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For all those who feel a little lost in the labyrinth that is the World Wide Web (WWW).


  Welcome to my search engines page!  Below you'll find links to some of the best search engines and directories that I think are worth trying.  If you know of any others that might be good enough to put here, please let me know by sending me the name and URL so I can include it in the following list.  Of course, if you find a link that isn't working for some odd reason, please let me know that too.  Thanks!  It'll help out everyone.  :-)

  Links to search engines, multiple search engines and directories.

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  Alta vista.

  DejaNews.  Where you can search Usenet groups.  Google now has their archive.  The link reflects the change.

  * Google.  This one's my favorite, and gives back the best results I've found so far.  Not too shabby, and few ads, so it loads fast.  :-)  If you get really, really bored, you can go to the Language Tools page, go down to the 'Use the Google interface in your language' section and try the Klingon language version, the Elmer Fudd version, and the h4ck3r (h4x0r) version.  For those who are curious as to how Google gets such good results, you can find one explanation about it here.  May not be accurate, but it's a fun read.  ;-)

  HotBot.  Removed the link.  Didn't seem that good anymore to me.

  Lycos.  Slower than most, and not that accurate.

  Metacrawler.  This one seems to hang at odd times.


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