seem fair, especially before they get money from you, but some time after I purchased a world from them I found out that they have odd habits of punishing both people that cause trouble as well as their victims when they try to defend themselves, which, if they were a cop, they'd be shooting both the rapist and the victim.  :-(  The principle is the same, there's only a difference of degree.


Did you make a Web page for more information on the program?

  Yes.  You can find it here.

What are the people like in this program?

  There are a few nice people in here.

  The only jerks I've run into so far were a few tourists, but they didn't stay for long after people muted them, and most of them are probably children from a school who think that they can bully people in a 3D chat program like they can in the real world.  Either that, or they haven't matured much since grade school.  LOL  After they don't get the attention they seem to thrive on for their sadism, they feel hurt.  Makes you almost feel sorry for them.

  As for the owners, employees and game hosts (either those who have dictated the official policy of punishing victims as well as their verbal attackers or those who follow the orders of those in control of the program); there are very few of them that I would trust very far.

  The Nazis during the postwar war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Germany used the same excuse a game host used when punishing those who dared to defend themselves; that they were just following orders.  :-(

  You are responsible for your own actions.  The Nazis didn't get excused for their behavior, either.

  For more information on bullies, the true cause of school violence, please see the page School Violence: What Causes School Violence.


Where's their official Web site?

Are there any specific worlds you would recommend people visit in this program?

  Yes.  I recommend the world This Is It which is my own world.  :-)

  Also, Miraes which is G rated and is a very beautiful world!  :-)

  As for the OW owned worlds, why bother going to them if you're going to be ejected simply for defending yourself?


Screenshots of the 3D chat program.  Click on the pictures to see them full-sized.


Christmas season in Imagica

My temporary home in Citizens world

Imagica group picture

ThisIsIt.  :-)

Entertainment in this 3D chat program:


  My stuff:  Trivia in the world ThisIsIt whenever I am logged in and have my bot running.  Which is almost all the time.  ;-)  Just come into ThisIsIt and say "Triviabot start" (without the quotes) and she'll start a 10 question game for you.  :-)  There's also a chessbot, and streaming audio in ThisIsIt.

  For more information, try the information page for This Is It.


  Official stuff:  Games on different days of the week.  But, I don't remcommend the games as much as I used to, because of the way the people who run the games treat the victims of attackers, so I removed the link for game information, and the list of games.  :-(

  But, there's musical entertainment.  There's a lowband stream you can get in your WinAmp at and the highband for those with DSL, cable modems, or whatever here:

  The VR DJ schedule is posted here:

Additional comments, if any:

  This program was that OuterWorlds was one of the better 3d chat programs there is, but that opinion changed after learning of their un-fair policy.

  If, in the future, they change this policy, and strart treating their users fairly, I will change my opinion.  But for now, I can't, in good conscience, recommend this program to people without warning them of their injust policy.


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