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  I've included some links below for you to try that I found weren't too bad and some are helpful if you're just starting to explore the web.  I am not responsible for anything they might wish to put on their pages (hey, it's a free country (I think) ), so don't yell at me because it won't do you any good.  :-)

  1st tip:  As with any link, if you get a message saying that you can't connect for whatever reason it wants to give you, try it again a few more times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (kind of like everything else on this mudball that's made by humans).

  2nd tip:  If you still can't get a link to work, try using a search engine or web directory like Google, InfoSeek, SavySearch, Alta vista, Lycos, Yahoo or Webcrawler (they're some of the best I've found so far. You can go to my Search page if you want for the links to them and others.  I just wish all of their links worked!) and do a search using the title of the page that you're looking for, the user name of the person, or a program download link and then just go down the list of whatever it gives back to you until you find one that will connect you or will get you to a page that has a link (if you're really in a hurry and want to find it faster on their page, use the 'find' function.  If you're using Netscape Navigator or Communicator, try 'Control + f' to bring up the thing) that will connect you (hey, I'm stubborn what can I say?).  Happy, happy, joy, joy!  :-)

  3rd tip:  If a page you download looks a little strange (for instance, if you see a lot of strange looking characters on it), or maybe the pictures aren't there, you might wanna try hitting reload.  Or 'rock' (hit the 'back' button, then after that page loads, hit the 'forward' button).  Of course, it could be a foreign language sometimes too.

  4th tip:  When you get one of those 'not found' thingies (usually because the web page is no longer there and is probably under a different name or the person who had the page there went to a different ISP.  There are some other reasons, but these are the main ones), you can try 'chopping' down the URL to the next '/' and hit 'Enter'.  If that doesn't work, you might try to repeat the procedure until you get down to the .com, .org, .net or whatever.  After you get that far, and you still haven't found what you're looking for, and it was a personal page or site with more than one page, you should probably run a search on the user's name.  If you can't find the page doing this, don't delete the link out of your bookmarks file just because it isn't working. Sometimes they start working again the next week or month.  Just Right-Click on it, select Properties, then type something in after the name of the link if there's room (If there isn't room, 'chop' some of the text off up until the point you can still figure out what it's about.  Don't worry, it won't affect how it connects you), like: 'File not found' message on (**-**-****) (whatever date you want to enter there) along with any other info you want to write in like the person's name and just check it once in a while.  You can decide for yourself how long you want to wait for the link to start working or to find the new URL through search engines before you delete the link in your bookmarks.

  Another reason that you may not be able to load a page is that your ISP could be having problems.  At least on one occasion, my old ISP (ICEnet which was bought out by FGInet and I left them shortly after because I wasn't happy with the service) was only able to access the pages it had on its computer but nothing else.  If you can browse your pages and those of others on your ISP but can't get to places other than that, it could be because they're having problems.

  If you're still getting a 'not found' message for the page, or even for the domain like, you can try closing your Web browser, waiting a minute, then opening it back up again.  If that still won't let you access the domain or page, you may have to close all your programs, then totally shut down your computer, wait a minute, and then turn your computer on before you try to Web surf again.  Now you're starting to understand why I get so frustrated at human technology sometimes.

  5th tip:  If you want to avoid having another window open up on you (like the ads when you visit some of the personal pages at geocities) and you have a browser that can disable javascript, you should do it.  Netscape's Communicator allows you to.  All you have to do if you have it is go to the Edit menu, choose Preferences, then go to Advanced and then un-select Enable javascript.  Then just click on the Okay button and you're ready to go.  :-)  If you're worried about cookies, you can click Disable cookies while you're there too.  Just remember that some places (like if you have Web - based e-mail that you access through a Web pag) need you to have cookies and sometimes even javascript enabled.  It might save you some time if you also increase the cache from 5,000 to 10,000 while you're in the Edit, Preferences, Advance area.  You just go to Cache and type it in.

  6th tip:  Sometimes when you try and download a page and you've got a slow computer (I used to have a 486, so this used to happen to me all the time until I upgraded), you'll notice that the top of the window frame of your browser changes from whatever color it is to gray.  This usually is just before a little box shows up on your screen saying something about cookies, the fact that it can't play a midi or whatever.  Sometimes though, it wants to take its time coming up and it just leaves you waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it to pop up.  I discovered that if you tap the alt key on your keyboard, it brings up the little box instantly, or at least it does for me when I'm using Netscape Communicator.  It may work for you too if you're using a different browser, I don't know.  It could be worth trying if the alternative is to wait for 5 minutes or more.

