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:+:  US National Hurricane Center  :+:

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  A picture of me standing in the Hurricane Center that I built in my 3D world, ThisIsIt.

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  For my friends who are worried about hurricanes in their area.  :-)

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  First, a few satellite photos:

  The above is a 'false color' satellite photo which helps to better see the hurricane and its location.

  This one is how it normally looks.

  Weather satellite pictures with weather alerts

  The GOES 12 satellite, color enhanced and infrared.  Has weather warnings on it when there are some.

  Weather satellite pictures with weather stuff on them

  From the Weather channel.  It shows what kind of wet stuff you got and where the fronts are.

  I'll organize the rest of these, later

  Southeast US satellite picture in infrared, showing cloud temperature.

  NASA's TRMM satellite at 85 GHz.

  For those thinking about having a 'hurricane party'...

My 'hurricane and galaxy' picture. Click on it to see if full sized.

  Do me a favor, and just say "no!"

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