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  Link(s) that I'd like to get my paws on

  A link to a site that has has info on cites in America like how long people that are born there live, how many cases of cancer and what type are reported there along with other illnesses, the cost of common food items in stores, zoning restrictions (the government denies you permission to build certain things on your own property or to change your house's appearance), crime statistics, cost of gas, electric and water, cost of dial-up Internet access with a local ISP along with any info on ADSL or cable modem availability, college info and cost of education, water purity analysis, an on-line collection of the state statutes that the city is in like you find sometimes at a library so you don't have to physically move there before you get the bad news that the state really restricts people's individual liberty, how many houses and how much money and personal property has the police taken from people using the forfeiture laws, the average rent on a one bedroom apartment with no utilities furnished (to use as a standard), and that sort of thing.
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  And now, what you've really come here for.  The links themselves.



  Tucows.   A great place to get Anti-Virus scanners.  Just pick the area that's closest to you and then click on the link it gives you.  If you live in the USA, you can just skip that page and go here.

  Data Fellows World - Wide Web Server.  You can download a free anti-virus scanner here.  It runs in DOS, but what the heck, it's free!  It's also pretty fast compared to some of the other scanners that I've tried.


  The NASA Home Page  They've got some links to cool astronomy pics here.  If you're in a hurry, you can jump to their main still photo page here.

  Astronomy Picture of the Day.  Shows you a nice picture and gives a description of it including some links for further reading.  Dare I say it?  A nice educational tool.  One of my favorite pages, but I don't visit it as often as I used to.

  SEDS Messier Database  More cool astronomy pics.  If you wanna see a big picture of a lot of stars, galaxies, and all that, you can try this but I've gotta warn ya, it's about 165 KB!  Two of the prettiest places they've got pictures of are The Andromeda Galaxy and Subaru, the Pleiades - the Seven Sisters.  :-)


  C|net - Browsers.

  Mozilla.  Wow!  If you want a free Web browser that is showing improvement faster than the other ones, then please try Mozilla!  Especially if you want to get away from Microsoft's products.  Contains a free e-mail program, too.  :-)

  Download Netscape Navigator Software  I've used Netscape since about 1995.  I'm hoping (crossing my fingers and toes and waving a #2 pencil in the air counter - clockwise above my head while chanting "There is no god but Finagle, and Murphy is his prophet") that they someday make Netscape so that the silly program never crashes, but I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one.


  ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network.  Warning!  Their front page is a little cluttered.  Haven't used this program for a while, but I think it's pretty good for a text chat program.  You can even see the other person's words as they type them.  You don't even have to wait for them to hit Enter!  For instance, if the person you're chatting with one-on-one in a private chat types a few words and changes their mind, you can watch them back-space over the words.  ;-)  Hey, I'm sure other people laugh at my typing mistakes too.  Laughing is good once in a while as long as it's not hurting someone's feelings.  Last I heard, ICQ is free now (I heard that AOL bought it, so that could be changing or they might start shoving ads at us, or they could start using the program to find out more info on its users, or to introduce us to services that we'll have to pay to use), so if you wanna give it a try (which I think you should.  For one thing, it doesn't take up a lot of space on your hard drive), download it from the above site.  Please don't bother trying to search for me on the program either.  I can only be found by using my ICQ number.  If you find someone using my name, it isn't me.

 Also, if you're already a user of this program or you're about to download and use it for the first time, don't believe that those forwarded messages are from the people running it (unless it's from ICQ user #1) or that it's Bill Gates offering to give you $1,000 if you forward the message to all of your friends (I've actually gotten this as an e-mail too), that there will be a contribution made to help out children dying from a terrible illness, or you'll get something like a better version of the program if you send it to everyone on your contact list, or you'll get a coupon in the mail for forwarding it on, et cetera.  According to them, if they wanted to make an announcement they'd put it on their web page or send it to you through a system message instead of forwarding messages to millions of users thus putting more strain on the system.  It's probably their competition or just some screwball human that doesn't realize that she or he might be the cause of ICQ shutting down in the future.  They even said near the bottom of their main page: "Please Note: We never ask our users to send us any information or to forward ANY messages."

  If you've been having problems getting ICQ to work for you in the past, I recommend getting the newest version over at (Owned by Cnet.  Just use the link and type ICQ in the search box).  I was having problems with mine too, and it cleared up after I uninstalled my old version and installed the newest one.  :-)  Always make sure that the link that you click on to download the program has the operating system (OS) of your computer mentioned in the link.  Like Win95 or whatever.  If you're unsure, you can copy the link by right-clicking on it, select copy, then paste it into a notepad file so you can read it.

  Some of the cool stuff it's got now:

  Unlimited message length.  Whoo-hoo!  But you should stop at the 450 characters limit if you're not sure that they're using the later program versions, or they won't get your whole message.

  Selectable colored text and background in the messages and chats.

Comic book stuff

  The Marvel Universe Online.  I hope they add some better games for visitors to play.  Only a few games, but nothing really fun yet.  A Marvel trivia game would be nice, or if possible, an X-Men trivia game.  That'd be cool.  :-)

Computer related

  Computing Dictionary.  Wanna know what the computer ads are actually talking about?  Or maybe just wanna enhance your knowledge?  There's also one here and quite a few other places around the Web.  I found the first one to be pretty quick.

  Build your own PC!

  Cnet.  The people that made the shows like 'Cnet: The computer network' 'The New Edge' and 'The Web' you used to see on TV.  Now they just have a broadband section for video files.  Found it by trying one of their older links.

Cyber - Communities.

  ThisIsIt.  If you don't have the free ActiveWorlds browser, that link won't take you to the world.  If you do have the browser already, go to the world ThisIsIt.  Okay, for those who read the book "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson, and like myself were fascinated by the description of the VR world in it and wanted to go to it themselves, this is the next best thing.  ThisIsIt now features live video feeds from around the world, multi-streamed music (so there's no heavy downloads like there is with MP3s.  The music starts playing within a few seconds after you request the song), trivia games, and over 100 cool avatars to try on.  Not to mention the fact that it's a cool place to hang out and chat with people from all over the world.  Tell your friends!  :-)  Here's one of the latest pictures of the GZ (Ground Zero).  Of course, if you were there using the aforementioned browser, you could fly around, run, and do all kinds of things.  What are you waiting for?  Come on in!  :-)  Heck, I've even wrote up an ActiveWorlds tips page under my user name there.


  Pagan Postcards.  Some good artwork on these. :-)

  Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards.

Freedom and Liberty.  Not to be taken lightly!

  Article 19.  Haven't been able to get this one to work for a while.  Just won't load for some reason.  Maybe it'll clear up soon.  Another strange thing I've noticed is that when I try the link with Netscape, all of a sudden, it will no longer access any other Web pages, even my own ISP's!  Just keeps giving me the 'looking up host' message.  I actually have to close Netscape, then load the program again before it'll surf the Web.  Argh!

  Jello Biafra.  This guy has some very interesting things to say, though I should warn you that he tends to cuss at times.  Very informative, interesting and entertaining.  I liked what I heard so much, I bought a couple of his spoken word albums (if you want to buy one, too, I'd advise getting the latest release you can find, because the info in it will be more up to date).  :-)  If you have RealPlayer installed on the computer you're using, you can click on the following links to listen to some of what he has to say.  Here's some of the more interesting RealPlayer files I've found on the Web.  Every Home a Prison (song).  Grow More Pot (spoken).  I Have a Dream (spoken).

  THE LIBERATOR ONLINE.  I'm on the mailing list.

  Libertarian answers for some of the major (and a few of the minor) problems in today's society.

  Advocates for Self-Government.  They even have a list of celebrities that have identified themselves as being Libertarian.  The list includes (I'm just naming a few of them here) Drew Carey, Tommy Chong (of "Cheech and Chong"), Clint Eastwood (I totally agree with what he says about government.  It's a pretty sick society that has agents of the government that would shoot a 14 year old kid in the back and a woman holding a child in her arms!), Penn Jillette (of the magic and comedy act Penn and Teller), John Larroquette (he was the male lawyer on the show Night Court.  My favorite characters on that show were Bull Shannon because of some of his one-liners and Christine Sullivan played by Markie Post (though she isn't included in the list of celebrities, I don't think.  She may not even be Libertarian) because she had a nice smile), Russell Means (he was an actor in Last of the Mohicans and Pocahontas), Aaron Russo, Kurt Russell (an actor.  He starred in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Tango and Cash, Backdraft, Escape from New York, Stargate, Executive Decision, et cetera), Howard Stern, Dave Barry (from the Dave's World TV comedy show), P.J. O'Rourke, Baloo (a cartoonist), Dr. Demento, Neal Peart (Drummer and chief lyricist for the rock band Rush.  I've been wondering why some of the lyrics sounded so right to me.  Kinda reminded me of the song Two Hangmen that I hear very rarely on the radio), John Popper (lead signer and harmonica player in the rock group Blues Traveler), Doug Bandow, David Friedman, Milton Friedman, Libertarians on the air (this may take you a few seconds to load but you can read it while you're waiting), James Bovard (I've been reading some of his books, and they're very eye-opening!), Harry Browne (ran for president in 1996.  Americans voted in Clinton instead. Ugh!  Next time, maybe they'll use their brains and vote Libertarian, but then I remember what was said about the voter's memory), Robert Ringer, Robert A. Heinlein (Or RAH to some of us.  Gee, I've been reading this guy's books since I was a little kid!), J. Neil Schulman, L. Neil Smith (I've actually read one of his books (The Nagasaki Vector.  It was funny and very interesting) without realizing it until I went down the list!), Ron Paul (Libertarian Congressman who actually seems to care about Liberty), Sharon Harris, and Art Bell (he's not on the list, but he joined the Libertarian party on his show (I loved his comments about the government on this page.  Like this one "We're clearly heading toward a more totalitarian state," he said. "I completely distrust the government -- and everybody should. They've told lie after lie... Today, the first assumption is that what the government is telling you is a lie."  No kidding!  Too bad more people don't realize that) on Tiw's day, May 5th, 1998).  You can even read up on some of the historical champions of Liberty like Thomas Paine and George Mason.

  Banned Books On-line.  Oh, yeah!  You can read the books that some people don't want you to read on-line.  Now this I like!  It's sneaky, fun, and educational as well.  :-)  Can you believe that they even banned Little Red Riding Hood too?

  The File Room Censorship Archive Main Page.  Even has accounts of censorship in history.  Got a 'no response' from this last time I tried it.  I'll see if it's still working the next time I check these links.

  GILC  Global Internet Liberty Campaign.

  Echelon Watch.  Think you can make a phone call or send an (un-encrypted) e-mail and keep your privacy?  Guess again!

  Freedom and Rights.  Nice comments here on our rapidly vanishing freedom and what you might be able to do to stop it.  I just hope it works because I see very bad things ahead.  :-(

  Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)  I strongly urge you to try this one and possibly even subscribe to their EPIC Alert e-mail biweekly newsletter.

  The Libertarian Party  The only one I know of that respects the rights of the individual!

  Other Good Libertarian Links

  Ann Beeson.  A true champion of Freedom!!!  I love this lady's spirit!  We need a lot more like her if we ever hope to have a chance of becoming a truly free country!!!  Hmm...  Can we clone her?  ;-)

  World's Smallest Political Quiz  Find out which political party thinks along the same lines that you do.  It's extremely helpful if you're tired of the two party system that acts like a one party system.  I can't tell these guys apart sometimes they're so alike!  :-(

  Big Brother Inside.  The PIII or Pentium III chip (along with the PII or Pentium III chip) and how it can be used to help people monitor your every move on the Internet.

  CNET Features - How To - Beat Big Brother! How to protect your email with encryption.  (wasn't working for some reason last time I tried it, and just re-directed to Cnet's main page.  Don't know what's up with that)  This explains why you really should encrypt your e-mail and how very, very easy it is.  :-)  I've got PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) myself, and I've been using it, though most people don't.  I guess people either don't mind that all of their e-mails can be read (like a postcard or a letter that has no envelope) at any stop along the way until it's delivered (I think it's illegal to do it, but some people may just take pleasure in snooping into other's private lives), or they think it's too hard to do it.  Believe me, it's easy to use PGP now!  It even has plug-ins that allow you to encrypt e-mail messages with a single press of a button if you're using some of the more popular e-mail programs.  Even if you're not. it's still pretty easy.  You can read for yourself exactly how easy it is on my E-mail Privacy / PGP page if you want to protect your privacy.  I give you step-by-step instructions there.  :-)

Fun and Games

  Games Domain

Good links

  The Hunger Site.  You can donate food by clicking on the map.  :-)  It also helps if you visit their sponsors.

p-15.gifHalloween.  Originally called Samhain.  And yes, I'm keeping this up all year round because it's my favorite day of the year!

  All about 'Halloween' or The origins of Halloween by Rowan Moonstone.  This is something that you really should read!  No pictures on this so it downloads fast, but it's really informative!

  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - - Halloween page.  Not bad.  Even has a Halloween links page  with links to all kinds of Halloween stuff on it. Here's the one from 1998, if you're interested.  Oh, now this is interesting.  They put the origins of Halloween info from Rowan Moonstone on this page.

  What Yahoo has on Halloween.  Lots of links here.  Enjoy.  :-)  Here's the stuff for Samhain.  I just had to put it in, too!


  A&B Public Speaking:  Look it up.  Dictionary, Thesaurus, computer jargon, et cetera.


  Highways like the Internet.  Oh, yeah!  I love the pictures this conjures up in my mind.  I just wish that I knew who wrote it.  I guess if you wanna describe how I used to feel sometimes when I had a 486 computer and a 14.4 modem by using this kind of logic, it was like riding a tricycle in the picnic lane of the 'Information Superhighway'.  ;-)

  Temple of the Genetically Enhanced Reject Turtles.  The official page of the GERT!

  The Funny Pages.  Had a few good ones in here.  :-)

  If Operating Systems were Beer.   (A little dated, but still kind of funny.)  Ah, beer!  One of my favorite drugs outside of caffeine or as I sometimes call it, 'consciousness fuel'.  :-)  Some beers I like are:  Miller Lite, Icehouse, Rhinelander, Stone Peak (a micro brew made for a liquor store here in Bloomington, Illinois named Famous Liquors, but I don't think they have it anymore), and Rolling Rock (a female friend of mine turned me on to this one, so now I owe her for that too).  Oh, what the heck, here's another beer humor link. Beer Humor (I think I liked the first and last jokes here the best).

  David Letterman's Top 10 list.

  Garfield.  A lazy but cool cat.  :-)

  The Dilbert Zone.


  Frank and Ernest.


  Over the Hedge.

  Reality Check.

  Warped.  Now this one is something you've just gotta check out!


  Calvin and Hobbes.

Interesting and informative

  Urban Legends.  This one has all kinds of interesting data.  If you find the light switch on the page, give it a shot.  ;-)  Has info on animals, books, celebrities, disney, food, language, legal, medical,movies, politics, products,, religion (you probably already know my ideas on it thanks to my deities page), science, songs, television and a few others as well.  I've only been to a couple of their pages and I like it already.  :-)

  Cost of living comparison.  You can compare your cost of living against other cities.  This link will take you to a page where you can determine which city you'd like to know more about and how it rates on crime, medical costs, job prospects, housing costs, weather, et cetera.  Here's the page for the detailed search.  If you're curious, the best city in 1997 was judged to be Nashua, New Hampshire.  I love the state motto on their license plates and also on the US quarter for that state:  Live free or die.  For anyone that's curious to find out how Bloomington, Illinois rated (not very well), you can try this link and it'll give you all the details.  But in a nutshell, the quality of the water is worse than the national average, and the air isn't as clean as the national average is, either.  We also seem to have a low score on our arts and culture.  I think it's because the people in the area are more interested in business and agriculture, but I'm not an expert on such things.

  30 years of Windows: a retrospective.  From CNET features.  It gives a brief history of the Windows OS (Operating System).  Thought it was kinda cool so I figured I'd share it with you, my Web site visitors.  :-)

  Stardrive.  Between all the Sci-fi books I've read (thousands) and this place, I'm starting to think that FTL (Faster Than Light) travel just might be possible.  The only other way I can think of to get to the stars besides ships that'll take years or maybe even centuries to get there (can you say 'generation ships'?) is teleportation like in Alfred Bester's book The Stars My Destination. BTW, I've got the graphic novel.  :-)

Magick, Paganism, Wicca (Witchcraft), et cetera.

  Cats, Herbs, Candles, Light & Laughter:  A Wiccan Homepage. Nice magick.  :-)

  The Hermetic Library.


  CDnow.   If you're looking for a CD that you can't find anywhere else, try here!  I'm not kidding!  Makes me wish I was rich and had an FM radio station.  O.K., a legal FM radio station.   ;-)

News.  Both the mainstream media and some alternative news sources that're worth checking out since the mainstream media doesn't give you all the news.

  Sky News.  News from the U.K.

  Media Bypass.  A news source that I discovered recently.  The links page has some interesting things in it all by itself, though it used to have a lot more.

  The Village Voice.

  The MoJo Wire - Interactive Exposes and Politics.  Mother Jones magazine sorta thing.  For those who still think that the government doesn't cover things up, this is something you should definitely read.  I love what they say here.

  Here's a couple of good pages there at the MoJo Wire.  Must Reads and While You Were Out.  Interesting stuff.

  Medical marijuana might already be legalized.  But the government may not tell you that.  Read this page from the UCLA.  I personally believe that they should at least legalize it for people that're in a lot of pain like cancer patients.  From what I've been learning, it works better and faster than normal medicine without the harmful side effects.  Also, those in pain can control the dosage they need better than if they were taking a pill or shot.  They'd only need to take as many hits as they need to lessen the pain and before they started getting that 'mind going off on a trip through the universe' kinda feeling.  Not that I would know anything about that, of course.  ;-)  I've heard that more people die from taking prescription drugs than those that take illegal ones and I don't think I've ever heard of anyone dying from smoking marijuana.  The fact that politicians don't want people that're dying of cancer to have some relief from the terrible pain that they're in makes me believe that they get off on other people's pain and misery, that they don't have any compassion or mercy and that noblesse oblige means nothing at all to them!  Sorry, didn't mean to rant.  I just don't like people with power making those under them suffer.  :-(  Guess I'm not sadistic enough to be a politician.

  The people that're responsible for concealing the results of the American people's votes according to the Liberator OnLine (Vol. 3, No. 23) are Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.), Congress (for passing the amendment), and Clinton (who signed it into law).  Obviously, the federal government can now conceal the results of an election.  If this isn't censorship and enforcing a tyrannical rule, I don't know what is!  At least those in pain now know who is responsible for them not having a way to relieve their unending agony.  :-(  I'm extremely glad that Dan Lungren (the Attorney General in California) didn't get elected governor since (according to too many sources to list here) he was responsible for getting the federal government to arrest medical marijuana users.  Any politician who ignores the law in order to hurt and/or imprison people that're just trying to stop the intense pain that they're in is not someone I would vote for either.  Ever!!  Apparently, a lot of voters in California felt the same way.  :-)

  ACLU's Banned Books week (September 23rd - 30th 2000) page.  More interesting reading.

  What they think of the B.S. on the alleged link between media violence and youth violence.  I tend to agree with them on this one.

On-line Cameras, also called WebCams, Web Cameras or Web Cams.

  Yahoo's list of outdoor Web cams.  Big list!  Here's the indoor Web cams.

  Live view on Dublin.  One of my faves.  The picture's pretty clear.  :-)  Just doesn't wanna load most of the time.

  KPIX Pet Cam.  Located at the San Francisco SPCA.  Isn't working at the moment for me.  Maybe it'll work for you.

  EarthCam.  Searchable.

  New York City at 5th and 34th, street level.  Updates every few seconds.

  New York City, Times Square.  Also at street level.  Better picture, too.

  San Jose, California.  Live from the top of the Tech Museum.

  London, Leicester Square.  Street view.

  Belfast's Crown Bar.   Sometimes it's closed, so the picture is dark.  You can always just come back later if it is.

  Soho, England.  Another street view.  Different camera angle.

  Edinburgh, Castle Esplanade.  Not too good of a view, I suppose, but I thought it was a nice touch using modern technology like a Web cam to view something like an ancient castle in Scotland.

  Big Ben in London.  Nice skyline.

  Manhattan Transfer Webcam.  Nice street view.

  Pullman, Washington.  Ditto.

  BeachCam.  Venice, California.  Was having 'technical difficulties' last time I tried the link.  If it's not fixed the next time I try it, I'll remove it, and try to find another good camera in this location.

Opinion Pages

  Suck.  You think I'm opinionated?  Try this.  It also changes every weekday.   BTW, if you're going to quote me on something (like a person who copied this link and what I said about it onto their own Web page word for word.  You know who you are) at least be nice and tell people who said it.  Either that or put your own comments after the link instead.  *sigh*

Other people's pages that I liked

  Jazman's Jive.  Hmm...  I'm not sure what to make of this but it's different at least.  Also has a cool page called Kikan No Gunnm.  Okay, so I'm a sucker for a beautifully drawn female.  ;-)

  Today Date and Time.  Wow. Has the dates in different calendars, star charts, almanacs, tide info, deep sky star charts, planetary positions, sunrise/sunset info (for all you vampires out there), 'today in history' stuff, space shuttle countdown clock, world population clock, U.S. national debt clock, and lots of other cool links on this! You've gotta try it!  It doesn't have that many pictures and it's mostly links so it's fast to download the page.

  Twoey's Coolest Links  Too numerous to mention but they seem pretty interesting so far.

Sad Stuff.  If you're the sensitive type, maybe you should pass on these.  They may make you cry.  :-(

  Cats killed by some very sick humans during a break-in at an animal shelter.  :-(  This is the place where it happened.  I really hope they caught all the people involved in this!  I just wish they could be made to feel all the pain that they inflicted!!  :-(  You know, not physically hurting them, but having them experience it as their victims did like maybe in nightmares.  Being hunted down, trapped and beaten to death by cruel, mean humans and also having to endure the feeling of being beaten and then left laying bloody and broken and crying for help that never comes while their tormentors laugh.  I'm sorry, but things like this get to me.  :-(  :-(  :-(  Some of these poor animals had already lived through the nightmare of living with sadistic and cruel humans, only to be taken to a place where they were cared for and loved for probably the first time in their lives and then this happens to them!  You don't wanna know how that makes me feel!!!  :-(  :-(  :-(  Let's just say it brought up a lot of bad memories I've been trying very hard to forget (though I don't have much success with that) and leave it at that.  Great, I'm ranting again.  Sorry about that.  I'll try to be a little more brief from now on.

  Some short and sad poems.  I think the one that hit me the hardest is the poem about a girl that gets pregnant by her boyfriend who then dumps her.  She decides to keep the baby and as a result dies so the baby can live.  Made me wish with all my heart that I could be there and was able to help her, or at the very least be given the chance to hold her hand and try to make her last few hours of life as comfortable as possible.

  FemAlphWuf's Rainbow Bridge Page.  Dedicated to the pets and other animals that were well loved and are now missed.  I love the little description of the Rainbow Bridge.  I think everyone's had a pet that they loved dearly that they someday hope to meet again.  I hope it's true.  I had a dog that I want to apologize to for not being at home to protect him from a very mean parent who killed him.

Science Fiction

  The Sci-Fi Channel Dominion.   Sci-fi channel's Web page.  Besides the schedule of movies coming on, it also has other things there that're pretty cool.  :-)

  Known Space.  Based on the books by Larry Niven.  Kind of a 'must read' for those that wanna see something really interesting.

  Breaking the Code with Neal Stephenson.  An Interview with the guy who wrote Snow Crash and The Diamond Age.  I hope you've read these.  If not, you should go to your local library and check them out.  If they don't have copies of them, you can ask if they can borrow it from another library for you.  Either that or move to an area that has a better library.  Of course, you could try to get a card from your local college library and see if theyhave it.  What?  You thought all I did was play on the computer?  ;-)

Shareware/Freeware - The 32 Bit Software Archive.  32 bit software downloads.

  Tucows.  This is their main page.  From here you can find one closer to you.

  Jumbo.  Nice stuff here.  Kinda slow sometimes, but they've got a lot here.  If one of your friends has a program that he downloaded off the Web, there's a good chance this is where you'll find it.

Television Guides.  For all the couch potatoes out there.  ;-)  Me, I find that if I watch too much television, I can actually feel my mind numbing up.

  Television Schedules of the World.  Proof that the stuff we're forced to watch here in the USA is pretty mind-numbingly boring compared to some places.  Makes me wish I could watch everything I wanted to.

UFOs.  (Unidentified Flying Objects)

  The E. B. E. Page.


Weird.  But then again, I like weirdness.  Like you didn't figure that out yet.  Yeah, right.

  HyperDiscordia, Confusion for a New Generation.

  Welcome to the Other Side of Your Brain.  You wanna see something different besides just regular Web pages, this is the place to go.  Just remember that I told you I'm not responsible for what other people put on their pages, because this one's got some rather bizarre pictures on it.

  The Art Bell Web Page.

  Fortean Times Online.  Ever hear of Charles Fort?  His memory is alive and well on the Web.  :-)

nuke.gifWerewolves and Wolves  You can find these links on my Howl page.

  Again, let me say I am not responsible for anything that you find by following the links on this or any of my other pages!  If  you find any that no longer work please be nice and let me know and I will fix it (or them) as fast as possible (probably the next time I have time to play with this page again).  Of course, if you don't tell me, it might be a long time before I find out about it and update them because I usually access them through my bookmarks file.

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